EDF Energy logo

EDF Energy

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EDF supplies gas and electricity to homes and businesses across the UK. They were founded in 2002 and are considered one of the leading energy providers in Britain. Currently, EDF is looking at solar energy.

Octopus Energy logo

Octopus Energy

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British renewable energy group, Octopus Energy specialise in affordable renewables in the UK. All of this provider’s energy comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water. They are a green energy company selling smart tariffs.

VoltAero logo


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VoltAero is a start-up electric plane company from Médis, France, backed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The manufacturer is currently looking to release its Cassio 330, an 4-seater plane expected to take flight in 2022.

BETA Technologies logo

BETA Technologies

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BETA Technologies is a forward-thinking creator of electric vertical aircraft. Its ALIA aircraft is described as ‘the future of flight,’ capable of travelling great distances with little to no noise generated, cutting down on noise pollution.

Ampaire logo


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Ampaire is looking to make flying more accessible to more people from more airports through the electric aircraft it creates. The company is trusted by the likes of NASA, ARPA-E and USAF to name a few.

RAND Boats logo

RAND Boats

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RAND Boats specialise in innovative and modern sportsboats. Founded and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, RAND Boats has its focus set on bringing to market the most innovative, intuitive, and socially oriented products across boating segments.

Oceanvolt logo


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Oceanvolt is a Finnish electric boat manufacturer, founded in 2004 by Janne Kjellman. The company crafts hybrid and electric marine power and propulsion systems used in a range of maritime travel — from racing to charter.

DOMANI Yachts logo


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DOMANI Yachts manufacture and sell a range of sustainable yachts, each hand-built and optimised for performance and sophistication. The DOMANI S30 Sport yacht is one of the best in class from a features standpoint alone.

Candela logo


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Candela is an electric boat brand known for its range of sustainable options in the C-8 and C-7. Their purpose as a company is to speed up the transition to fossil fuel-free lakes and oceans.