Finding the Most Comfortable eBike Seat Available Right Now

Have you ever looked for an ebike seat before? If you have, then you’ll know already how difficult this buying process is, given the number of electric bike seats there are out there; all of which vary in terms of size, comfort, and quality.

Finding the right electric bike seat is almost as difficult as finding the right bike chain, or handlebar grips – only we have to place more importance on that of a bike seat. After all, it’s the seat that determines just how comfortable you are when riding, which will determine how long you ride for.

Unless you’re one of those cycling sadists who enjoy riding in an uncomfortable position, that is. In which case, you might as well stop reading now and simply choose the first ebike seat you see off a Google search.

If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of comfortable riding then this will be the post for you, as we look at a series of electric bike seats that we feel are a cut above the rest.

Disclaimer: Like with some of the other bike accessory posts on the E4TP site, we should mention that we haven’t been paid by any of the brands mentioned throughout.

Every product shared in this post is based on our own research.

Now, let’s get into it.

Electric Bike Seats vs Standard Bike Seats

Before we continue, we should first answer a very common and important question amongst cycling enthusiasts, that being:

Is there a difference between an electric bike seat and a standard bike seat?

The answer to this question is simple as there aren’t many differences between the two. Although, ebike seats tend to be slightly more expensive than its standard non-motorised counterpart (depending on what brand you’re looking at exactly).

In other words, bike seats – or bike saddles, as some might call them – are pretty much the same no matter which way you look at it. They also serve the exact same function; providing support to the rider.

That being said, there are literal electric bike seats (which might be the source for the confusion). Some electric bike seats have lights built into the back part of the seat; hence the ‘electric’ part in its name.

A closeup of a brown bike seat Did you know that there are various bike seat types out there?

Types of Electric Bike Seats

As you can imagine, there are various different types of bike seats out there fitting for an electric bike, each as different as the last when it comes to comfort, price, and most importantly, build quality.

Your standard electric bike seat – or bike seat in general – will consist of the following parts:

  • Covering (the outer layer of the seat, typically made out of materials such as leather)
  • Shell (the shell provides the shape and framework for the saddle by spreading the load)
  • Rails (this sits underneath the structure to help the seat with its positioning/stability)

Variations in ebike seats come via the following elements:

  • Padding (comfortable materials that provide additional comfort to the seat itself)
  • Suspension (springs, elastomers, and air shocks that take the sting out of riding)
  • Ergonomics (the shape of a bike seat will vary, in line with the riders preferences)

Ergonomics is an interesting one to talk about as this is where most ebike seats differ from the other. Width, shape, cutaway, and nose all determine what an ebike seat looks like (not to mention, what it feels like when on top of it).

Do keep in mind that there are other ways of categorising bike seats, generally. Every bike seat you come across (electric or otherwise) will fit in one of the following groups;

  • Cruiser
  • MTB
  • Recreational
  • Multisport
  • Road Cycling


Cruiser bike seats are very triangular (as if that’s an actual word).

They typically come with full-spring suspension, and are pretty padded compared to some of the other seats we’re about to get into.

These particular bike seats are perfect for casual riding; as in riding to and from the shops, or joy rides on the weekend. Sitting on these seats when travelling medium to long distances can lead to some discomfort after a while.

Again, this shouldn’t prove much of an issue if you’re only travelling short distances at a time. They aren’t really geared for ebikes, but are worth a mention if this guide is to be as comprehensive as possible.

We just want you to learn everything there is to know about bike seats!


You shouldn’t need three guesses as to where these bike seats are best suited.

MTB bike seats are fit for mountain biking, meaning they are designed to provide comfort when traversing even the toughest of terrain; seats that were made to handle the brunt of your journeys.

MTB seats have a lot in common with those you’ll find on most road bikes. They’re designed to be very sleek and rugged. They were made for an easy mount and dismount, perfect for riders looking for incredibly easy access.

The cutaways on these bike seats were designed for better blood flow to avoid things like the cramping of muscles, and general discomfort after prolonged sitting.

In short, these bike seats were built for maximum endurance.


