Fisker Could Build EVs Out Of Wisconsin At Foxconn Site

Failed plans of establishing an LCD factory could make way for Fisker’s outlined $30,000 EV.

  • Talks between Fisker and Foxconn have been confirmed but the conglomerate could choose to take its EV hopes elsewhere.
  • The two companies initially announced a partnership in February to work on ‘Project PEAR.’
  • Foxconn has spent the past year establishing deals with EV companies, this includes startups.

Failed promises of a multibillion-dollar LCD factory in Wisconsin clearly left a bad taste in the mouth of those in the area. The original 2017 plan for a large scale factory was called “The 8th Wonder of the World” by one Donald Trump back when he was in office.

Multiple neighbourhoods were demolished to make way for this site on the promise of 13,000 jobs generated and big investment for many years to follow. Yet nothing happened, with the iPhone-maker failing to meet the most basic hiring goals.

Now we hear Foxconn, the Taiwanese conglomerate behind the site, is open to the idea of working alongside California startup Fisker to manufacture a $30,000 electric car in Wisconsin, according to local newspaper The Journal Times.

This news is in complete contrast to what chairman Young Liu said in March, as Foxconn was to originally decide between building EVs in Mexico or Wisconsin by July 1st.

“As part of the site selection process, Foxconn and Fisker have engaged with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to discuss plans for electric vehicle manufacturing,” Foxconn said in a statement.

Trust would need to be re-established should these talks lead to something further. Then again, Foxconn hasn’t filled the state with the greatest confidence.

Foxconn has spent these past few months securing deals in the EV space. The company recently unveiled its electric vehicle platform — a platform it hopes to sell to other interested companies.

Deals in the EV market led them to establish a partnership in February with Fisker — a company currently prepping its highly-anticipated Ocean SUV for public consumption.

Fisker and Foxconn will be working on a low-cost electric sedan dubbed Project PEAR (short for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). A framework agreement was signed in May.

Again, no deal is in place just yet to bring Project PEAR to Wisconsin. The two are simply in talks. Still, a deal will need to be put in place soon if production is to begin by the end of 2023, as originally stated.

Foxconn has made some very interesting deals in the past year covering a wide spread of EVs, but this Wisconsin project continues to be a major talking point. What should they do?

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