Electric Convertible Cars Uncovered

Like standard drop-tops, electric convertible cars serve as the perfect option to welcome summer days and long drives out in the open.

Convertible cars have always been a popular choice amongst buyers, generally speaking. They’ve easily one of the coolest rides you can own.

Like the 1951 Hudson convertible and early versions of the BMW M3, classic convertibles are hailed as some of the most iconic rides in history.

They’re great and all, but they’re not electric convertible cars…

Today we’ll be looking at the electric MINI convertible and the Tesla Roadster convertible — not to mention a variety of upcoming convertibles you’ll find on roads near you very soon.

Now, let’s drop the top down on some of the best electric convertible cars on the market (and
those soon to release).

What Electric Convertible Cars Are Out Right Now?

When it comes to electric convertible cars, you need to know that there are only so many options available. If you’re looking for an all-electric convertible, that is.

Buyers have a lot more options when it comes to PHEVs — otherwise known as plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Why aren’t there more electric convertible cars?

Many reasons, convertibles tend to be slightly heavier than standard fixed-roof versions. And EVs are heavy enough due to the heft of the battery. Moreover, a heavier car will travel fewer miles, which would hinder the potential of certain electric cars.

Also, according to stats/data, convertible sales are dropping, thus making them somewhat of a risk to manufacture/release.

Most electric convertible cars (hybrids) are rather expensive to own, too. For example, Porsche and Ferrari, both known for fast/performance-heavy vehicles, have developed hybrid convertibles in the past.

Guess how much they cost?

Here’s a clue: think six figures.

That’s not to say that cheaper electric convertible cars exist; we’re simply giving you an idea of what types of drop-tops have sold in the past.

Below you’ll find some real-world examples of electric convertible cars.

Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabriolet

When we think of convertibles, we think of over-the-top style and sophistication, and there’s no better representative of that than the Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet.

One can drive around in style in this electric drop-top from £48,680.

Unlike other electric convertible cars out there, the E-Class Cabriolet retains a classic look. The E-Class fits somewhere in the middle compared to the smaller C-Class and larger S-Class Cabriolets in terms of size.

Buyers praise this electric convertible due to how comfortable it is to ride and how spacious the interior is.

You can lower the fabric roof as long as you’re travelling under 30mph. In terms of time, it takes roughly 20 seconds to switch between roof up and roof down.

You have three options available when looking at the Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabriolet, each ranging in price/power. All are mild-hybrids, using a nine-speed automatic transmission system.

Mercedes Benz says, “it’s open to any challenge,” and we believe them.

E4TP Says: If you’re looking for one of those electric convertible cars that retain a classic look/feel, then there’s no better option right now than the E-Class Cabriolet.

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Yet another electric drop-top sporting a classic vibe.

Meet the BMW 4 Series Convertible, an EV that could easily pass as a sports car if you let it. Know that everything about this EV has been designed with performance in mind, from the M Sport Suspension to its low centre of gravity.

Look under the hood, and you’ll find twin power turbo engines capable of achieving 374hp and 500Nm of torque. In other words, you can go from 0 to 62mph in only 4.5 seconds.

The fact that the BMW 4 Series is a mild hybrid helps deliver superb acceleration; it could rival most EVs out there easily in that department.

Care about comfort? Check out the Vernasca leather seats and 3-zone air conditioning.

We should also mention the extended LED lights — or should we say, Laserlights (their word, not ours). With the BMW 4 Series, you can light up the roads in front of you like a Christmas tree.

Quality of life inclusions like smartphone integration and driving assistant systems only add to this electric drop-top’s value.

E4TP Says: Trust us when we tell you, if you care about top performance and looking good/feeling good, then you should be looking at the BMW 4 Series Convertible. It ticks boxes you never knew you had.

Fiat 500 Electric

We hear your cries of “where can I find the cheapest electric convertible?” And raise you the Fiat 500 electric.

Like the BMW 4 Series, the roof is made from a durable fabric, taking slightly longer to put down (25 seconds). However, you have the option of dropping the top down from speeds of up to 62mph!

With electric convertible cars — or any convertible for that matter — we’d always recommend dropping it down safely, but if you’d like to try putting the roof down over 60mph, be our guest.

Electric convertible cars like the Fiat 500 electric are cheaper than some of the other drop-tops mentioned here; like a lot cheaper.

You can buy a new version of this EV from £29,145 or a used version from £20,120. Be sure to check out our guide on buying a used electric car for what to look out for when buying a second-hand ride.

Fiat has seemingly cornered the market when it comes to an effective yet affordable electric drop-top. The only vehicles that come close are the MINI Electric and Honda E, only both are hardtop vehicles.

E4TP Says: The Fiat 500 electric is easily the best option for those on a budget looking for a somewhat sustainable drop-top. Its low price point alone should be more than enough to pique your interest.

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio

An urban two-seater like the Smart EQ Fortwo Cabio won’t appeal to the family-orientated buyers reading this. Still, it will to money-conscious buyers looking to save some cash on one of those fancy electric convertible cars.

Smart cars were all the rage back in the day, hailed for their simplicity/low cost. The EQ Fortwo Cabrio version here is an electric convertible car, just not the kind you’d expect. In fact, it doesn’t look like the roof folds in at all at first glance.

We should highlight the limitations that come with the EQ Fortwo Cabrio. You see, it’s literally an urban EV and nothing else, meaning the range is very limited (91 miles).

