Broken In Two: Fiido X E-Bike Recalled Due To Safety Concerns

It goes without saying, but we like our electric bikes in one piece…

Fiido X e-bike broken in two pieces
Completely in two: The Fiido X is being recalled © Credit to Javier (cib)

If you own one of Fiido’s top-selling electric bikes, you might want to get off it pronto.

The direct to consumer electric bike brand has issued an urgent notice to customers, warning them not to use its Fiido X e-bike following a frame defect that causes the two-wheeler to break completely in two.

In terms of build, the Fiido X is a lot sleeker than most folding electric bike frames. it’s made out of a magnesium alloy frame with a low-profile folding mechanism.

This might sound appealing to riders looking for something a lot less chunky and light compared to other bikes. But these design choices most certainly led to the problems the two-wheeler is currently having.

We know that for a fact following a statement posted to the private Fiido X E-bike Owners Group on Facebook. A company representative says it received a faulty frame report on April 3rd which the company was able to confirm in its R&D lab in Shenzhen.

“Based on the fact that this failure is a serious security issue, we are now urging all users to stop using X provisionally, as there’s a risk,” said the representative. “Relevant recall implementation details, user protection plan, failure cause analysis and technical improvement plan will be released before April 12th.”

The Fiido X electric bike was first revealed to the world last summer, before appearing on Indiegogo where it would raise over $1 million in funding. Those that ordered the folding bike back then paid a much discounted price ($1,099).

Electrek reached out to the personal transport brand for more info on the issues surrounding the e bike, and received the following reply:

Fiido response to faulty e bike

The brand has promised more details will come by early next week, which will include recall details, a ‘user protection plan’ and a deeper technical analysis of the issue.

The Hong Kong-based company also assured that affected owners will be compensated accordingly for these issues, but has yet to reveal those details.

Quite strange that an e bike would break itself in half like this. Do you own the Fiido X folding e bike? If so, have you had any issues with your two-wheeler? Let us know either in the comments below or on social media.

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