Every Halfords Electric Bike Ranked From Worst To Best

You might not think it, but Halfords electric bike options are just as good, if not better, than those sold by other UK retailers.

Last year we ranked every electric scooter sold by Pure Electric. For those not in the know, Pure Electric is one of Halfords main competitors.

Yes, Halfords also sell e scooters, but we’ve decided to focus on their range of electric bikes for multiple reasons, the most obvious being:

People associate Halfords with bikes.

Why that is comes down to A) how cheap they are compared to most, and B) the full service offered by the retailer in terms of repairs and general bike maintenance.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to shame any manufacturers or insult Halfords for its choice in e bikes. Our goal is to help you streamline the buying process if you find yourself undecided, or stuck between two options.

Halfords has been around for as long as I can remember. And they’ve done an excellent job in evolving to meet cyclists head on.

Now, let’s get moving.

The Official Halfords Electric Bike Rankings

You know the score.

Every Halfords electric bike featured has been carefully analysed and ranked accordingly.

There’s over 25 Halfords electric bikes to choose from, just to put this all into perspective.

Disclaimer: E4TP has not been paid by any of the electric bike brands mentioned here, or by Halfords. The order has been chosen by us, and is influenced by our own thoughts and opinions.

With each entry you’ll find the price and electric range of the e bike in question. We’ll also state whether or not the bike folds, as some do, like the Carrera Crosscity Electric Bike.

We should mention that the prices listed are subject to change. The retailer runs sales all the time, which could move some of these Halfords e bikes up and down in the rankings.

Some might be out of stock when you go to look too.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that.

It’s like we said, Halfords is a very popular retailer.

29. Carrera Impel Im-2 Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1,299
  • Max Range: 50 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

At the first (and worst spot) we have the Carrera impel im-2, an hybrid electric bike that has the lowest review score on the entire Halfords site.

Reviews highlight the poor functionality of this e bike, and how many times customers have had to have it replaced only for it to break again.

Any electric bike with these types of issues are a red flag. So yes, this is the worst Halfords electric bike for that reason.

28. Assist Step-Thru Hybrid Electric Bike

  • Price: £649
  • Max Range: 20 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

The Assist Step-Thru Hybrid Electric Bike is fantastic value for money, but there’s just something about electric step-thru bikes, generally, that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Electric power seems almost wasted on a bike like this. where you aren’t going to travel that far between charges for the price you pay.

Sure, it’s cheaper than some of the other step-thru e bikes covered, which will probably appeal to some light Sunday riding, but there’s better options out there, sorry Assist.

27. Apollo Metis Womens Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £799
  • Max Range: 20 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

Again, another electric step-thru type that is lacking in key areas. One of the only reasons why we put this one ahead of the other mentioned is because of the colour.

That, and its build is decent.

The Samsung battery used is reliable, but it doesn’t give riders a lot of range to play with, which might work at a disadvantage to anyone looking to spend a full day riding.

Also, this Halfords electric bike is over £100 more than the Assist Step-Thru, which does leave us a bit puzzled given the range.

26. Carrera Subway E Mens Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1099
  • Max Range: 40 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

On the surface, the Carrera Subway E Mens Electric Hybrid Bike looks to be a pretty impressive electric bike from Halfords. It sports a very unique look, but it’s the range that lets it down.

You see, the 40 miles of electric range shown is simply that: shown. Reviews for this bike state that the range is geared more towards the 25 miles and under mark.

And for a bike that costs over £1000, you’d expect better.

25. Carrera Subway E Womens Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1099
  • Max Range: 40 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

Surprisingly, the range issues with the mens version of the Carrera Subway Bike don’t apply to the womens version.

So why have we included it here?

Simple, the bike is on the bulkier side, making it rather difficult to lug around and ride — more-so when it runs out of charge.

It does come in two frame sizes (14″ and 16″), so maybe it’s something that only we can see.

What do you think? Does this Halfords e bike deserve to be much higher up?

24. Carrera Impel Im-1 Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1099
  • Max Range: 50 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

The Impel Im-1 finds itself in a much higher spot in the rankings compared to the Impel Im-2.

