Cyberquad Coming? Tesla Files Trademark For Electric ATV

Revealed at the same time as the Cybertruck, many had feared that the Cyberquad would never come to fruition — existing as more of an ad to sell the load capacity of the upcoming electric truck. This latest trademark says otherwise.

Tesla Cybertruck And Cyberquad
An electric ATV from Tesla could be on the way © Credit to Tesla

In what can only be described as surprising news, Tesla has seen fit to file a trademark for an electric vehicle it revealed back in 2019, alongside its polarising Cybertruck.

We’re, of course, talking about the angular off-roading electric ATV known as the Cyberquad.

In fact, many have forgotten about this one as we’ve heard next to nothing about it since the Cybertruck reveal livestream. The ATV was shown right at the end of the stream to showcase the trucks impressive load stats.

At the time, it was unknown whether or not Tesla wanted to bring the Cyberquad to market for real. However, Musk did confirm that Tesla would make the electric ATV available as a Cybertruck option shortly after as an add on.

And that was the last we’d heard unless you count the remote control Cybertruck/Cyberquad made by Hot Wheels, a trendy toy amongst Tesla fans.

Fast-forward three years, and Tesla is filing a fresh trademark tied to the electric ATV:

We should mention that this trademark applies to branding/apparel, as the American electric car maker already applied for the vehicle trademark in 2019.

With the Cybertruck delayed (again), you can’t help but imagine what Tesla has in store between now and then. After all, why would you file a trademark for clothing referencing an electric ATV if you never intended on releasing it for real?

If Tesla brings this electric ATV out, then there’s no telling what they could craft next. A Tesla motorcycle has been a topic of interest for a while now. Could we see a two-wheeler soon? A Tesla e scooter would sell like crazy. Give us your thoughts on all of this down below.

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