Christmas Gift Ideas? Your Electric Options Explored

With Christmas gift ideas you can never be too certain. After all, the people you’re buying for can be a picky sort.

Are they interested in drones? What about the Unagi Model One e scooter?

Or have they been really good to the point where they’ve earned themselves a car for Christmas? Perhaps an electric one?

See, this is what makes buying for people in the holidays such a difficult task considering how many options you have to pick and choose from. We can see now how people leave it right up until the last minute to buy gifts.

Speaking of which, that’s what today’s post is all about: helping you save Christmas right at the last minute with some nifty gift ideas, all with an electric touch. In case that wasn’t clear, every gift idea shown here will be electric in some way or other, or at least reference something that is (like a Hot Wheels car).

We understand that buying for car enthusiasts and gadget heads is next to impossible at times. So hopefully this gives you something to think about!

Oh, one last thing. We’ll be including the prices of every Xmas gift shown, to give you a smorgasbord to choose from. And yes, we’ll also be covering the best cars for Christmas. We want to offer a real mixed bag for you leading into this holiday season.

Should we look at some Christmas gift ideas?

Let’s go.

driving through Christmas lights It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas, might be time to start shopping, don’t you think?

Car For Christmas? Our Christmas Gift Ideas

You might not be able to fit it nestled safely under the tree as it’s way too big for that, but people do receive new and used electric cars for Christmas!

Some even buy themselves a car as a present for a job well done for the year, so you don’t even need to be gifted one to receive one this holiday season.

So, which are the best electric cars to Santa for this year?

We have three in mind, each as different than the last, we have the Tesla Model S, the Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 and the MINI Electric. Same, yet different. While all three have electric properties, they couldn’t be any different from one another from a price, power and performance standpoint.

Here, we’ll show you (it’s the season to be jolly, after all).

Tesla Model S: Santa Wishes His Sleigh Was This Powerful

  • Price: £95,980 (Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive)
  • Range: 405mi
  • 0-60mph: 3.1sec

Just imagine how quicker Santa could finish his runs behind the wheel of one of these things! He’d go from one continent to the next in a flash. The Tesla Model S is probably where your mind goes to when you question what car for Christmas, if any, could make you feel like a kid again.

Well, this is it.

We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to wake up with one of Mr Musk’s prized reindeer just sitting in the driveway. Its power is unrivalled, unmatched and undefeated. And yes, it is on the expensive side, but Christmas miracles do happen.

We’d recommend asking for the Model S in red. It’s a lot more festive and it’s easily the best colour, in our opinion (but is also a fact).

So, Tesla for Christmas?

Volvo XC40 Recharge P8: Just Call It Mr Plow

  • Price: £44,135
  • Range: 248mi
  • 0-60mph: 4.7sec

Winter conditions? We’ve got you covered with our next car for Christmas pick. We’re of course, talking about the Volvo XC40 Recharge P8. We should point out that there is a plug-in hybrid version of the XC40, but we’re going to be spreading great cheer by talking about the all electric version.

The Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 is a worthy entry in your Xmas list as it’s a 4×4 — meaning it has four-wheel-drive for those not up to speed with their car lingo.

Four-wheel-drive ensures that you’re more than covered when it comes to tackling the great outdoors. The power of the P8 means you can get up the steepest terrain with ease, and do it in style.

Did we also mention that it has Google built-in too? That’s right, Google maps from the comfort of your driving seat! Before we move on we have to talk about the upholstery within (Charcoal City Canvas Textile in Charcoal interior) because it’s lavish as it is lush.

Mr Plow would be proud.

MINI Electric: The Car For Christmas To Remember

  • Price: £28,500
  • Range: 148mi
  • 0-60mph: 7.3sec

If you squint and turn your head to the side a little it can be easy to mistake the MINI Electric for a gift box of some kind. The Union Jack on the roof looks very similar to that of a bow, which is apropos since this EV is the gift that just keeps on giving.