A recreational bike seat is somewhat of a hybrid of styles. These bike seats take the shape aspects of a MTB and alter it in some way or another to provide comfort. They are a lot less wider than a cruiser though, and can sometimes look and feel quite bulky.

Bulky adds to the level of comfort, in case you were wondering.

The only downside to recreational bike seats is that, like the cruiser, they aren’t designed for riders looking to go the distance. They are better suited for short bursts and trips where you aren’t travelling out of a city.

Be sure to keep that in mind should you go off on your own to look for a recreational bike seat of your own.


This next bike seat is one that many sports cyclists will know of already. Multisport bike seats are essentially built for racing. They are also a hybrid of different styles, taking the MTB shape and making it a lot more dynamic.

Another hallmark of these bike seats is just how lightweight they are compared to others you’ll come across. But don’t let that fool you. Just because they are light doesn’t mean that they aren’t as strong, or as comfortable.

Road Cycling

Road bike seats take the lightness of multisport seats up an extra level. You see, these bike seats were optimised for maximum endurance and comfort when travelling far distances; the furthest distances possible on a bike, in fact.

The agile profile on these bike seats are purposeful to mitigate any chafing issues and maximise the blood flow of the rider.

Road cycling bike seats are almost always central-vented. Central vented bike seats are great for redistributing weight to make for a much more comfortable experience.

In terms of visual differences, you’ll find that most road bike seats are significantly longer than some of the other seats mentioned. This is purposeful to provide the appropriate support when out and about.

5 Comfortable eBike Seats to Check Out

The above sections might have felt like an off-topic detour to those reading this with knowledge of bike seats already, but all of it is relevant when finding the most comfortable electric bike seat.

Besides, if we’re to fully eliminate the idea that every ebike seat is comfortable, we need to be as comprehensive as possible.

Which brings us to the section where we look at specific bike seats that we feel are worthy of the most comfortable title.

Brooks BI7 bike seat on a white background One for the sophisticated sustainable type © Credit to Brooks England

Brooks English BI7 Bike Seat

Price £125
Brand: Brooks England
Main Highlight: Durable Vegetable Tanned Leather

Brooks England is one of the longest standing makers of high-quality bike seats. So it should come as no surprise that its BI7 is easily one of the best ebike seat options available right now.

The BI7 is the brand’s best selling model, a model they have been producing for over 100 years, if you can believe that.

Made in England, this seat is ideal for commuting, gravel, road cycling, touring, and everything in between.

Easily the main highlight of this ebike seat is the build quality. You won’t find a better seat in terms of its features and sleek look. Speaking of features, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect should you buy this one:

  • Tubular steel rivets
  • Distincitve side stamp
  • Iconis Brooks bakcplate
  • Steel rail (black powder coating)

And all of that is without mentioning the vegetable tanned leather top. Vegetables and animals have always made quite the combo, and this bike seat is no exception!

E4TP Says

The Brooks English BI7 is as regal as it is comfortable (and who could forget the vegetable tan).

A.R.S Bike Seat mockup Cheap and cheerful/comfortable © Credit to Planet Bikes

Planet Bike A.R.S Classic Bike Seat

Price £46
Brand: Planet Bike
Main Highlight: Superior Relief For Long Distance Cycling

Who said cheap can’t equal comfort?

The A.R.S Classic bike seat might look like any standard seat you can pick up from Amazon, but the quality of this seat goes beyond that of most seats.

This classic seat has multiple applications too, it can be used for mountain, electric, and stationary biking, making it a great choice for cyclists looking for comfort without the elephant-sized price tag.

Reviews for this bike seat are just as promising as any words we can use to describe how comfortable it is. Here’s one I picked out from someone called Haley:

“I got this seat as an upgrade to my og bike seat. My old one was leaving me with deep-tissue bruises and a lot of pain after short rides (20 mins). Installed this new seat and it feels amazing! I feel like I can ride forever! Now I’ll be able to commute to work using my bike. It’s very comfortable. No pain or hotspots. 10/10 would recommend.”

If you don’t take my word for it, take Haley’s; this is a quality ebike seat.

E4TP Says

Again, cheap can equal comfort.

