Deliveries Of The SOLO Cargo EV Will Rollout Later This Year

An update has been provided on the deliveries and spec of ElectraMeccanica’s SOLO Cargo EV, a compact EV fit for commercial and fleet use.

SOLO Cargo EV on grey background
City living has never felt so succinct and sustainable © Credit to ElectraMeccanica

There’s compact, and then there’s SOLO Cargo EV compact — an adaptation of the SOLO EV, a three-wheeled commuter to give sustainability-focused drivers quite the alternative.

That vehicle began rolling out just last year, still, this isn’t stopping ElectraMeccanica, the manufacturer behind the SOLO EV line, from releasing the Cargo sooner rather than later.

In a recent press release, the Vancouver, BC EV-maker revealed spec details on the SOLO Cargo EV, complete with an update on when deliveries are to be expected.

“Early prototype SOLO Cargo vehicles have been deployed in several exciting applications throughout California and Arizona, receiving positive feedback from customers. We are excited to begin offering this new version and expanding our addressable market into the highly promising commercial and fleet space.”
— Kevin Pavlov, CEO of ElectraMeccanica

Dimensions-wise, the SOLO Cargo EV dimensions has been expanded greatly for a total of 11.8 cubic feet of storage space – as compared to 5 cubic feet of storage in the standard SOLO EV.

It’s 53″ tall and around 123″ long, with the rear cargo dimensions coming in at 37.5” long x 34” wide x 16” high.

The Cargo also contains a a variety of additional features, such as:

  • An adjustable/folding interior floor panel
  • Cargo netting
  • Lighting in the rear cargo space

It also features front and rear crumple zones, side impact protection, a Kevlar reinforced safety hoop, torque-limiting control as well as power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and a configurable entertainment system.

SOLO Cargo EV rear What the SOLO Cargo EV looks like from the rear © Credit to ElectraMeccanica

Moreover, the roof is reinforced with a Kevlar band for additional protection, which is more than ideal considering this little EV was optimised with deliveries and commuting in mind.

In terms of pricing, this three wheeler sells for $24,500 and will be available next quarter (that’s Q2) for those interested.

Interested in range and speed? The SOLO Cargo EV has a range of around 100 miles, and a top speed of 80 mph, meaning you can drive it on highways and whatnot.

What do you think of this very compact EV in the SOLO Cargo EV? Would you ride around in a three-wheeled vehicle like this? Leave a commend below.

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