FIAT Launches Second All-Electric Vehicle In The E-Ulysse

Announced last year, the E-Ulysse is an electric van offering a lot of functionality. It also has interior space for days that makes it one of the best sustainable people-carriers on the market.

Fiat E-Ulysse image
It’s been described as a ‘lounge on wheels’ for a reason © Credit to FIAT

It’s all coming together for the Italian automaker. We’re of course talking about the E-Ulysse, FIAT’s second all-electric vehicle following in the footsteps of its era-defining 500.

Like the electric 500, the E-Ulysse is an adaptation of a non-electric equivalent. It’s slick stylings and 17-inch alloy wheels have carried over in the transition. Only customers now have the option of a standard version (4,956 mm) and a long version (5,306 mm) of the vehicle.

There’s also the option of outfitting the EV with xenon headlights, power sliding doors and an automatic liftgate. The E-Ulysse also comes with a responsive 7-inch touch screen radio with mirror screen, complete with integrated navigation.

Easily one of the best things about the E-Ulysse is its approach to space. This electric van can seat up to eight people and haul up to 173 cubic feet of cargo — or 4,900 litres.

The Lounge version of the E-Ulysse is a borderline ‘living room on wheels,’ featuring five rear seats and a deployable table in the centre. In the front of the vehicle you’ll find heated leather seats with a massage function for maximum comfort.

Another highlight is the massive panoramic glass sunroof found within. Ambient lighting accompanies this inclusion.

Power-wise, the E-Ulysse comes with a 50 kWh battery pack as standard, giving it a range of up to 143 miles total. There is the option to upgrade to a 75 kWh battery pack which will increase the range up to 205 miles.

It’s a speedy e van too, courtesy of 192 lb-ft (260 Nm) of torque. In other words, it can go from 0 to 60mph in around 13.5 seconds which is pretty nippy for a people-mover.

You’ll be able to order your E-Ulysse later this month with deliveries expected to arrive in May.

The above video provides insight into the future of electric transport at FIAT. But what do you make of the E-Ulysse? Will it reach the same heights as the FIAT 500? Leave us a comment down below.

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