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Onewheel logo


Onewheel specialise in an electric skateboard sporting only a single tire. It took Founder/CEO Kyle Doerksen 8 years of tinkering to get it right, but here we are. The company sells multiple motorised rides, from the GT to the Pint X.

Evolve Skateboards logo

Evolve Skateboards

Hailed as the creators of 'the best electric skateboards period,' Evolve Skateboards has made a name crafting power-assisted boards to extreme sports enthusiasts. Evolve are based in Australia, and have their own line of electric longboards.

Awake Board logo

Awake Boards

Swedish manufacturer Awake, build high-performance electric surfboards – Awake Boards – that propels the rider up to speeds over 50 kph in mere seconds. The company have created many e-surfboards, from the Awake RÄVIK 3 to the Awake RÄVIK ONE.

Off-Road Electric logo

Off-Road Electric

Off-Road Electric is a UK based company, offering a range of fully-electric, zero-emission vehicles for farm workers, landowners and institutions. Off-Road Electric believes that every business should make a difference, hence the charity work.

Meepo logo


Meepo is the brainchild of Kieran Mao, a skate obsessed visionary who went from building skateboards himself in 2017 to a company with more than 120,000 riders in over 70 countries. The company sells a range of electric longboards and mini boards.