DIY Life: Identifying The Best Electric Skateboard Kits

Ever wanted to experience the thrill of riding/owning an e skateboard without paying full price for one? Have you thought of buying one of those electric skateboard kits and doing it yourself?

It’s actually cheaper if you can believe that!

Well, most of the time, that is.

There are plenty of them on the market at the moment, each as different as the last.

Easily one of the best aspects of putting together your own electric skateboard is that it’s yours. Buying a new motorised board limits your customisation options.

With an electric skateboard conversion kit, you make it yourself from what feels like the ground up. In our opinion, this gives the board a hell of a lot more value; personal value, the best kind there is.

Also, the combinations you can come up with are kinda crazy.

You can take any deck, attach an electric skateboard battery/other parts and away you go.

Let’s find out more.

Electric Skateboard Kits Explained

An electric skateboard kit is similar to a Swytch Kit if you have any knowledge of those?

Essentially, you take a standard body (in this case, a board without wheels), apply electric parts (motor/battery), and the rest is history.

Performance-wise, these kits are just as viable as the new electric boards you can buy outright.

It depends on the board, but we find that riding on a homemade electric skateboard to be a lot better; fulfilling in a way given its a mini project you can constantly work on.

No one’s stopping you from uninstalling the kit from one deck and applying it to another either.

And let’s not forget how easy it is to set up.

As you’ll come to learn soon enough (shout out to the Revel Kit), it should take between 20 to 30 minutes to set up.

Remember: You’ll still need to charge the battery as standard. The delivered electric skateboard battery doesn’t always come with juice in it.

Tools will be required to complete the process — a decent screwdriver should cover it. A skate-style T or Y tool is a godsend too.

Some electric conversion kits actually come with the necessary tools. Ensure you make sure that’s the case beforehand.

Although owning a T/Y tool is pretty handy if you consider yourself an avid skater-head.

You do have one already, don’t you?

What’s In An Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit?

The kits themselves consist of multiple parts.

All essential in the makeup of a DIY motor-assisted skateboard.

Just not nearly as complicated as an other types of electric conversions.

Everything you need is included in the kit, as you can imagine — everything except for the deck, which you’ll need to provide.

Here’s what is usually included in electric skateboard kits:

  • Battery
  • Front Truck
  • Charger
  • Charging Cable
  • Deck Screws
  • Remote Control

These are all fundamental pieces of the electric skateboard puzzle. Some kits come with other unique parts, such as wheel adapters and skate tools, as mentioned.

Not every electric skateboard motor kit was created equal.

That much is true.

Some could be thought of as electric longboard conversion kits; others, mini electric skateboard kits as size/power can vary.

An extended range battery might be better suited for a longboard or standard deck compared to a mini type for obvious reasons.

Still, the majority of electric skateboard kits will apply to all deck types.

Quality will differ from kit to kit, so choose wisely.

In some cases, you can simply buy the parts individually if you’re interested in sourcing specific parts to craft your ideal board.

Sites like eBay and Nexus Boards (UK site) tend to have what you’re looking for.

Take Note: Sourcing specific electric skateboard parts can be expensive, not to mention difficult if you don’t know how to gauge the good sellers from the bad.

Buying an electric skateboard kit straight up gives you everything you need, guaranteed.

We can see the appeal of buying à la carte, but buying the complete package is far better nine times out of ten.

It saves you time (as you aren’t waiting for each part to arrive), and it saves you money.

A Key Component: Electric Skateboard Battery

Consider the electric skateboard battery the most important thing about your board.

After all, the battery used determines how much the kit is and how far you can travel when skating.

The bigger the battery (capacity-wise), the further you’ll go.

A common electric skateboard conversion kit will have range of around 5-10 miles, give or take.

Moving faster will drain the battery faster, so try to be as conservative as possible if you’re using it as a commuter.

Extended range batteries are totally a thing, too, by the way. So don’t feel like you’re limited to 10 miles total. These batteries will cover up to 20 miles, giving riders more room to play with.

Which is the longest range electric skateboard kit?

That title goes to the BKB Kit. You’re getting 20 miles of electric range on every charge, should you take this route (more on this kit later).

You’ll pay more for an extended-range electric skateboard kit, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to cover a lot of ground at optimal speeds.

As a rule of thumb, we’d recommend avoiding kits that fall short of the mark in terms of the parts included — with batteries topping the pile when it comes to the most important ingredient.

You can have the finest motor in the world, but if it’s lacking in the battery department, then it might be worth looking for a different pack/kit.

