Electric Bike Brands: From Raleigh to Rad Power Bikes

How many electric bike brands can you name off the top of your head? Whatever answer you give, get it noted down on a piece of paper or in the notes app on your phone.

Why? Because we’re going to ask you the same question later once we get to the end of the post. Hopefully, the number you give doubles, triples, or quadruples at that point, thus opening your world to a whole new range of electric two-wheelers!

For years, e bikes were bulky, inconvenient, and above all else, expensive. Limited battery life was another hallmark of these two-wheelers for years until more manufacturers entered the scene and the tech started to get a lot more efficient.

Now you can’t go a day without discovering a new feature, a new bike, and a new brand putting it all together, mostly thanks to social media, but also, word of mouth.

Below you’ll find a complete list of electric bike brands – a list that we will be updating as new brands enter the market (we’d recommend bookmarking this page for future use).

Let’s get moving.

Electric Bike Brands

Below is our list of dedicated electric bike brands that specialise in some of the best battery-powered two-wheelers around.

Some of these brands you might already be familiar with, others not so much, which is one of the main aims of this post, to open your world to e bike companies that are more than deserving of your attention.

This section is in alphabetical order.

American Electric: The Parts Specialist

Based In: USA
Bike Types: Kits, Cruisers + Mitb
Best Bike: Steller 2023

American Electric started in Miami but has taken over the world with its range of electric bikes.

They specialise in more than just bikes, too. American Electric also provides essential parts that help bikes run without the need for pedals. They describe themselves as “America’s largest lithium battery provider” and we believe them.

The e bikes they offer are built to last and are made/handled with care, which puts them ahead of most.

Ampler: The E Bike Pioneer

Based In: EU
Bike Types: Sport + Commuter
Best Bike: Stout

Very few electric bike brands have an operation like Ampler.

Ampler got a start as a fun side project in 2014 when three founders – a professional motocross racer, an avid engineer and a bicycle designer — started experimenting with building an e-bike in their home garage.

Today, the brand has multiple showrooms in Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Tallinn.

All of the bikes they produce are made in-house and feature some of the best builds we’ve seen, period (one look at the Stout will tell you that).

Anywhere Bikes: Fat Bikes and More

Based In: US
Bike Types: Cruiser, Hybrid + Trike
Best Bike: Anywhere Bikes Transformer

“Electric trikes and bikes designed for you,” Anywhere Bikes can outfit all kinds of riders based on their exact preferences.

What’s more, they also offer convenient repairs straight to your doorstep. If you want to get to know the team better, they also have a video series where they break down their operation and outline why you should buy from them.

Ariel Rider: Variations Upon Variations

Based In: US
Bike Types: Scrambler, Commuter + Dirt
Best Bike: Grizzly

Ariel Rider has been in business since 2014 and is the brainchild of two brothers who wanted to combine their experience for the greater good.

Every model they produce has its own unique character as every model has been crafted by a completely different creator (this is why every Ariel Rider bike looks different).

You can’t pigeonhole this e bike brand, which is why we love them. Seriously, head over to the Ariel Rider site and look at the e bikes they’ve worked on, all of them are unique in their own way.

Basis: Bikes for Every Activity

Based In: UK
Bike Types: Folding, Cruiser, Hybrid + Mitb
Best Bike: Basis Cardinal FS

Basis is E-Bikes Direct’s exclusive electric bike brand.

The brand has launched multiple models over the years, such as the Ex Demo Basis Dorchester, the Basis Hunter Integrated E Mountainbike, the Basis Protocol Hybrid Electric Bike, and the Basis Cardinal FS.

They sell bikes for every occasion, be it commuting to work, mountain biking, or recreational cycling.

Brompton: The Heritage Bike Brand

Based In: UK
Bike Types: Folding, Cruiser, Hybrid + Mitb
Best Bike: Electric C Line

Very few electric bike brands can match the regalness of Brompton. Brompton is a heritage e bike brand, known mostly for its range of folding bikes.