This Carrera e bike boasts up to 50 miles of electric range, powered by a Hyrena 36V 250W rear hub motor and a 367Wh battery.

It’s a quality electric ride, one at a decent price, but it’s not as powerful as some of the other Carrera’s available. It’s also slightly on the heavier side, which can pose an issue to some.

23. Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike

  • Price: £649
  • Max Range: 20 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

An easy rider through and through.

The Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike is a reliable choice for anyone looking to invest in a power-assisted bike for the first time.

It can only travel 20 miles tops, which does put it at a disadvantage. However, this Halfords electric bike was never made to compete with the Carrera’s or the Raleigh’s.

The Assist Crossbar Hybrid Electric Bike does its job really well.

I just wish it did a little more.

22. Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike

  • Price: £799
  • Max Range: 20 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

The first Halfords folding electric bike to make our break down is the Apollo Transport, a nifty two-wheeler to own if you’re looking for something compact.

Its 20″ wheels provide great support when travelling, and the powerful v-breaks do give you a lot of control. There’s a kickstand included too!

Unfortunately, where this e bike suffers is in its appearance. The grey and blue looks tacky, and the controller on the handle bars does leave a lot to be desired.

Also, the Apollo Transport is nowhere near as powerful as some of the other folding bikes offered by the UK retailer.

21. Raleigh Evo Electric Folding Bike

  • Price: £1595
  • Max Range: 30 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

The folding bikes sold by Halfords are pretty varied compared those you’ll find from other retailers.

And us putting the Raleigh Evo Electric Folding Bike so far near the worst end of the rankings might come as a surprise to some.

After all, this Evo Electric Folding Bike has a 4.5 customer review rating, and it boasts some excellent features.

The one thing letting it down is its weight. 20kg for a folding e bike is slightly too heavy for our liking.

20. Voodoo Bizango-E Shimano Electric Mountain Bike

  • Price: £2199
  • Max Range: 40 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

If you’re looking for an all-rounder Halfords electric bike, then we have just the thing.

The Voodoo Bizango-E Shimano enables you to attack your way up and down even the toughest of trails. There are four main modes of assistance with this e bike:

  • Boost
  • Trail
  • Eco
  • Off

It is a hardtail e bike, which does make it a little sluggish to ride at times. And the long charge time doesn’t really do it any favours.

That being said, there are some incredible benefits to owning this electric bike (if you can afford it).

Why this e bike isn’t anywhere near the top ten is down to how much better the other Voodoo e bike is.

18./19. Carrera Crossfire E Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1399
  • Max Range: 60 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

We’ve combined the mens and womens Carrera Crossfire E Hybrid Bikes together for the sake of time. Both feature the same mileage, the same motor (Suntour Rear Wheel Drive) and weigh roughly the same.

Why we’ve placed the Crossfire higher than the Subway comes down to range. There’s a 20 mile difference that can make a world of difference when out and about.

Carrera is Halfords own bike brand, for those that don’t know. A brand with a history that stretches nearly 25 years!

15./16./17. Pendleton Electric Bikes

  • Price: £999
  • Max Range: 50 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

Is there anything better than a gentle stroll out on a Halfords electric bike?

The Pendleton electric bike range are near identical to one another, all except for the Pendleton Somerby-E, which has a different motor type compared to the others (rear hub motor).

Price-wise, every Pendleton bike you see costs £999. You will need to choose which colour you prefer, though. There’s a midnight blue, a mint and a white/navy version.

I really like the mint one (Somerby-E), what do you think?

14. Carrera Impel Im-3 Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1499
  • Max Range: 75 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

It’s the most expensive out of the Impel series, but it’s also the best when it comes to range and performance.

The Carrera Impel Im-3 has the same motor type as the others (Hyena Rear Wheel Motor), only the battery is stronger (496Wh), allowing it to travel further and make it look so, so easy.

It also boasts an impressive 45NM of torque, which automatically kicks in the moment you start pedalling.

