End Of An Era: ZOE To Be Replaced By Renault 5 In Time

ZOE is nearing the end of its driving cycle, first bursting onto the EV scene in 2012.

It’s true. The Renault ZOE will not continue its lineage. The current version will be its last as the French automaker begins to explore new vehicles using its all-new electric platform.

ZOE has been around the block a few times, which is to say it’s been upgraded multiple times since making its debut nearly a decade ago.

Granted, the vehicle did receive a major makeover in 2019. Still, Renault is clearly wanting to move on despite ZOE’s success/name value.

As it stands, Renault has sold more than 300,000 units in Europe. ZOE’s popularity in the west is near-legendary —
the same goes for its contemporary in the Nissan Leaf.

So, which EV will replace ZOE?

That would be the outlined Renault 5, a vehicle expected to release between 2023-2024.

This does mean we have a while to wait yet before the Renault ZOE is replaced, and buyers will still be able to pick up this iconic vehicle second hand.

It’s not like every trace of the vehicle is heading to the scrap heap.

Some EV heads have called for a new vehicle from Renault to replace ZOE, seeing the vehicle as a weight around the ankle of the automaker.

Switching to this new CMF-EV platform could allow Renault to compete in new lanes with this R5 vehicle.

The first EV to incorporate this platform is the all-electric Megane, for those wondering.

Moreover, the price of vehicles could decrease (making them cheaper than ZOE) according to reports with these changes.

Renault is currently trailing behind Tesla and its Model 3 in terms of home sales — it’s actually falling behind the Peugeot e-208 in France.

Change could be good for Renault as it prepares to compete with the likes of Nissan, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Tesla.

It’s had a good run, and we’ll remember it, always, but it’s time for Renault to shift focus. That’s our opinion, but what do you think of this news?

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