The Electric P Line is the lighter option between the two folding bikes they offer, but the C Line does have its own charm. Take a look at both and tell us which you think sounds better as far as features and whatnot go?

Brompton recently collaborated with Barbour to create a custom version of the Brompton C Line Explore.

Canyon: Push Beyond Your Limits

Based In: Germany
Bike Types: Mitb
Best Bike: Spectral: On

If we could give awards to electric bike brands that have the most creative names for their rides, we’d give it to Canyon.

With names like ‘Spectral: On’ and ‘Torque: On,’ it’s hard not to think of high-end transporters that could easily share a mind of their own.

Canyon inspires people to ride and go beyond what they think they’re capable of – at least that’s the impression I get every time I visit their website or interact with their bikes in person.

The bikes they make are very durable and are well worth the heavy price tag if you can afford them.

CERO: Makers of the Ultimate Compact Cargo Bike

Based In: Japan
Bike Types: Cargo
Best Bike: CERO One

The next electric bike brand we want to direct your attention to has been featured in a variety of outlets, including Wired, Men’s Journal, EBR, and Cool Material.

CERO is known for one bike and one bike alone as it stands, that being the CERO One, a compact cargo bike capable of some pretty extraordinary things.

The CERO One is built for commuting, light errands, dropping kids off at school, leisure riding, and just about anything else you can think of.

Consider it the ultimate compact cargo bike.

Delfast: Blurring the Lines Between Bicycle and Motorcycle

Based In: Ukraine
Bike Types: Dirt Bike
Best Bike: Electric Bike Delfast

There are a lot of manufacturers that blur the lines between e bikes and motorcycles. Delfast is one of them with its Electric Bike Delfast 3.0 e bike.

This bike comes shipped to you as a street-legal Class 2 eBike with a validation sticker – powering up to 750W and travelling up to 20 mph. If you want to take it off road and off paved, city streets, you can unleash its full power in Unlimited Mode.

Surprisingly, no licence plate is needed, despite the amount of power this e bike has.

For reference, this bike’s motor is capable of accelerating 3000W, withstanding its peak load of 6000W, which is actually scary.

Eahora Ebikes: Plenty to Choose From

Based In: Canada
Bike Types: Hybrid, Folding + City
Best Bike: Eahora XC300

Since 2006, Eahora Bikes have been engaged in the research, development, and production of electric-powered transporters. This includes e scooters, as well as electric bikes.

With strong technical innovation and development capabilities, Eahora’s product parts are mostly produced from top quality suppliers, including SAMSUNG battery, SHIMANO shifting system, Tektro brake system, Prowheel, Wellgo, and CST transmission system.

In other words, their products promise the best power, the best performance, and the best price (they’re always running sales, so be sure to keep an eye out for those).

Electra: Makers of Californian History

Based In: US
Bike Types: Cruiser, Commuter + Recreation
Best Bike: Kākau Go!

This e bike brand is forever “inspired by the artistry of our culture and the details that surround us,” which explains why their lineup is so distinctive when compared to whatever else you might see in your travels.

Electra was born in the humble surf community of Leucadia, California back in 1993, and has since gone on to produce some incredible two-wheelers, the most recent being the ‘Kākau Go!’ that pays homage to the islands that make up Polynesia, the birthplace of Surf.

Emojo: The Daily Commuter Brand

Based In: US
Bike Types: Trikes, Folding + Mitb
Best Bike: Emoji Caddy Pro

Founded in 2013 in Irvine, California, Emojo devotes itself to leading a green, safe, and free lifestyle.

Emojo are specialists in the electric lifestyle subsection of the e bike market. They produce trikes fit for a variety of tasks/occasions; you name it, they have an option for it making them one of the very best e bike providers out right now!

One of our favourite bikes of theirs is the Emoji Caddy Pro, an electric trike with multiple storage compartments.

Fatte Bikes: Meet the Crew

Based In: US
Bike Types: Cargo, Hybrid, Fat + Folding
Best Bike: Sgt. Mingo

Sgt. Mingo, Penalosa, Londonderry, and Major T Cargo.