Specialized S-Works Romin Saddle on a white background If Kanye West made bike seats… © Credit to Specialized

Specialized S-Works Romin Saddle

Price £386 (roughly)
Brand: Specialized
Main Highlight: 3D-Printed Build For Max Quality/Comfort

Ahh yes, the Yeezy shoe of the electric bike world.

Known bike brand Specialized hit the ground cycling with this bike seat. And, yes, I am incredibly biased with this being my favourite ebike seat.

This electric bike seat has yet to be released as of this writing, but it’s the closest you’re going to get to a hypebeast-style bike seat that emphasises comfort. In other words, it warrants its high price tag.

I can totally understand why someone wouldn’t want to spend a small fortune on a bike seat. That being said, there’s a reason this bike seat is so expensive, and the reason for that comes down to the quality of the materials, and the fact that it was 3D printed from a liquid polymer.

“Our pro-favorite S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror saddle is designed to deliver exceptional comfort and ensure blood flow to soft tissue when riding in a low, aero position. By replacing foam with our Mirror technology, we’ve also reduced sit bone pressure up to 26%.”
– Specialized

Everything about this bike seat was made with comfort in mind – the most notable being:

The supportive cut-out, designed to maximise blood flow, while the unique saddle shape allows you to maintain comfort, even in an aerodynamic position.

All in all, it’s an incredibly robust bike seat, and my personal must-have.

E4TP Says

It’s the Yeezy shoe of the electric bike seat world. Cop it.

Ergon SM Sport Gel Women bike seat on a white background Ladies, this bike seat is for you © Credit to Ergon

Ergon SM Sport Gel Women Bike Seat

Price £99
Brand: Ergon
Main Highlight: MTB Comfort Like No Other

Ladies, the next electric bike seat in our list of comfortable options is for you.

Everything from the shape of the seat to the gel inlays and large cutout have been designed with maximum comfort in mind. We should also point out the flatter rear of the saddle which gives riders a wider range of movement when sat down.

This SM Sport line from Ergon was created by women, for women. So you can see why it turned out so well.

Appearances don’t really do this one justice; the same can be said for all of the other ebike seats mentioned in this post. It might look quite simple in its approach to cycling comfort, but don’t let that fool you.

Ladies, if you’re in the market for a bike seat like no other, then this is it.

E4TP Says

The best ladies bike seat out right now (yes, you can quote me in saying that).

Dimension Tirox Bike Seat on a white background Sent back in time for your riding pleasure © Credit to Prologo

Dimension Tirox Bike Seat

Price £125
Brand: Prologo
Main Highlight: Lightweight, Comfort, Long

You’d be easily fooled into thinking this bike seat was sent back from the future given its appearance. Prologo’s Dimension Tirox is unlike a wide range of bike seats you’ll find in your travels.

The Dimension Tirox is around 245 millimetres long and around 35 millimetres shorter than some of the other road saddles offered by the brand, which could worry some cyclists looking for something a little smaller.

Still, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most comfortable electric bike seats in the world.

And that isn’t hyperbole either.

Ask anyone that’s had the chance to ride on this thing and they’ll all tell you the exact same thing. That being:

The Tirox doesn’t play around when it comes to comfort and features. Features that include a microfiber cover, dual-density padding, and exotic build.

E4TP Says

It’s an ebike seat sent from the future; that’s all you need to know.

Finding the Most Comfortable eBike Seat Out Right Now

In our search for the most comfortable eclectic bike seat, we were able to find a range of bike seats fitting for any battery-powered two wheeler!

The style of an electric bike might be subjective, but comfort isn’t. Which is something we’ve come to learn only in time. Sure, height and riding styles may differ based on the type of bike you’re riding around on, but there’s no denying that a comfy bike seat is a comfy bike seat.

And comfort is universal in any language.

We hope you found this post insightful, and if you feel like there are other ebike seats out there that are better than those we’ve chosen, be sure to let us know about it on social media.

Or better yet, why not tell us what you think about the bike seats we’ve picked out if you’re the proud owner of one already.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of bike seats out there, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’ve missed one that is deserving of the attention.

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