It’s a compact electric car that will take you places, yes, but will it be the right option for you?

Probably not.

Furthermore, it’s quite difficult to find new versions of this electric drop-top. Your best bet would be to scan used car sites to find one.

In all honesty, you’d be better off with the Fiat 500 electric; it’s better in every way as an electric convertible car.

Which you choose is up to you at the end of the day.

E4TP Says: The Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio is the perfect convertible EV if you only travel a limited number of miles in urban areas. It’s the cheapest electric convertible out there if you’re on a really tight budget with no wiggle room.

Tesla Roadster

That’s right, the Tesla Roadster is a convertible electric car!

The top might not drop as far as other vehicles, but the Roadster is an electric convertible nonetheless.

Arguably the most known electric car brand, Tesla has made a name for themselves for crafting performance-driven vehicles with very little marketing — relying, mostly, on word of mouth to spread the word.

Unlike the fabric roofs you see in other electric convertible cars, the Roadster comes with a removable glass roof that you store in the trunk.

It’s one of the quickest electric cars in the world, too, by the way — capable of travelling up to 250mph. Electric range isn’t half bad either (620 miles per charge).

Did you know that the electric Roadster was the first EV released by Tesla?

The 2008 version of the Roadster that shipped looked a lot more like the classic convertibles you might be accustom to. Modern versions of the Roadster are a lot different, with a more refined body and a technical spec that puts it in an exclusive class of eco-friendly cars.

Check out the updated 2022 version to see just how powerful this electric convertible truly is.

E4TP Says: If you can afford it, then there’s no better EV to own than the Roadster; its reputation proceeds itself, like with most Teslas, only the Roadster is a different class.

Electric Convertible Cars Coming Soon

We are currently going through a transitional phase when it comes to the vehicles you see on the road.

Combustion engines are out, and electric is in, but it takes time to go from one to the other. The UK and US have already declared their intent to stamp out emission-laden vehicles within the next few years.

This encourages startup/established car companies to step up and offer something different. So, although there aren’t many all-electric convertible cars out right now, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be options in the future.

In fact, we can name two electric convertible cars, said to release in the next few years.

MINI Convertible

MINI, the master of hatchback vehicles, are currently working on the next generation MINI hatch — set to debut in 2025.

The current MINI Cooper SE is a very fun ride, only it has limits when it comes to headroom; this is where the outlined 2025 version comes into play.

Tall drivers rejoice!

That being said, if you’re over 6ft2, what are you buying a MINI for?

Anyway, back to the upcoming electric MINI convertible. The model will ride on an evolution of the current UKL platform. This means it will have a similar shape to the MINIs of old with a few adjustments.

MINI will soon release their first all-electric model in 2022, a model that has already created some buzz — especially amongst UK buyers.

This should come as no surprise to most, as MINI has quite the following in the UK; always has.

We reported on the new electric MINI last month for those looking to learn more.

How much it will cost is anyone’s guess at this point in time.

E4TP Says: From what we’ve heard thus far, the new MINI could define the next generation of electric convertible cars if everything goes to plan. It’s said to be an affordable option with a tonne of functionality for such a compact vehicle.

Volkswagen ID.3

The upcoming pure-electric hatchback from Volkswagen could have a convertible version.

How do we know this?

Easy, the brands’ CEO, Ralf Brandstätter, shared concept images of the same vehicle with the roof down. The ID.3 will be the first four-seat convertible EV on the market if it does happen, making it a must-have.

The preliminary images show the ID.3 losing two of its rear doors in its redesign. Moreover, its tailgate is swapped out for a much smaller unit.

Changes like these would make the rear passenger space much smaller. It would also limit the boot space from the looks of things.

What about the internal parts of a convertible ID.3?

We’d expect a drop-top version to have a similar internal make-up as the hatchback version — using a 58kWh battery and a 143bhp electric motor located on the rear wheels.

We should state the following (a disclaimer): an electric convertible ID.3 has not been confirmed; we’re simply speculating based on the evidence provided. Basically, we took one look at the concept image and got very excited at the idea of it.

E4TP Says: We have our fingers crossed that the Volkswagen ID.3 receives the convertible treatment. Like the electric MINI mentioned above, the ID.3 could be a pioneer of sorts to ring in the next level of electric convertible cars.

In Short: Electric Convertible Cars Uncovered

While electric convertible cars might not be as practical as hardtop versions, no one can deny the appeal of such vehicles.

What would a summer trip be without the top-down?

It’s true, your options are, indeed, limited when it comes to all-electric convertible cars available at the moment, but the future is looking bright. The electric MINI convertible and the idea of a drop-top ID.3 are enough to excite any rabid EV fan.

Quote us on this: you can guarantee more electric convertible cars are coming; it’s a matter of when not if.

Electric Convertible Cars FAQs

Why don’t car brands make electric convertible cars?

As mentioned, automakers tend to avoid making convertibles as they increase the weight of the vehicle. EVs are heavy enough as it is due to the battery, and sales of standard convertibles have fallen in recent years, thus making them somewhat of a risk to manufacture and sell.

What is the best electric convertible car?

If you’re looking for an all-electric convertible, and have the money to pay for it, choose the Tesla Roadster. The upcoming version could change everything based on rumours, promising more range and better functionality.

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