Every Pure Electric Scooter Ranked From Worst To Best

In the UK, you have a handful of online and in-store retailers selling everything from power-assisted bikes to electric scooters. Pure Electric is a name that comes up time and time again and with good reason.

We’d even go as far as to say that they’re better than Halfords in some ways despite selling some of the same personal electric transporters.

It’s a brand known for selling e scooters, but it also makes them. Two-wheelers like the Pure Air Pro and Pure Air Pro are fantastic Pure Electric scooters; all range in price and performance, but the quality is there.

But how do they fare against other electric scooters in the Pure Electric catalogue?

Is the Pure Air Pro better than a Xiaomi electric scooter?

And what about the Unagi Model One? Does it beat the Pure Air Pro LR (Long Range)?

We’re answering all those questions today as we rank every Pure Electric scooter from worst to best.

Let’s go.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Will one of these Xiaomi electric scooters crack the top 10?

The Official Pure Electric Scooter Rankings

The list you’re about to see has been hand-chosen by us, the fine people at E4TP, for your scooting pleasure.

We’ve even tried some of these e scooters out for ourselves, so we have a good idea of how they perform and feel in a real-world setting.

Disclaimer: E4TP has not been paid by any of the scooter brands mentioned here. The order they appear in is based on our own opinions and hasn’t been paid for. We shouldn’t have to state this, but we will, just in case you were wondering.

Oh, and the prices you see vary from time to time as Pure Electric likes running sales a lot.

You might find you get a better deal on these Pure scooters, depending on when you visit the site, of course.

One last thing…

We’ve only included Pure scooters that are currently in stock.

Again, it’s a popular site, so it pays to check in every now and then.

29. Bug Q5 Electric Kids Scooter

  • Price: £119
  • Max Range: 3.7 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

At the end of the line, we have the Bug Q5, an electric scooter made for kids.

If you’ve read our post on the best electric scooters for kids, you’ll know that we spoke very highly of this one.

We’ve only put it at the number 29 spot as it is a kids scooter, which does limit its appeal to fully-grown adults.

We called it “the cutest electric scooter in the market” — or something along those lines. And that description still stands.

28. Razor Power Core E100 Kids Electric Scooter

  • Price: £229
  • Max Range: 10 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

Again, this is an electric scooter that you could class as a victim of circumstance.

Since it’s recommended for kids aged 8-years and above, we don’t feel like it can really compete with some of the big boy/girl scooters that crack the top 10.

It is a Razor scooter, though, which does mean it’s a cut above most kid-orientated scooters.

We’d be daft, not to mention the zazzy paint job either.

27. SoFlow SO2 Electric Scooter

  • Price: £499
  • Max Range: 24 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Great for beginners but lagging behind some of the better e scooters in the Pure Electric lineup; that’s the best way to describe the SoFlow SO2 electric scooter to those, not in the know.

The SoFlow SO2 actually made our list of the best electric scooters under £500. Still, it’s like we said then, a scooter under £500 does not always equate to the quality you’re expecting.

There are better builds out there, with reviews claiming the SoFlow SO2 isn’t as effective in wet weather.

It does have a fast charge time (4 hours tops). We’ll give it that.

26. Ninebot Segway Air T15 Electric Scooter

  • Price: £679
  • Max Range: 7.4 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

This Pure Electric scooter list was tough to put together as we knew we’d have to push some scooters to the back of the line. Electric scooters that work perfectly fine but, unfortunately, are beaten by others.

The Ninebot Segway Air T15 joins the 26 club because it’s far too expensive for the range you get, plain and simple.

Riders only having 7.5 miles to play with when you pay nearly £700 for this e scooter is ridiculous, in our opinion.

That being said, Pure Electric does have it on sale at the moment (as of this writing), knocking £80 off.

Still, that’s not enough.

25. Bird Air Electric Scooter

  • Price: £449
  • Max Range: 16 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

California-based electric scooter company Bird enters the fray as the next entry in our list here.

The Bird Air is actually an exclusive e scooter sold by Pure Electric, only it does fall short of the mark when you compare it to many other Pure scooters.

It comes in second place to the other Bird e scooter in the UK retailers catalogue, too, that being the Bird One that we’ll touch on later.

Then again, Pure Electric does say this scooter is waterproof, and the Bird One isn’t.

Just something to think about.

24. Walberg Urban Electrics EGRET-TEN V3 X 36V

  • Price: £1,159
  • Max Range: 18.5 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Pure unmitigated power is what you’re getting with this Walberg Urban Electrics scooter, courtesy of its 350W motor.

Buyers are promised 18.5 miles of range, which is great and all, but like the Ninebot Segway Air T15, we don’t really consider this cost fair.