Easily one of the best things about the Carrera Impel Im-3 is its removable battery that sits within the stem of the bike. The battery camouflages itself seamlessly into the frame, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to get it out, either!

Yes, it is the most expensive Impel of the lot, but it’s still under £2000, so there’s that.

13. Boardman ADV 8.9E Mens Adventure Electric Bike

  • Price: £2699
  • Max Range: 60 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

Bike brand Boardman sells a handful of electric bikes at Halfords, bikes that are on the pricier side of the scale.

Still, the price you pay does reflect the quality of the bike. Just look at the Boardman ADV 8.9E Adventure Electric Bike for the perfect example.

Adventure waits for no man, which explains why it only takes three hours to charge this one. The battery is removable too, making it really easy to plug-in at home, or wherever you see fit.

If you’re looking for a performance-heavy electric bike from Halfords, then this could be the one for you.

12. Raleigh Felix Step-Through Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1900
  • Max Range: 60 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

We know, we know.

We didn’t look too fondly at some of the other step-thru electric bikes sold by Halfords. Then again, none are viable as Raleigh’s Felix Hybrid Bike.

It’s the build-quality that we like most about this hybrid bike. The aluminium frame is sturdy, and the 60mm suspension fork is incredibly responsive to the riders directions.

What’s more, it also features a Bosch Active Line Mid Drive motor, which happens to be one of the best motors there is, period.

It’s a small detail, but we really like the cream colour too.

10./11. Carrera Crossfuse Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1899
  • Max Range: 80 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

Any electric bike that promises over 80 miles on a single charge will have our complete undivided attention.

With a sleek 400Wh Bosch Li-Ion Power Pack mounted to the down-tube, weight is kept central on the Crossfuse to provide very similar ride characteristics as non-electric bikes.

Halfords say it best:

“Conquer every commute and countryside ride with this powerful electric bike.”

Charge-time is the only reason why both the mens and womens Carrera Crossfuse didn’t beat out our next entry in the rankings.

8./9.Boardman HYB 8.9E Hybrid Electric Bike

  • Price: £2199
  • Max Range: 60 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

60 miles of electric range and a charge time of only three hours? Yeah, these Boardman HYB 8.9E bikes are a different class.

What we found quite interesting was how well-balanced both bikes are (mens and womens). Usually, one weighs more than the other, but both step on the scales at 15.5kg, and boast the same range and features, pretty much.

Sizing will vary, obviously, but it’s quite nice to see two bikes where the benefits are split evenly amongst the sexes.

7. Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike

  • Price: £1399
  • Max Range: 25 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

That’s right, Xiaomi, the brand known for a wide range of electric scooters, sells electric bikes, and they’re actually pretty good.

Case and point:

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike, a Halfords folding electric bike that you can only purchase online. In case that wasn’t clear, this e bike is an ‘internet exclusive’ that you can only purchase through the Halfords website.

So, how does it perform?

Better than expected in all honesty. its front hub is quite powerful, helping the bike cover around 25 miles between charges. What’s more, it only weighs 15kg, which is perfect for carrying about and whatnot.

This e bike reminds me a lot of the classic chopper-style bikes of old, only electric, and foldable.

6. Raleigh Felix+ Crossbar Electric Hybrid Bike

  • Price: £1399
  • Max Range: 60 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

The Raleigh Felix+ Crossbar Electric Hybrid bike is a premium option for cyclists who enjoy the thrill of the ride.

Everything from its impressive range to its sensor technology stands out to us. The only thing stopping it from getting closer to the top three is its recharge time.

Having to wait between six to seven hours is way too long, at least in my opinion. Plus, the overall weight of the e bike (25.5kg) will be way-too heavy for smaller riders.

Still, even with these downsides, we’ve seen fit to give it the sixth spot in our Halford electric bike rundown!

5. Carrera Vengeance E Mens Electric Mountain Bike

  • Price: £1099
  • Max Range: 40 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

There’s a reason why this Halfords electric bike is a best seller, and that comes down to it’s overall power and its low pricing.

Any electric bike under £2000 will come with some level of concern. After all, cheaper often dictates the overall quality and consistency of the bike overall.

