Europe Exclusive: All-New Kia Sportage Revealed

One of the Korean firm’s most successful models is heading west. The New Sportage will be the first European exclusive in Kia’s lineup.

Kia Sportage
The new Kia Sportage is made for Europe in more ways than one © Credit to Kia

28-Years In The Making

It’s true, Kia will deliver the all-new Sportage SUV to Europe and Europe alone. This version of the Sportage will be built on new architecture fitting for European roads and requirements.

The updated Sportage will switch to Hyundai’s N3 platform with this switch — a platform that comes in two unique configurations. There’s one long-wheelbase model and a short-wheelbase version fit for Europe.

Furthermore, buyers can choose between a mild hybrid, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Unfortunately, this does mean there is no full-electric version this time around. Perhaps due to the upcoming EV6 from Kia (an all-electric crossover with a lot of potential).

This will be the first time Kia offers a dedicated Sportage in European markets only, despite its 28-year history.

More On The European Sportage

Kia has done enough to alter this European version of the Sportage from other iterations of the popular SUV.

This version is 4515mm long, significantly shorter than the main model. Still, it’s slightly longer than the previous generation (by 30mm).

Other visual changes include a reworked C-Pillar, rear bumper and trim (depending on the version of the Sportage one chooses). You’ve probably already noticed, but the wing mirrors have also been moved from the A-pillar to the doors.

Kia Sportage Interior Kia going above and beyond when it comes to features © Credit to Kia

“The all-new Sportage has been carefully designed, developed and honed specifically for Europe, in the process breaking boundaries and establishing new benchmarks in the SUV segment,” said Jason Jeong, President at Kia Europe.

There are changes inside too. For example, this new Sportage has a gently curved display located on the dashboard — similar to the EV6.

The boot is also slightly bigger than the previous Sportage, giving drivers an additional 10% to play with. Storage-wise, there’s around 500-litres of space back there.

Engine-wise, the European Sportage will give buyers a lot to think about. The mild-hybrid version of the vehicle sports a 1.7-litre engine and can deliver 148bhp. It’s impressive, just not as appealing as the plug-in hybrid version’s 261bhp.

The PHEV version of the Sportage comes with 35 miles of electric range.

“With a zero-emissions all-electric range, the all-new plug-in hybrid Sportage model further highlights Kia’s mission to accelerate sustainable mobility across Europe,” added Jeong.


The Sportage will arrive in the UK before the end of the year, according to Kia. In terms of pricing, the Korean automaker has remained tight-lipped on that front for now.

We’d have to assume it would sit around that £20,000 price point given the current price of other Sportage models — considering the size difference between the European version and its stablemates.

Kia actually brought this European Sportage to Munich as part of the IAA Mobility show. A show we’ve covered extensively over the past few days.

Who had a European exclusive Sportage on their 2021 bingo card? We certainly didn’t. What do you make of this smaller Sportage? Will it infiltrate the European market in the right way? Or are there better options out there? Leave a comment below.

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