It’s also pretty heavy, weighing in at 18kg total.

You might not want to lug this e scooter around with you when there are lighter options available.

The weight of electric scooters is often overlooked as people tend to look at range and speed mainly.

23. Razor Power Core E90 Kids Electric Scooter

  • Price: £199
  • Max Range: 13 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

We know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, what is a kids scooter doing this far down?

Why isn’t it near the end like the others?

And the answer is this: it’s easily the best Pure Electric scooter meant for kids — cheaper than the E100 too.

It promises 13 miles of range and can travel up to 10mph.

Pure Electric calls it a ‘Best Seller’ for a reason, and that reason is down to quality.

22. Razor E Prime Air Electric Scooter

  • Price: £399
  • Max Range: 10 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

From one Razor to the other. The only difference is, this Razor E Prime Air is made for teenagers (14-years and above) rather than kids.

Just don’t let that fool you.

This Razor E Prime Air could easily fool you into thinking it’s made for adults.

And some adults might actually want to buy this one if they’re shorter than the average person.

It also weighs under 10kg, meaning you can carry it with you everywhere and not feel like you’ve done an hour gym session.

It’s a bad pick if you’re on the taller side or weigh slightly heavier than the average teenager (91kg max load limit).

21. OKAI ES500 Electric Scooter

  • Price: £499
  • Max Range: 15 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Pure Electric calls it “a masterpiece of design and technology smashed together.”

We call it sluggish at times, which does hold it back in terms of this ranking system we have going on here when looking for the best Pure Electric scooter.

Power-wise, the OKAI ES500 has a lot to brag about. It has a 350W motor and can travel up to 15 miles easily between charges.

We just can’t shake the design and overall feel when you’re riding it.

It feels lumpy if that makes sense?

Probably due to its weight (22kg).

20. 8Tev B12 Classic Electric Scooter

  • Price: £1,400
  • Max Range: 19.8 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Interested in classic e scooters with a very retro look?

Feast your eyes on the 8Tev B12 Classic Electric Scooter, a throwback to the past living in the future.

Unfortunately, this does hike the price of this electric scooter up by a significant margin. You can actually find e-bikes cheaper than this.

Still, if you want to ride around in style, then there’s no better fit.

It comes with multiple colour options for additional customisation (we’re a sucker for the yellow version).

19./18. Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter

  • Price: £399/£419
  • Max Range: 18.5 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Xiaomi, one of the leading electric scooter makers, finally enters the list, covering two spots (with the same scooter).

There are actually two versions of the Xiaomi 1S on the Pure Electric site, one with puncture protection fluid and one without.

We’ve merged the two for the sake of time since both scooters are pretty much the same outside of the additional protection you get on the tires.

We’ve placed the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter so high up because we feel there are better Xiaomi options in the Pure scooters inventory.

It’s the middle child of the Xiaomi family, in a way. Not as powerful as the Pro 2 and not as accessible as the Essential Electric Scooter.

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?

Again, for us, we think there are better Pure Electric scooters out there.

17. Inokim Quick 4 Super Electric Scooter

  • Price: £1,199
  • Max Range: 43 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Range, range and more range; that’s what you’re getting if you go with the Inokim Quick 4 Super Electric Scooter.

It goes without saying, but this e scooter is a beast, capable of hitting the 43 miles mark with every charge thanks to a 600W motor.

So why have we put it at number 18?

Range isn’t everything, people, and this scooter has a weight problem (21.5kg).

If you’re looking for a commuter that blurs the lines between moped and e scooter, then good, go with the Inokim Quick 4.

Most tend to use e scooters for city exploration, not to get from one city to the next.

Not to travel the UK in 80 charges.

16. Walberg Urban Electrics EGRET-TEN V3 X 48V

  • Price: £1,349
  • Max Range: 24 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Are we selling out by including the 48V version of the Walberg Urban Electrics EGRET-TEN V3 X in a much better position?

Not really, when you consider it has much better range, despite costing a few hundred pounds more.

The motor power here is also improved (500W). It will dominate any open environment, but again, it will cost you a few gold coins to own.

Not many people have over £1,000 to spend on an e scooter, which is why it’s not further up.

That and the fact that it only has one-speed mode (we’re picky).

15. Bird One Electric Scooter

  • Price: £899
  • Max Range: 20 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

A futuristic e scooter for the modern man/woman. The Bird One Electric Scooter definitely tries to do something different compared to other Pure scooters from a visual perspective.

Does it do enough to rank higher, though?

We don’t think so, not to say that you should avoid this motorised scooter completely, because it is a fantastic option if you’re looking for the best features.

Pure Electric recommends that you don’t use the Bird One in wet weather conditions, which is enough for us to keep it out of the top positions.