There’s a lot of shlock out there.

Which you’ll know if you’ve ever looked online at this sort of thing.

Wheel Size Matters To A Converted Skateboard

Many gloss over it, but we’re here to stress the importance of wheel sizing.

The wheels of a skateboard impact how the rest of the board moves/feels — it also affects torque (acceleration).

For example, larger wheels are really helpful in terms of stability and controlling the ground under you when at full pelt. Unfortunately, they suck when it comes to accelerating.

It’s the reason why you see so many electric longboards with chunky wheels and why smaller types stick to the 85mm types.

Most skateboard kits you find will come with wheels attached to the front truck/battery truck. Still, with some boards, you can switch them around a little.

Mix and match to find the best spinners; that would be our advice.

Finding The Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

It’s time we looked at some electric skateboard kits, now that you have an idea of how it all works/what’s included.

Equipment you can trust, hand-picked by us here at E4TP.

Every kit we’ve chosen has a stellar reputation online — especially in Australia, which happens to be the unofficial capital of electric skateboard conversions.

You might find you need to pay for these kits through foreign sites (depending on where you live). This will increase the cost slightly as you’ll need to get it exported.

We’ve tried to offer a mixed bag here to give you a better idea of the world at large when it comes to these kits.

We should point out that the skateboard kits you’re about to see are in no particular order.

Observe at your own pace.

*And remember that each vary in terms of sizing. Consider that when looking at the dimensions of the deck you’d like to upgrade.

Revel Kit

Revel Kit E Skateboard

  • Range: 10 Miles (Extended Range: 15 miles)
  • Top Speed: 28mph
  • Charge Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Price: $600 (£440)

We’re kicking things off with arguably the best electric skateboard kit out right now in the Revel Kit.

Revel is an American-based company that picked up a lot of attention for its electric skateboard conversion kit at the start of this year.

We’ve touched on it briefly above, but now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty.

This kit has multiple battery options to choose from. Remember, the Revel Kit has an extended range version (216Wh) if the base version (144Wh) isn’t cutting it for you range wise.

The extended range battery can carry you between 10 to 15 miles tops, depending on usage. It doesn’t outright say it, but the extended range kit is ideal for longboards.

Then again, standard decks do have their charm.

We’re just thinking about it from a comfort level if you’re travelling far.

Another great thing about this skateboard kit is that the Revel Kit is compatible with a variety of wheels. Sizes range from 85mm to 120mm in diameter.

Variety is indeed the spice of life.

The Revel Kit is a bolt-on type, meaning it can be easily applied to the deck of your choosing. That’s actually one of the best things about the Revel Kit: its assembly.

It comes with four bolts, and that’s pretty much all you need.

And here’s the best part, you could apply two Revel Kits on the same board to give it all-wheel drive!

E4TP Says: You could call it the best longboard kit out right now, but that would be selling it real short. The Revel Kit is a universal type that justifies its somewhat heavy price tag.

Mellow Drive

Mellow Drive Skateboard Kit

  • Range: 7 Miles
  • Top Speed: 22mph
  • Charge Time: 3-5 Hours
  • Price: $1099 (£805)

Mellow has a lot in common with companies like Swytch Bike in that it found success online through Kickstarter.

We could spot those baby blue wheels from a mile off!

This German startup is known for its Mellow Drive above all else, an electric skateboard conversion kit that was initially aided by more than 350 backers.

Like the Revel Kit, only four screws are required to mount this kit to a deck. This kit isn’t nearly as powerful as some of the others we’ve mentioned (99Wh), which could turn a few of you away.

Max range of the Mellow Drive is set at 7 miles.

Sure, it lacks the range when you’re holding it up against other electric skateboard kits, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

You can actually use this electric skateboard battery to charge your phone if you’re running low!

Also, you can fully charge the electric skateboard battery using a fast charger in around 40 minutes.

Not a lot of kits are compatible with fast chargers for reference.

Weight-wise it’s also a lot lighter than most, weighing in at 8.6 pounds. You can carry the Mellow Drive with ease.

According to some stories we’ve heard, you can also take it with you on flights via carry-on luggage.

E4TP Says: Expensive? Yes. Worth every penny? Also yes. The Mellow Drive electric skateboard motor kit has more than proven itself worthy, in our opinion. What it lacks in stamina, it more than makes up for elsewhere.

BKB Duo Skateboard Kit

BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Motor Kit

  • Range: 20 Miles
  • Top Speed: 40mph
  • Battery Size: 324Wh
  • Price: Up To $1300 (£952)

How’s about another heavy hitter in the electric skateboard conversion kit lane?

