Do Motorcycle Boots Make A Difference?

Motorcycle riding is a kind of a passion that involves some risks and dangers and requires some safety gear for the protection of the rider. Among them, motorcycle boots are the most overlooked, yet one of the most vital pieces of gear for a motorcycle riding trip.

Not wearing motorcycle boots while riding increases the chance of foot injury to six times.

When it comes to taking adequate protection for motorbike riding, helmets, gloves, jackets, knee pads, motorcycle boots, and elbow pads are noteworthy. Surely these pieces of equipment are necessary for a safe ride. Unfortunately, most people do not take motorcycle boots into consideration as a necessary tool for their protection.

Hence, we will discuss how motorcycle boots make a difference in your ride.

Do Motorcycle Boots Make A Difference?

Whenever the topic of motorcycle safety comes into discussion, everybody thinks about helmets, jackets, and gloves as safety gear.

Most people are not as concerned to protect their feet as they are to protect their heads and arms. However, it is absolutely critical to protect your feet so that you can continue riding a motorcycle and leading your life comfortably.

Riding a motorcycle wearing normal shoes is much different from wearing motorcycle boots. Motorcycle boots are designed in such a way that it adds additional protection to your feet. Although they are too bulky to wear every day they are vitally important to keep your feet safe on the road.

While they are essential for the safety of your feet, they can be quite expensive. So, when anybody is interested in buying motorcycle boots, they become discouraged after seeing these boots’ price. With this in mind, some manufacturers have made it possible for you to buy the best motorcycle boots under 100.

What Makes Motorcycle Boots Better Than Regular Shoes

Motorcycle boots have a rigid outer shell that can combat the heat of the direct contact and exhaust. Their thick soles and waterproof lining allow traction in wet conditions and protect the rider’s feet from moisture.

They have removable inner linings that provide simple on-and-off convenience. These types of boots also provide velcro straps around the ankles so that they do not slide down when you are riding.

You will find durable rubber heel guards that guard your heel and toes against accidents and crashes on motorcycles. A premium quality boot can resist a substantial amount of abrasion and impact. The material should be fireproof as well so that the boots can not catch fire due to some unexpected instances.

Someone fastening their shoes on a curb

Can You Wear Regular Shoes On A Motorcycle?

Yes, you can do as some other people do; however, you should not do so.

You should only wear motorcycle boots when riding a motorcycle. Regular shoes do not provide as much support around the ankles as motorcycle boots. So, if anyhow you fall from your bike, you could hit on your ankle which can lead to some serious injury that might prevent you from riding a motorcycle.

Some people think that work boots are good to wear for riding a motorcycle. Work boots are made with lighter materials and rubber soles that can not provide sufficient traction during riding a motorcycle. They can not also provide any support to your feet as well as to your ankles.

Key Features You Should Look For Buying Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots have their advantages for riding a motorcycle when they meet the following criteria. Know the key features which you should look for when buying motorcycle boots.


To give your feet enough support, the height of the motorcycle boot should be at least to cover your ankle. The taller the boot is, the more your legs will be protected. You may feel uncomfortable wearing a high-top boot, but it makes a world of difference in protecting your legs.


Many shoes are made of canvas or soft leather which does not provide substantial protection when they hit the concrete. With this in mind, motorcycle boots are made of thicker leather so that they can resist high abrasion.

Look for treated leather and double layers in high-wear areas which make the boots enable to repel water and be durable. Now you can also find motorcycle boots that are durable and highly supportive while breathable as they are made with textile materials.


When you are buying boots, pay attention to how it is constructed. There will be double or triple stitching in a pair of good-quality boots to make certain that they stay together in all circumstances.

How the sole is attached to the boot should also be noted. You should opt for the soles that are sewn on the boots instead of the glued-on soles. Glued-on soles will not last as long as the sewn-on soles.


Based on the type of your riding, you will require a sole that will provide you with the correct grip. A soft sole is good for a strong grip on the footpeg, but it will wear away quickly. On the other hand, a hard sole is durable but provides you with less grip. Whatever type of sole you choose, make sure that it is oil resistant.

The Fit

No matter how good a pair of motorcycle boots is, it will not do you any good if it does not fit you perfectly. So, pay attention to how the boots fit for ensuring maximum protection. You should also keep in mind the thickness of the socks you like to wear for riding a motorbike.

Do Motorcycle Boots Make A Difference?

It is worthwhile to invest in a pair of good motorcycle boots for a safe and comfortable bike ride. These boots will shield your feet and ankles against any kind of unexpected crash.

Even though you might feel that your regular sneakers are more comfortable than motorcycle boots, you can rest assured that nothing can beat these shoes in terms of safety.

So, whenever you go for a ride even if it is a small ride to the store at the end of your road, make sure that you put on these shoes.

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