EVs Charged When Towed? Ford Thinks So

The American automaker has patented a way for EVs to charge when hauled, thus opening a world of exciting opportunities.

With EVs, we always knew the tech would encourage automakers to raise the bar via unique ideas that rework our understanding of transport.

But never did we think of portable EV charging via another vehicle. Still, Ford did, thanks to a new patent that outlines ways to charge electric vehicles by flat-towing them.

Innovation like this could keep vehicles topped up at all times, boosted via the regenerative braking of the truck itself.

Flat-towing is already an established way of transporting vehicles. We can only imagine Ford took this basic concept and ran with it, adding EVs to the equation.

Furthermore, the American car brand has suggested a road-train of sorts, where all vehicles within the same space could link up in some way — guided by Bluetooth/an established internet connection.

© Credit to Ford

E4TP Says

Patents, although impressive, aren’t always a confirmation that production is guaranteed. Ford’s charging tow truck could be nothing more than a creative concept — one for the history pile.

Many could consider this idea impractical, in a similar way we think of generator/battery trailers. This idea, while unique, was always far too ambitious for its own good.

From the patent images we’ve seen, Ford appears to have left no stone unturned. Whether or not companies would adopt these vehicles is another question entirely.

We imagine these vehicles would cost a premium compared to other options available to companies operating in a commercial lane at the moment.

Still, we’re trying to remain positive, as we believe this could change the way certain companies think of EVs. Especially in parts of Europe, where electric innovation is playing catch up with the US and China for the most part.

What do you make of charging via tow? Is it too grand an idea to cross the creative patent border? We want your take.

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