That and it takes roughly 6 hours to charge.

It’s better than the Bird Air; we’ll say that.

14. Ninebot Segway E22E Electric Scooter

  • Price: £359
  • Max Range: 13.6 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Ninebot Segway is another major player in the ever-expanding world of electric scooters.

The Ninebot Segway E22E is a follow up to the popular ES1 scooter, complete with one-touch folding and rapid charging (you can fill it up in around 3.5 hours).

The cruise-control settings of the Ninebot Segway E22E make it one of the best e scooters to purchase from Pure Electric. You could call it the perfect commuter scooter.

Is it better than every other scooter below or other Ninebot Segway scooters, in general?

Hmmm, maybe not.

It is limited when it comes to climbing hills and other inclines. Most of the reviews for this one say the same thing.

13. Pure Air Go Electric Scooter

  • Price: £349
  • Max Range: 12.4 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

And here we arrive at the first Pure Electric scooter on the list in the Pure Air Go.

This is an award-winning e scooter known for its incredible power and comfort. It’s the first Pure Electric scooter on the website when you click on scooters for a reason.

As the cheapest Pure Electric scooter available, we can’t help but feel like you’ll get more from its contemporaries; you know, scooters with the word ‘Pure’ running down its frame.

We’ve put it here to serve as a swerve of sorts.

We want to shed light on other electric scooters that may not get as much attention as the others.

The Pure Air Go is the perfect everyday e scooter, don’t get us wrong, but we like variety.

That being said, if you’re looking for a cheap electric scooter with a range of up to 12.4 miles per charge, go with the Pure Air Go.

Beginners, this is a great shout.

12./11. Xiaomi Pro 2

  • Price: £599/£619
  • Max Range: 28 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Listed as a premium e scooter by Pure Electric, the Xiaomi Pro 2 is easily one of Xiaomi’s best two-wheelers — just not the best.

Its proven 300W rated motor is noteworthy. You could even go as far as to say that the Xiaomi Pro 2 is a reincarnated mountain climber in a scooter body/frame.

You’ve more than likely heard rumblings about this e scooter if you’ve spent any time online in search of a decent motorised two-wheeler.

And it does live up to expectations, for the most part.

Buyers/riders have the option to go with a puncture-proof version for an additional £20. Is it worth it?

We’d say so, although it does depend on the sort of terrain you’d be traversing.

It’s only at this spot due to the quality of the competition.

11. Reid E4 Plus Electric Scooter

  • Price: £599
  • Max Range: 17 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

The best thing we can say about the Reid E4 is that it looks near identical to a standard push scooter.

Three riding modes and full app integration are always a great touch, allowing riders to easily map urban areas.

It’s deceptively agile for an e scooter, too.

Not to mention durable, given its strong alloy frame and solid puncture-proof tires. We should also highlight the fact that it has rear suspension for additional control/comfort.

The Reid E4 might fly under the radar for some, as they go hunting for Pure scooters or Xiaomi two-wheelers, but we hold them in pretty high regard.

10. Ninebot Segway E25E

  • Price: £449
  • Max Range: 15.5 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

We’re in the endgame now. Welcome to the top 10.

Every Pure Electric scooter at this point has well and truly earned its stripes.

Just look at the Ninebot Segway E25E for the perfect example.

It has a powerful 300W motor and takes around 4 hours to charge. Other highlights include 9-inch wheels and a strong alloy frame alongside solid puncture-proof tires.

This e scooter is one you can group in with those ‘everyday’ types, meaning it has universal appeal and can be used for transport to and from work or tourism; there aren’t really any rules with scooters.

They’re still illegal in a public setting, though. We’re obligated to remind you of that fact.

9. Walberg Urban #HMBRG

  • Price: £699
  • Max Range: 18.5 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Floating forever; that’s what it feels like when you ride the Walberg Urban #HMBRG, the third and final e scooter from the brand sold by Pure Electric.

What’s so special about this Pure Electric scooter?

A lot, actually.

It sports a unique look for starters and a refreshing one at that, given how many motorised two-wheelers fall into the same archetype these days.

Telling them apart is difficult, yet you get none of that with the Walberg Urban #HMBRG.

The 10” tires make a significant difference when moving at a decent speed. Range is decent, too, giving you nearly 19 eco-friendly miles to enjoy.

8. Ninebot Segway E45E

  • Price: £619
  • Max Range: 28 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

If you want more range from a Ninebot Segway e scooter, check out the E45E, one of the best Pure scooters for covering great distances.

From afar, it does look a lot like the E25E Ninebot Segway scooter. That’s because it’s the next evolution of that electric scooter, promising a lot more range in comparison.

Range comes from that big battery pack you see attached to the stem.

