The Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults Explored

Let’s start by saying this: electric scooters are a lot more inclusive than you think. And there is more than enough room to talk about the best electric scooter for heavy adults — or, should we say ‘scooters’ since we cover a few here.

In fact, most manufacturers actively go out of their way to appeal to big-boned riders by making decks a lot longer and increasing the overall weight capacity of the scooter.

Try not to think of this as one of those ‘scooters for fat guys’ style posts where we tell you to shift some weight before getting on.

Because that’s not us.

We’re here to help, not insult.

Sure, there are weight limits to e scooters as it does affect the range and battery of what you’re riding. But you already knew that, surely?

We’re here to give you the facts because we want everyone to enjoy the thrill of electric scooter riding.

Besides, you might be hauling around a heavy backpack of some kind, which could also influence which e scooters you can pick and choose from. Taller riders tend to struggle finding a decent battery-powered scooter too.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at some transporters.

Electric Scooter Weight Limit Explained

Every electric scooter you come across, will have a max weight capacity. Riders can usually find this information in the technical spec of the e scooters you like the look of.

An average e scooter will have a carrying capacity between 70kg up to 100kg. This is the complete opposite of impressive, although, these electric scooters do tend to be on the cheaper side of the scale.

Exceeding the weight capacity of an electric scooter is reckless, to say the least. This isn’t a suggestion that is just slapped on the side of the box.

Never should riders exceed the weight limit of an electric scooter. Doing so could cause injury. You could also damage an e scooter beyond repair, which is money wasted when you consider how much some are.

No, the weight limit of electric scooters have been put there for your own safety, and to protect the scooter.

You see, the more weight you put on top of an electric scooter, the slower it goes. Moreover, the integrity of the lithium-ion batteries used in these two-wheelers can also be damaged beyond repair given the amount of power required to get it going.

Electric Scooters For Heavy Riders: What To Consider

A larger frame doesn’t equate to a higher carrying capacity, unfortunately.

Finding an electric scooter for a heavy adult isn’t as easy as you might expect. You’re going to need to do some research ahead of time to ensure that you aren’t wasting money on something that can range from £500 to £7,000 in price.

And yes, you did read that right. There are some scooters out there that cost up to £7,000!

It’s important that you find the right scooter for you the first time — unless you have boat-loads of cash and are just happy to spend it, that is.

One thing you should definitely consider when shopping around for an e scooter capable of hauling heavy adults, is the weight of the scooter itself.

A higher weight limit will typically make for a heavier two-wheeler. It goes without saying, but a heavy scooter can be difficult to lug around with. Make sure you check the total weight of the scooter before you go buying.

There’s no shame in admitting defeat, in this case. We certainly couldn’t carry some of these two-wheelers. Have you seen them?

Build Quality Matters

There’s no point at all in buying an electric scooter for a low cost simply because it’s cheap and you want one.

If you consider yourself a ‘heavy adult’ then you should look for an electric scooter that is durable, robust in every way that matters, and is accommodating to you.

A cheap, rickety, build is not up for the task, period. You should be aiming for something that performs well under pressure — like one of those heavy duty scooters that promise incredible range and overall power.

With build quality, riders should pay attention to the following (and answer the questions):

  • Frame Integrity: Is the frame of the e scooter you’re looking at durable? Or is it flimsy and likely to break? Rate the quality from 1 to 5.
  • Braking Power: Every e scooter can brake, but is the two-wheeler you’re looking at up for the task of slowing down at greater speeds with more weight on top of it? Keep in mind varying weather conditions.
  • Motor/Battery: Cheaper e scooters for heavy adults tend to have a much lower battery capacity, which does limit how far you can go between charges. Try to find one with a motor rated at 300W or more to avoid range anxiety.

We should emphasise how important it is to find an e scooter with a higher motor/battery capacity if you’re on the heavier side. Especially when it comes to climbing hills.

You’ll need that extra power to get you to the top at a decent speed.

The Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults: Our Picks

Below we’ve picked out, what we feel are the best e scooters for heavy adults. Each e scooter will look different from the last — as too will its spec, although there will be some that have similar range and weight limits.

We’ve narrowed down our choices to three unique scooters for the sake of time. Besides, we believe these scooters are best in class when it comes to weight limits and, generally, having no limits in the case of some.

These are all scooters for adults over 100kg (15.7st).

Okay, without any further ado here are our best electric scooter for heavy adult picks.

EMove Cruiser E Scooter: Weight Limit? No Problem

  • Weight Limit: 160kg
  • Total Range: 62 Miles
  • Motor Power: 1600W

The first e scooter we’d like to drive your attention to is the EMove Cruiser, a scooter capable of travelling up to 62 miles between charges. We’ve mentioned this one first as it has a high weight limit, which is the entire point of this e scooter post, right?

