Electric Cars For Kids: Our Best Finds For 2023

Who said you had to be fully grown to own an electric vehicle? Didn’t you know there are electric cars for kids?

They’re the OG electric car, in a way.

Only now you have more options to choose from!

God, kids have it all these days, be it electric go karts, e bikes or scooters.

They might not be as powerful as the full scale rides you see, but what kid doesn’t want to ride around in a mini Bugatti or a shrunken BMW?

Most come in at a reasonable price (from around £250), making them an ideal birthday/Christmas present. One your little tikes can cherish for a while yet — before they grow too big.

That being said, most kid cars are pretty durable and can handle the weight of a young teenager, no problem.

You could call them a toy, but that might be selling them short, given how powerful some are.

Are they better than electric scooters for kids?

We’ll let you decide once you’ve seen our electric power wheels up close.

Let’s get into it.

Kid Pushing Electric Power Wheel Hours of endless fun can be had with one of these power wheels

The Best Electric Cars For Kids 2023

A battery-powered ride on car is an excellent way of getting your kids out of the house. It also prepares them for an all-electric future.

And here’s the best part (adults, pay attention): the cost of power wheels are nowhere near that of a standard road-ready ride!

All vary in terms of style and size. We’d say 90% of kids cars are made in the image of established electric/standard vehicles.

There’s a kids electric car for every major manufacturer, be it Lamborghini or Ford.

The miniature electric car market is full to the brim of worthy rides, as you might expect.

A simple ‘kids electric car’ search in Amazon will tell you that.

Then again, why would you do that when we’ve picked out the best electric cars for kids for you?

Check out our list below to see the best miniature rides of 2023.

Oh, and this list is in no particular order.

Ford Mustang GT Kids Electric Car

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £199
  • Max Speed: 3mph
  • Battery: 12V 5Ah

What’s better than a Ford Mustang GT?

How’s about the kid’s version of the Ford Mustang GT?

That’s right, everyone’s favourite sporty workhorse is one of the best electric cars for kids.

It comes with two motors and a 12V 5Ah battery. Both work in parallel to deliver excellent range.

The Ford Mustang GT is pretty comfortable, too, thanks to its cushioned faux-leather seat.

Safety-wise, the Ford Mustang GT comes with a parental remote, allowing you to control this power wheel with ease. The remote can switch between manual mode on and off at the flick of a button.

It comes with a seatbelt and can only travel up to 3mph, so try not to worry too much about it going as crazy as an actual Mustang.

One great feature we’d like to highlight is the MP3 speaker system built into the dash. It simulates having an actual radio, as your kids can play their favourite tunes while they drive around.

Working LED lights are another great touch for what can only be described as a perfect electric car for kids.

E4TP Says: The Ford Mustang GT holds a very special place in the heart of adults, so it’s great to see that vibe transfers over to its mini counterpart. It comes kitted out in all the finest features; we’re sure your kids will love this one.

BMW Electric Car For Kids

  • Ages: 5+
  • Price: £199
  • Max Speed: 3mph
  • Battery: 6V 5Ah

Owning a Bimmer puts you in an entirely different class, and that extends to this BMW electric car for kids.

Immersive is a word we’d use to describe this kids electric car. We say that because it simulates what life is like behind the wheel of an actual BMW.

For example, the light-up dash looks near identical to the one found in actual models. The interior of this kids car is also very similar to the real deal.

Again, it’s all about making your kid feel like they’re living a life of luxury without paying Bimmer prices.

In terms of technical spec, the BMW electric car for kids comes with rear-wheel suspension and two batteries (6V 5Ah). It can handle up to 30kg weight-wise, which should cover most aged between 3 and 5.

Furthermore, your kids have multiple unique colour options to pick and choose from.

We’re a sucker for the lime green, but what do your little ones think?

E4TP Says: This BMW electric car for kids is a cut above most. The light-up dashboard is a fantastic feature in itself and could be a major selling point for parents. A kids Bimmer, who’d have thought it?

MINI Electric Car For Kids

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £149
  • Max Speed: 2.5mph
  • Battery: 6V

How ironic; the MINI Cooper has a mini version for your kids to play with — suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

Like most cars for kids to drive, the MINI electric car for kids here comes with a remote control. Adults can choose between parent0guided and child-controlled modes quite easily.

Parent-guided mode lets you control the speed and power. This will come in handy if your kids aren’t tall enough to reach the pedals. And then there’s the safety element, too.

The tires used here are made out of non-slip rubber, which should cover this kids car as it travels over wet surfaces and whatnot.