That being said, the Carrera Vengeance is a different breed entirely. It’s a cheap electric mountain bike that behaves like those you’d pay a premium for!

4. Assist Hybrid Electric Bike

  • Price: £499
  • Max Range: 20 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

It’s cheap, it fits in most spaces, and it’s one of the highest rated electric bikes Halfords has to offer.

Sure, it doesn’t have the range as some of the other options here, but that’s not the appeal here. Besides, 20 miles of use should be more than enough for a bike intended for some light city travel.

It’s one of the best electric bikes in the world, let alone one of the best offered by the UK’s top bike retailer.

That’s why we’ve put the Assist Hybrid Electric Bike within our top ten.

3. Apollo Phaze E-Bike

  • Price: £799
  • Max Range: 20 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

Now here’s an electric bike we know all too well. An electric bike that we featured in our blog covering the best e bikes under £1000.

We’re of course referring to the Apollo Phaze E-Bike, the ideal e bike for beginners looking to transition to power-assisted transportation!

It might not look as impressive as some of the other Halfords e bikes sitting in the top ten, but that’s part of the charm.

A basic e bike like this is something that a lot of retailers don’t stock. And let’s face it, electric bikes can be pretty intimidating from the outside looking in.

This is where the Apollo Phaze enters the picture.

Its mountainbike frame and powerful v-brakes make it a breeze to ride. Yes, you do only get 20 miles of range, but it should only take around four hours to get it road ready again.

2. Voodoo Zobop E-Shimano Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

  • Price: £2,999
  • Max Range: 60 Miles
  • Does It Fold: No

It was tough to put the Voodoo Zobop E-Shimano in the second spot, like really tough.

This Voodoo mountain bike has a 4.9 star rating on the site as of this writing, and you can see why. It’s an electric mountain bike with 60 miles of range, a Shimano Steps Central Motor, and a full suspension frame for strength and comfort.

It’s one of those bikes you’ll keep coming back to. The only reason why it didn’t make our top spot was down to cost.

Any bike costing nearly £3,000 is going to alienate the cyclists looking for something slightly cheaper.

And don’t get it twisted, this e mountain bike is a still a lot cheaper than those from some of the bigger bike brands, but for Halfords, we felt like there was something better.

1. Carrera Crosscity Folding Bike

  • Price: £999
  • Max Range: 30 Miles
  • Does It Fold: Yes

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one, for sure.

Our personal favourite Halfords electric bike is one that folds. The Carrera Crosscity Folding Electric Bike is as accessible as it is functional, making it the ideal companion on the commute to work, to the shops, or wherever else you tend to roam.

Recharge time is roughly between four to five hours, which is an hour quicker than a lot of the other Halfords folding electric bikes ranked above.

The 30 miles of range should give you the room to travel wherever, whenever too, possible thanks to a 313Wh battery and a Shengei 36V 250W rear hub electric motor system.

It’s a sleek-looking e bike too, sporting a signature lime green and black with a little bit of grey in there too.

All in all, it’s an incredible e bike, and easily the best Halfords has to offer.

Also, did we mention it costs less than £1000? That’s insanely cheap for a transporter that could take the place of your current car.

It’s not a mountain bike like the Voodoo before it, but there’s no denying the appeal of an e bike that is compact and mighty.

Electric bike wheel close up Do you agree with our pick for the best Halfords electric bike?

Every Halfords Electric Bike Ranked From Worst To Best

Well, what do you think?

Does the Carrera Crosscity Folding Bike deserve our top spot, or should another take its place?

We get it if you disagree.

After all, folding bikes are somewhat of an acquired taste compared to electric mountain/hybrid bikes.

But that’s the great thing about opinions. We all have our own, and to me, the Crosscity folding electric bike is the ideal commuter.

The order you see might change over time, as and when Halfords updates its current lineup. But for now, this is our order and we’re sticking with it.

Do tell us which Halford e bikes you like the look of — or own already — down in the comments below. You could leave an angry comment too, letting us know how wrong we are.

The choice is yours!

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