It promises 28 miles of electric range, although this can vary depending on factors such as the weight of the rider and the weather outside.

Oh, and it has three unique brakes.

7. Inokim Light 2

  • Price: £838
  • Max Range: 23.6 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Innovation meets personal electric transport; the Inokim Light 2 Electric Scooter is a scooter that flies under the radar far too many times.

Which is a real shame as it looks insane (in a good way). The use of lime green causes the text on this e scooter to really pop against the grey.

Like other models mentioned here, the Inokim 2 is an evolution of a previous version (the Inokim Light).

It’s hard to pull off a successful sequel, a statement that applies to e scooters and movies.

Is the Inokim Light 2 better than the one before it?

Continued dual drum braking mixed with better speed/range would tell us yes, yes it is.

6. Pure Air Electric Scooter

  • Price: £449
  • Max Range: 18.6 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

Another fantastic hill climber, through and through.

The Pure Air Electric Scooter is somewhere between the other Pure scooters in price and range.

Another middle child.

In other words, it’s an intermediate e scooter that has a lot of potential — more so to people who are looking at getting to work without paying for an electric bike — or electric car for that matter.

Any e scooter bearing the Pure Electric name is worth a look at, in our opinion.

All you need to ask yourself now is what colour do you choose?

Black or grey?

5./4. Xiaomi Essential Electric Scooter

  • Price: £349/£369
  • Max Range: 12.4 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

We’ve put this Xiaomi electric scooter ahead of the 1S and Pro 2 as we felt like it served as the perfect entry point for new riders.

And we felt like there were better e scooters in the Pure Electric catalogue when it comes to range, features and feel.

Think of it like this: the Xiaomi Essential Electric Scooter is the best power-assisted two-wheeler for beginners.

Seriously, hand any stranger who’s never stepped foot on an e scooter before the Xiaomi Essential, and we can guarantee they’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Its popularity holds no bounds either, given how many people we’ve seen with one.

3. Pure Air Pro

  • Price: £599
  • Max Range: 31 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

The first e scooter to take the podium in third place is a homegrown one — or should we say, homemade?

The Pure Air Pro is built different, to the point where we considered it for the top spot before another took its place.

This Pure Electric scooter is one you can watch for hours on YouTube, well before you’ve even bought one yourself.

It has three riding modes, regenerative braking, and an integrated display that tells you everything you need to know.

Furthermore, there’s a built-in USB port for on-the-go charging. Still, you might not even need it, given the Pure Air Pro’s 31 miles of pure electric range.

2. Pure Air Pro LR

  • Price: £749
  • Max Range: 37.2 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

What’s better than the Pure Air Pro?

That’s easy, the long-range version of the Pure Air Pro.

The Pure Air Pro LR is the brands most powerful e scooter to date, featuring 700W peak motor power, which all but guarantees 37.2 miles max.

This isn’t a simple cut, copy and paste job either. Pure Electric have clearly changed enough, design-wise, in order to pique your interest.

Get a good look at the treated maple and birch would deck; you’ll know what we mean.

The increase in power also increases the total load limit of this Pure Electric scooter. The Pure Air Pro LR can handle up to 120kg; talk about impressive!

It’s deserving of a silver medal, but why didn’t it take gold?

1. Unagi Model One E500

  • Price: £899
  • Max Range: 15.5 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

The Pure Air Pro LR didn’t take the top spot because the Unagi Model One E500 exists.

Unagi is that scooter brand you keep seeing ads for online.

You know those ads that star Iggy Pop? Yeah, that’s Unagi.

The Model One E500 is hailed as the brands signature e scooter — the Unagi magnum opus if you will. And we couldn’t agree more with that description unless Pure Electric start stocking the Unagi Model Eleven, that is.

In short, this electric scooter marches to the sound of its own noiseless drum, combining smart design with practical performance.

It’s low-key cool, and that’s what we love about it.

No offence to the other Pure Electric scooters here, but the Unagi Model One E500 is just leagues ahead.

Electric Scooter On Dirt Do you agree with our pick for the best Pure Electric scooter

Every Pure Electric Scooter Ranked From Worst To Best

So, do you agree with our picks?

Or did we trick you into thinking a Pure Electric scooter was going to take the top spot since this post is all about the popular site/brand?

Regardless, if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that now has never been a better time to own/ride around on a power-assisted scooter — or any form of personal transporter, to be fair.

The market is teeming with viable two-wheelers, each as different as the last (for the most part).

Fans of Xiaomi, Ninebot Segway and Pure Electric might disagree with our choice to crown the Unagi Model One E500 as the best e scooter in its class.

But facts are facts, and Unagi is deserving of this victory.

Be sure to leave us an angry comment below if we placed your favourite electric scooter too high or too low.

We want the smoke.

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