Speed-wise, this MINI electric car for kids can move up to 2.5mph, courtesy of a 6V battery. It’s not as fast as your standard car for kids to drive.

Still, it’s a mini MINI, and that’s enough for most people.

E4TP Says: It looks like a MINI because it totally is one, just zapped with a shrinking ray. It’s an iconic ride for the next generation of drivers. It’s a ride-on electric car with a tonne of personality (just look at those bonnet stripes).

Fiat 500 Electric Ride On Car

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £120
  • Max Speed: 1.68mph
  • Battery: 6V

Licensed replicas like the Fiat 500 electric ride on car will make you do a double-take again and again.

It features two opening doors, a smooth blue body, and can travel backwards and forwards as your kids see fit!

This small city car was made to be a kids electric car.

The only real downside — if you can call it that — is the max speed of the Fiat 500 electric ride on car. It can only travel up to 1.68mph, nearly half that of the MINI electric car for kids.

Some parents might consider this a good thing. Still, 3mph would have made this one so much better, in our opinion.

This doesn’t ruin this power wheel, by the way. It’s still a detailed build that will make your kid the talk of the playground.

E4TP Says: Electric cars for kids, like the Fiat 500 ride on car, will never cease to amaze us. It plays engine sounds as they move; that’s all you need to know! Some self-assembly is required, but nothing that will take you hours to set up.

Lightning McQueen Powered Ride On Car

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £150
  • Max Speed: 1.37mph
  • Battery: 6V

Disney kids — or should we say, Cars (the movie) fans — this one’s for you.

Lightning McQueen is here. Only your kids can actually climb into and control this one.

It’s a ride on car, powered by a 6V battery, with a top speed of 1.37mph.

Again, like the Fiat 500 ride on, speed could be considered an issue if your kids want to feel more of a breeze against their faces.

Then again, most kids will probably look past that as they recreate their favourite scenes from the movies.

Lightning here can move around for up to an hour and takes up to 10 hours to charge between uses.

He can handle up to 30kg in weight and weighs 12kg himself — meaning carrying this ride on electric car isn’t too difficult.

E4TP Says: We automatically said wow in an Owen Wilson-like fashion when we first laid eyes on this kids car. It’s a very detailed replica of Lightning McQueen and a sure-fire favourite to win the Piston Cup in and around your home.

Mercedes Actros Ride On Lorry

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £400
  • Max Speed: 2.5mph
  • Battery: 12V 10Ah

Electric cars for kids are cool and all, but what about ride on electric lorries?

The Mercedes Actros lets your kids play out their wildest trucking fantasies, transporting goods here, there and everywhere!

It’s a one-seater that features an enclosed cab for additional realism. Not to mention music effects and pull bar. This ride on lorry for kids is powered by two 35W motors and a 12V 10Ah battery.

Dare we say it’s the most powerful kids ride on?

It should come as no surprise given its size (102cm in height, 126cm in length, and 68cm in width).

Drivers will find an AUX input that applies to MP3 players inside. This allows you to play songs from within.

We’d be daft, not to mention the 2.4G Bluetooth parental remote control, too. It’s easily one of the more reactive controllers.

We really need more big rigs like this in the electric cars for kids market, trust us.

E4TP Says: The trucking life is an easy life when behind the wheel of the Mercedes Actros ride on lorry. So many ride on cars with electric parts fall into the same category after a while. This is something different (in a good way) and something your kids will appreciate.

Lamborghini Aventador Power Wheel

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £250
  • Run Time: 45 Minutes
  • Battery: 12V

Kids driving around in Lamborghini’s…

Now there’s a sentence we bet you didn’t think you’d read today.

Meet the Lamborghini Aventador kids car, a 12V electric-powered vehicle that’s sure to appeal to the young high-rollers out there.

It looks like a Lamborghini because it is one, despite being on the small end of the scale. It comes with four-wheel suspension and working LED lights in the front/rear.

Furthermore, it’s powered by twin 12V motors with a total run time of up to 2 hours (that’s better than a lot of electric cars for kids).

There is minimal assembly required, meaning your kids can get out and about a lot faster as soon as it arrives.

And the answer is yes, the doors do go up like a legit Lambo.

E4TP Says: Not many electric cars for kids come with scissor doors. We’ll tell you that for free. It will set you back £250, but can you put a price on your kids luxury? We don’t think so.

12V Bentley Electric Kids Car

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £150
  • Run Time: 45 Minutes
  • Battery: 12V

You can’t beat the classics, plain and simple.

