Electric Pledge: Hyundai Unveils Sustainable ‘Three Pillar’ Strategy

Hyundai will stop selling petrol/diesel vehicles across Europe from 2035, with the overarching goal being complete carbon-neutrality by 2045.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Robotaxi
Hyundai joins countless notable car brands in making moves towards an eco-friendly future © Credit to Hyundai

The South Korean automaker is taking the electric pledge, finally, after months of speculation as part of an exclusive new strategy revealed at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Germany.

Hyundai’s integrated strategy to achieve carbon neutrality is spearheaded through three unique pillars: clean mobility, next-generation platforms, and green energy.

Clean Mobility

The first level (Pillar One) is centred around ‘clean mobility’ with the automaker aiming for 30% of global sales to be EVs by 2030. Moreover, Hyundai predicts that battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will account for 80% of sales by 2040.

Hyundai also plans to switch to a zero-emissions fleet in 2035 across Europe. This switch will occur a lot earlier in the UK, in line with the countries ban on ICE vehicle sales from 2030.

The automaker sees the roll-out of its Ioniq EV family as a key point in this expansion. Reception to the Ioniq 5 has been mostly positive. Hyundai will hope that the upcoming Ioniq 6 has a similar launch.

That being said, Hyundai sees hydrogen powertrain development as a key area if it’s to move forward and eliminate fossil fuels.

In fact, one of the marque announcements was the confirmation of a modified Nexo SUV. Furthermore, Hyundai plans to launch an all-new hydrogen MPV in 2023 and a large hydrogen SUV in 2025.

Next-Generation Platforms

Hyundai’s second pillar hones in on ‘vehicle platforms’ specifically. This includes an innovative set of mobility options to get from point A to B.

These platforms also align with the company’s Progress for Humanity vision and show Hyundai’s commitment to enhance “urban livability for the future generations.”

Furthermore, these platforms will support autonomous vehicles amongst other EVs in the lineup. At the event, Hyundai actually showcased an Ioniq 5 robotaxi — complete with level 4 autonomous driving.

Not to mention, Hyundai is working on an electric plane based on the S-A1 ‘flying taxi’ that was revealed last year.

Green Energy

The final pillar revolves around Hyundai Motor’s goal to provide cleaner/greener energy solutions for all. Renewable energy at the company’s production facilities will run in parallel with new investments in future technologies.

Green hydrogen is but one of these solutions. The automaker hopes that green hydrogen obtained via electrolysis could be a potential game-changer in reducing emissions.

It’s the reason why Hyundai has invested in hydrogen startups such as H2Pro. According to the press release tied to this strategy, the automaker plans to “establish green hydrogen infrastructures in countries with strong government support and abundant renewable energy sources.”

As part of this three-pillar strategy, green hydrogen solutions will be joined by vehicle to grid (V2G) charging technology and second-life battery solutions.

Many have been waiting for Hyundai to make an EV-related announcement for quite some time now, only we bet they weren’t expecting all this! What do you think of these three pillars, and Hyundai making EVs, to begin with?

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