Elon Musk Set to Promote Tesla China President to Global CEO

Anonymous sources claim suggest that Elon Musk will name Tom Zhu Xiaotong as the American automaker’s new global CEO.

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Big changes are coming to Tesla

It’s difficult not to think of Tesla and instantly think of CEO Elon Musk.

The man is synonymous with the company but has always stated that he never really wanted the Tesla CEO role, so it should come as no surprise that Musk has handed the reins to the President of Tesla China, Tom Zhu Xiaotong.

This information comes via a report published by PingWest, whose sources are “people familiar with the situation.”

Zhu has been an integral piece in the Tesla puzzle over the past few years, especially in China. He helped develop Giga Shanghai, which Tesla uses as its main export hub.

Additionally, Zhu helped establish Service Centres across the country and is seen as one of the main catalysts in the automaker’s success as far as sales go.

In other words, there might be no better man for the job than Zhu.

When Zhu joined Tesla in April 2014, he wasn’t the president of the automaker’s brand in China. He started as the director of Tesla’s Supercharger program in the country.

That said, it wasn’t long before he was promoted to the role of Global Vice President and President of China for Tesla.

In other words, there might be no better man for the job.

Is this surprising? Some might say yes, others, no.

Musk is now even busier than he was before after acquiring Twitter, and that’s alongside his work at SpaceX, where he’s CEO as well. His recent stock sales have voiced concern amongst investors and analysts.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about this development in the coming days/weeks.

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What do you make of this news of Elon coming away from the CEO position, a position that he’s held for quite some time now? We want your take.

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