The 12V Bentley electric kids car is sophistication personified, as is the case with most vehicles coming out of the Bentley camp.

This kids car version is just as powerful as the ride on Lamborghini mentioned above, in that it can ride for up to 45 minutes and is a performance-heavy electric car for kids.

We should point out that it’s a lot cheaper if you’re looking to save some money.

It’s a Bentley sporting twin motors and rear-wheel suspension. It does take up to 12 hours to charge, but what did you expect from a kids Bentley?

Features-wise, the Bentley kids car here comes with LED lights in the front and an MP3 player complete with a USB interface.

One of the major highlights of this kids electric car is its seat. It’s very comfortable, and the headrest sports the signature Bentley logo.

E4TP Says: A Bentley like this should be cherished. It’s a kids electric car with a lot going for it. Again, the seat is a real selling point for us. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe us.

Landrover Discovery Kids Electric Car

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £180
  • Max Speed: 3mph
  • Battery: 12V

Shock suspension and wear-resistant polypropylene tires are hallmarks of the Landrover Discovery kids electric car.

The extra-wide tires on this kids car are a great touch, leading to a safe/secure ride. A ride that can last up to 45 minutes — depending on how hard you push it speed-wise.

It comes with a 2.4G parent remote control as standard, allowing grown-ups to control every aspect of this Landrover with your little tikes on board.

But wait, there’s more.

The Landrover kids electric car has a front storage space and an illuminated dashboard for an additional layer of immersion.

It’s the little things like this that keep us coming back to this one.

That and the fact it’s a Landrover Discovery you can put in the back of an actual Landrover Discovery.

You could take it with you when you go on holiday.

E4TP Says: With this mini car, your kids can discover the outside in a completely different light. This Landrover Discovery is tougher than most and is full of surprises. The perfect gift for a kid, in our opinion. Is it better than the BMW electric car for kids? Again, you decide.

Mack 24V Kids Ride On Dump Truck

  • Ages: 3+
  • Price: £479
  • Max Speed: 3mph
  • Battery: 24V

Ride on cars lead to unlimited possibilities.

You can be anyone, doing anything in your own imagination.

For example, with the Mack 24V ride on dump truck, your kids can take up a job as a construction worker.

Better yet, they can complete the job with someone sat next to them since this is a large two-seater style type (hence the somewhat steep price tag).

Look under the hood, and you’ll find two 12V batteries powering this ride on car/truck.

As a stronger Dump Truck, it can handle up to 60kg in terms of load capacity. Noise-reduction tires are a great touch, too.

Let’s face it, some are very noisy.

The tipper does work, too, if you’re wondering. Again, adding to the amount of fun one can have with this kids vehicle.

E4TP Says: Operating a dump truck can get pretty messy; lucky for you then that kids love getting messy. We’re generalising here. Still, you get the point. This 24V Dump Truck will lead to hours of endless fun.

Kids Ride On Ferrari Car Every major carmaker has a mini version made for kids (more or less)

Electric Cars For Kids: Our Best Finds For 2023

Power wheels continue to be a popular entry on Christmas/birthday lists and with good reason.

They’re a lot of fun to drive.

You don’t need a license to thrill either, or change any gears!

Sure, some can be pretty expensive compared to others. Still, you’re investing in your child’s happiness, which should be more than enough to sway any hesitation.

Besides, who knows how long it will be before your kids are driving you around, so it’s best they get some practice in now.

Get them driving early, and they might give you lifts a lot sooner!

Want to take things a step further? Why not buy miniature traffic lights and create a route of sorts around your home?

You’ll find a lot of retailers sell them alongside their range of electric cars for kids.

They aren’t that expensive either.

Kids Car FAQs

Are there any electric cars for older kids?

There are electric cars for older kids, yes, only they are a lot more expensive. Some can travel up to 10mph, which is a lot faster than the electric cars for kids shown above. These vehicles are quite difficult to find unless you’re buying online.

How old does my kid need to be to drive a power wheel?

Most manufacturers recommend your kids be between the ages of 2 and 8. Given the size of some electric cars made for kids, it shouldn’t be too difficult to decipher which is the right size for your son/daughter. Check the product description when it doubt.

What is another name for a kids electric car?

Most would refer to a kids car as ‘power wheels.’ Another name would be a ‘ride on car’ or ‘electric ride on car.’ You’ll find that most come with a 12V battery, with a top speed of 3mph and a built-in radio of some kind.

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