We’re, of course, talking about the BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Motor Kit, the best option if range/speed is important to you.

Powerful dual motors each produce 3000 Watts each; that’s 6000 Watts total! Both run in parallel alongside a 324Wh Samsung battery. All of this leads to an average cruise speed of 28mph.

That’s not fixed either; you can choose other parts to increase its speed up to 40mph.

Again, if pure unadulterated power is your thing, then this will be the electric skateboard kit for you.

The drivetrain used here has been hand-crafted by BKB directly and applies to multiple unique wheel types.

Riders have the option of installing 6” Pneumatic wheels to this skateboard kit for better control over rugged terrain too.

One of the biggest differences with this kit is that it comes with the deck.

The ‘Tru-Flex’ deck, as BKB calls it, is shock-absorbent, meaning it can take a lot of bounce and not crack under pressure.

We should also mention that the BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Motor Kit can connect to relevant smartphone apps for an additional layer of control.

The app tracks data in real-time, including battery voltage and ride progress.

E4TP Says: Is the BKB Electric Motor Kit at the top of the mountain? If you’re looking at power over everything else, then sure. It’s a popular option, so you might want to act fast if you see it in stock anywhere.

Maxfind M5 Skateboard Kit

Maxfind M5 E Skateboard Kit

  • Range: 12 Miles
  • Top Speed: 26mph
  • Charge Time: 2 Hours
  • Price: Up To $899 (£658)

The Maxfind M5 is definitely one of the more popular electric skateboard kits out right now and is a worthy entry in our list here.

It’s a great entry because it’s significantly cheaper than some of the other skateboard kits mentioned. Yet, it doesn’t lack in areas relating to range or speed.

The Maxfind M5 can hit 26mph easily, courtesy of a 158Wh battery and dual 750-watt high-torque motors.

With power like this, you’d expect to pay more; it’s a steal given the base price ($600). One can upgrade the M5 to two 216Wh batteries. Just expect to pay $900 to do so.

Replacing the battery is what we’d call a doddle, too. Speaking of which, expect to wait around two hours for the electric skateboard battery to charge.

It’s not long given its power, but the Mellow Drive has it beat this time around.

The ergonomic Bluetooth remote control deserves an honourable mention also. It’s easy to use and also looks as good as those you’d find tied to fixed electric skateboards.

In other words, it doesn’t look like a remote for a converted e board.

E4TP Says: The word premium comes to mind when we think about electric skateboard kits like the Maxfind M5. Reliable is another word you could use when looking at how responsive the kit is when installed in the right deck.

DIY Life: Identifying The Best Electric Skateboard Kits

These skateboard kits have changed the way skaters approach these personal transporters, that’s for sure.

It’s no longer buy a new e board or go without.

How else could you explain the ever-growing community of self-made e skateboarders?

We’ll admit that some electric skateboard kits are pretty pricy — perhaps too pricy for some. It could be seen as a barrier to entry. Still, skateboard kits do make life a little easier vs sourcing each piece individually.

The same goes for those of you interested in making your own electric paddle board from scratch.

Better to buy the kit than buy the pieces separately.

DIY culture is ingrained in skateboarding culture, as you know. So why not take it a step further?

Build your own electric skateboard today and explore the outside as you’ve never explored before.

Oh, and remember to share your motorised skateboard builds in the comments below.

We want to see what you guys come up with.

Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit FAQs

Can I turn my skateboard into an electric one?

With an electric skateboard conversion kit, you can turn any standard board into a power-assisted one. These kits aren’t that difficult to install on a board, as long as you know what you’re doing exactly.

What is the best electric skateboard motor kit?

In our opinion, the best conversion kit is the Revel Kit. The quality is there, and it’s very each to install. Multiple sizing options of the kit (wheel sizing mostly) is a great touch. Sure, it’s pretty pricy. Still, it’s more than worth it.

Is it cheaper to build my own electric skateboard?

This will depend on the new electric skateboard you’re looking at, but yes. For the most part, taking the conversion kit route is a lot cheaper. Keep in mind that cheaper skateboard conversion kits do vary in terms of performance/quality. Pay more for the best results.

Where can I buy electric skateboard parts?

There are many providers out there if you’re looking to build an electric skateboard piece by piece over buying a skateboard kit. Sites such as Ride And Glide and Nexus Boards are a great place to start. Failing that, eBay is always an option, too.

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