It’s foldable too, meaning you can take it with you just about everywhere. And with its 1600W motor, you won’t ever have to worry about not getting anywhere.

We should state that this will increase the charge time, but it doesn’t really dampen our feelings on this one.

All you need to work out now is: what colour of the EMove Cruiser will you choose? You have the choice of black, white or orange. We like the look of the orange, but you might think differently?

Price-wise, most retailers sell this one for around £1,250, give or take.

E4TP Says

There aren’t a lot of electric scooters out there as powerful as EMove’s Cruiser, we’ll tell you that for free. one of the only downsides to this scooter is its price. Paying over £1,000 for an e scooter could throw many buyers. Still, we think it’s more than justified its price.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11: Motor Power Personified

  • Weight Limit: 150kg
  • Total Range: 70 Miles
  • Motor Power: 2400W

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is easily one of the most impressive e scooters — heavy adults or not — we’ve ever come across. Most electric scooters from Kaabo fall into the same category after a while, that being: powerful AF.

The Wolf Warrior 11 is an important member of the pack in that it can travel up to 70 miles total, thanks to a 2400W motor within (it’s technically 5400W at peak output, if you can believe that).

Kaabo says the 11 can get up to 30% inclines before showing any signs of a struggle. This e scooter is scary powerful in all the right ways. The weight limit of this electric scooter isn’t as good as the EMove, falling around 10kg short.

Still, put the two of them next to each other and the Wolf Warrior might eat it alive and spit out the parts.

E4TP Says

The Wolf Warrior 11 was clearly a construction vehicle in a previous life. What else is there to say? It’s motor output is second to none, and that’s without mentioning its total range. Heavy adults, this will be the electric scooter for you.

Apollo Pro Electric Scooter: An Off-Roader For Heavy Adults

  • Weight Limit: 150kg
  • Total Range: 56 Miles
  • Motor Power: 2000W

Sometimes, going off the beaten path is the best course of action. This is something you heavy riders can do with this adult scooter from Apollo.

The Apollo Pro Electric Scooter is greater than the sum of its parts in the most literal sense possible. What we mean by that is this: it doesn’t look as big or as bulky as a certain Wolf, or is as strong as the EMove from a weight limit perspective, but it’s deceptively powerful.

This electric scooter for heavy adults is built for max suspension and bounce. You can travel off-road and on-road and never have to worry about getting thrown to the ground in a heap.

If that does happen and you damage this e scooter it does come with a 24 month warranty from the majority of retailers you buy from, which does cover your behind if something bad happens.

How much does it the Apollo Pro Electric Scooter sell for? Some go for £1,700, and others go for £1,400.

You might want to compare a few sites to find the cheapest one.

E4TP Says

The Apollo Pro Electric Scooter is one of those all-rounder types in that it can do just about everything you ask of it. Heavy adult e scooters like this don’t come around often — not for a price like this. Suspension is one of the main reasons you should want this one.

NAMI Burn-E: Unbelievable Range And Stability

  • Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Total Range: 93 Miles
  • Motor Power: 1500W x2

Unmatched and unrivalled in the electric range department. The NAMI Burn-E is known by many in the e scooter community as a super scooter. A cut above the rest in more ways than one.

Not only does this scooter come with 93 miles of range (this might fluctuate, and isn’t confirmed each time). The twin motor design helps the NAMI Burn-E push beyond what we thought was originally possible with a battery-powered scooter.

And if you’re wondering where the heavy adult element comes into it, this electric scooter has a weight limit of 120kg, which should be more than enough to get you from A to B.

The LED lighting located under the deck is one of the best things about the NAMI Burn-E. One of the only downsides to this heavy adult scooter is the fact that it can take up to 12 hours to charge the battery.

Then again, what did you really expect from an high weight limit e scooter with 93 miles of range?

E4TP Says

To feel unlimited power under your feet is something to behold. That’s the gist we get from happy riders who own the NAMI Burn-E. Be warned, this heavy duty scooter costs quite a lot — like nearly £4,000 a lot, to be specific.

The Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults Explored!

The high power electric scooters we’ve covered today are perfect for heavy adults. In fact, the two-wheelers shown could be considered the best there is, period from a range and power standpoint.

If we had to pick one to rule them all, we’d have to go with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11.

We’ve chosen this one as it just looks and feels like something different. Moreover, it has a high carrying capacity, and a motor that pushes beyond that of standard e scooters.

E scooters are zippy, easy to keep charged up, and the perfect alternative to other modes of transport. But most of all, they’re inclusive.

Remember that when you go off looking for an e scooter of your own, heavy rider or not!

Which is your favourite e scooter for heavy riders? Leave us a comment below with your pick. Oh, and do let us know if you decided to buy any of the electric two-wheelers we’ve touched on.

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