All of the above are names given to Fatte Bikes’ electric lineup, and what an outstanding lineup of e bikes it is.

What’s unique about Fatte Bikes is that all of their bikes are customisable, giving you the ability to create your ideal transporter. Of course, this will increase the costs, but we’d say it’s more than worth it given the quality of the results.

Frey: Freedom is Yours to Take

Based In: US
Bike Types: Cargo, Hybrid, Fat + Folding
Best Bike: Sgt. Mingo

“Looking for the best electric mountain bike, powerful like a beast, long-lasting battery like an old Nokia cellphone”.

With questions like that, it’s easy to see why Frey is the preferred electric bike provider of countless riders.

Sleek and speedy is how we’d go about describing Frey’s range of battery-powered bikes. We’d also throw the word ‘adventurous’ in there for good measure given the number of e mitb’s they sell.

GHOST-Bikes: Scary-Good E Bikes

Based In: Bavaria
Bike Types: Mitb + Hybrid
Best Bike: E-Riot AM

Founded in Bavaria in 1993, GHOST-Bikes offers a large selection of e-bikes made right in the heart of Europe.

The logo will look very familiar if you’re an avid cyclist that moves around a lot. We’ve come across many in our time and can attest to the high performance and high durability of GHOST-Bikes’ transporters.

No mountain is too high and no uphill is too steep when you have one of these e bikes by your side.

Trust us.

Giant: A Mountain Among Men

Based In: Taiwan
Bike Types: Commuter, Mitb + Adventure
Best Bike: Dailytour E+

Everyone should have heard of Giant at this point. Founded in 1972, Giant Bicycles is one of the most important bike makers and will continue to be for many years to come.

The quality of their two-wheelers has never wavered, which is why their bikes are often seen used by top athletes in professional racing.

Their lineup of electric bikes is just as potent, as expected. The Dailytour E+, in particular, is a clear-cut winner in any e bike-related competition.

Hurley: No Emissions, Just Vibes

Based In: US
Bike Types: Moped
Best Bike: Mini Swell Electric Bike

Most associate Hurley with surfing and baggy clothing, when in reality they are so much more than that.

Hurley also specialises in personal electric transport. They have multiple electric scooters to choose from and have a fantastic electric moped in the Mini Swell Electric Bike, a mini powerhouse that is quickly turning into one of our favourite rides.

While their options are limited, we fully expect Hurley to delve even deeper into the wide world of battery-powered bikes in the future.

Macwheel: Scooters and Bikes

Based In: US
Bike Types: Hybrid, Mitb + City
Best Bike: Macwheel Wrangler 600

Hailed by many as the best cheap electric bike brand, Macwheel has cornered a segment of the market that not a lot of brands can.

In the UK, the majority of Macwheel’s bikes sell for under £1000 and are actually decent, unlike many affordable e bike brands that come and go quicker than you can charge the Macwheel 28” Trekking Bike.

What’s also commendable about Macwheel is that they don’t offer e bikes for beginners and that’s it.

No, no.

They have bikes for every skill level and activity (and all of them are cheaper than most).

MATE: Every Rider’s Friend

Based In: Denmark
Bike Types: Hybrid, Mitb + City
Best Bike: Macwheel Wrangler 600

We’ve praised MATE and their ability to create unbelievable quality many times here on the E4TP site because they are worth every single bit of praise.

The bikes they create look tactical as hell – like something out of a spy movie. They’re built to explore beyond the beaten path, or beyond the skyline of your native city.

In other words, they’re miles beyond most electric bike brands in our book.

Most recently, we praised the brand’s brand-new SUV e bike, check it out.

Rad Power Bikes: Rad E Bikes of All Kinds

Based In: US
Bike Types: Hybrid, Mitb + City
Best Bike: RadRhino 6 Plus

Fun fact: Mike Radenbaugh, founder of Rad Power Bikes, built his first e bike back in 2007 as a way to get to high school and back, he then became totally obsessed leading to the creation of Rad Power Bikes.

Rad Power Bikes are a household name, especially in North America where it holds quite a share of the market. E bikes like the RadRhino 6 Plus, the RadCity 5 Plus, and the RadRunner Plus can be found in most e bike-related blogs where the words ‘best,’ ‘top,’ and ‘great’ are used.

From off-road adventures to daily commuting, Rad Power Bikes has just about everything you need to get going.

Raleigh: A UK E Bike Staple

Based In: UK
Bike Types: Hybrid, Mitb, Folding + City
Best Bike: Motus Electric Hybrid Bike

Established in 1887 in Nottingham England, Raleigh is one of the most popular names in the industry, if not the most popular.

Some of the bikes made by the manufacturer have become icons in the cycling community, and have thousands upon thousands of positive reviews.

When it comes to e bikes, Raleigh has a lot to pick and choose from. Hybrid bikes, folding bikes, step-through bikes, and cargo bikes, they make/sell them all.

Specialized: Everyone Has a Favourite

Based In: UK
Bike Types: Road, Mitb + City
Best Bike: Turbo Levo

​​With premium bikes for men and women, Specialized is a quality choice for the dedicated cyclist looking for e-bikes or any bike. Again, you’ve more than likely seen this brand out in your travels given how popular it is amongst a lot of sustainable cyclists.

Their range of turbo e bikes, in particular, serve as some of the very best in class and come in multiple different configurations (Mountain, Road, and Active).

The Turbo Levo is our pick as the best Specialized bike but you might have a completely different opinion, and that’s fine. Every bike they produce could be hailed as the best Specialized e bike; they’re that good!

Super 73: It’s a Lifestyle

Based In: US
Bike Types: Dirt, Hybrid + City
Best Bike: S-Series

Super 73 is an American lifestyle adventure brand based in Orange County, CA that develops products to help fuse motorcycle heritage with youth culture.

Founded in 2016, the brand has quickly grown into one of the most recognizable electric vehicle brands in the world with a passionate customer base including A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and many more.

Trek: Electric Bikes of All Kinds

Based In: US
Bike Types: All Kinds
Best Bike: FX+

The Trek lineup of electric bikes is stacked, to say the least. Seriously, head over to their website and browse away – you’ll count at least 30 e bikes.

They also sell cycling gear if you’re looking to kit yourself out in the best attire – the kind that will help you go that extra mile.

Trek is seen by many as the quintessential electric bike brand, meaning no other brands come close to them. It’s tough to argue, but we’d put them joint top alongside the likes of Specialized, Brompton, and Van Moof.

Van Moof: An Unstoppable Force

Based In: Amsterdam
Bike Types: Hybrid, Mitb + City
Best Bike: RadRhino 6 Plus

Everything from the design of the bikes to their performance, to the packaging, is done right. I’m, of course, referring to the work of Van Moof, a premium provider of e bikes that are always very striking to look at and ride.

There are five reasons they stand out (as outlined on their website):

  1. They’re obsessed with cities (and so are their bikes)
  2. They ride outside the box (constantly trying to reinvent the wheel)
  3. They don’t do disposable (bikes are built to last a lifetime)
  4. They’ve got your back (a dedicated support team is on hand to help
  5. They’re unstoppable (they’re now a global phenomenon)

An electric bike in the middle of a meadow Aren’t e bikes just amazing

Electric Bike Brands: From Raleigh to Rad Power Bikes

So, how many electric bike brands can you name now? Has that number tripled or have you heard of these brands before?

Regardless, let’s just stop and appreciate how much variety we have at the moment when it comes to battery-powered bikes. After all, it wasn’t always like this.

Back in the day, there were only a handful of brands working on electric bikes, which made them twice as expensive. Now it feels like there’s a new name riding into the scene every other day!

It’s difficult to pick favourites because of how much variety is out there, but if I had to pick just one it would have to be VanMoof. The e bikes they produce are sleek as hell (love that matte finish on most of its range).

Would you agree or do you have your own favourite? Drop us a comment on social media, and tell us which e bike brands you follow and why.

And do let us know if we’ve missed any brands off our list and we’ll get them added pronto.

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