MINI is a UK-staple, and has a reputation for class and sophistication the likes of which you can only find in Britain. If you live in the UK, this should be your crowned car for Christmas as it ticks all the boxes.

It’s cost effective, it looks and feels just like the MINIs of old, and will help you reduce emissions. We recently covered the electric MINI in our guide on the best low cost EVs out at the moment, be sure to give that a read to find out more.

City cars like the MINI Electric will continue to grow in popularity as we step ever-closer to an an all electric future. And remember, a MINI is for life, not just for Xmas.

electric bike in the snow at Christmas Try to keep your e bikes out of the snow if possible, unless you want it to break…

Christmas Gift Ideas: The Electric Bike Wishlist

Let’s go from four wheels down to two and look at some electric bikes that we feel deserve to be on your Christmas lists, or could work as gifts to others! E bikes are a lot more of a practical present compared to a car for Christmas, which was always to be expected.

Although, electric bikes can be costly, depending on the type of bike you’ve got your eye on (hybrid, mountain, or city). It’s totally possible to find an electric bike under £2,000, but the quality does differ. So make sure you have a pretty good idea of what you want when asking Santa.

He doesn’t do do-overs.

Electric bikes are essentially the same as your standard pedal bikes, only they have a great big battery pack strapped to the stem or above the rear wheel — akin to a luggage rack.

Should we look at a few must haves now?

RadRhino 6 Plus: The Fat Bike For All

  • Price: £1,600
  • Range: 44mi
  • Charging: 6hrs

One of our favourite electric bikes, period, and an animal in most conditions (as is the case with most fat bikes). The RadRhino 6 Plus, in particular is pretty big in America, but has yet to repeat this success in the UK fully.

A real shame, when you consider just how innovative it is, not to mention sleek. A worth addition to our list of Christmas gift ideas, truly.

A fat bike is chunkier than most in the tire and frame department. Low pressure within the tires allows it to cover multiple obstacles in its path with little to no fuss.

Fat bikes, generally, are pretty unique to look at — and ultimately ride. They can seem a little jarring at first, and almost too heavy, when in reality they’re virtually the same as any other e bike with a battery strapped to it.

And we’ve seen chunkier. The RadRhino 6 Plus just looks like most e bikes, only with a few tweaks here and there. It’s the feeling of riding around on it that makes it next to impossible to ignore! Seriously, go watch any video of this e bike in action.

You’ll see.

Specialized Kenevo Expert: A Must Have E Mountainbike

  • Price: £7,500
  • Features: 11 Speed Drivetrain
  • Suspension: Front/Rear

Some adults want Call of Duty for Christmas, others want the latest Jean Paul Gauthier. All we want is the Kenevo Expert from Specialized, an eMTB that puts the thrill back into off-road cycling.

If you’ve been tracking our movements over the past few months then you’ll know that we’ve already given this e bike a lot of praise in our electric mountainbikes post. Still, we’re going to give it some more love here because it more than deserves it.

Specialized claim that the Kenevo Expert is the “most capable eMTB in existence” and we believe them thanks to its 180mm of RockShox front and rear suspension. We should also mention the 700 watt-hour battery that only adds to the experience — at least from a range perspective.

The Kenevo Expert is available in one of two colours, so you’re going to have to pick between the very military-like sage green/spruce, and the classic black (the much more tactical option).

This electric mountainbike is only available in a select number of sizes at the moment due to demand. You might get lucky and find one, but from what we hear, you’d have better luck in finding a Turboman.

Swytch Kit: Turn Any Bike Electric This Xmas

  • Price: ???
  • Range: 31mi
  • Charging: 2hrs

Happy with a standard non-electric bike you got for the holidays but still want to experience the thrill of electric cycling? Introducing the Swytch Kit, an e bike conversion kit that has the power to electrify any bike.

And we mean any bike, even those penny farthing bikes of old (there’s videos of people doing it). Swytch initially found success through crowd-funding back in 2017, and have found great success with a product that is so simple in application, it’s crazy.

Is it as strong as a standard e bike? No, but it never claimed to be. This is an ideal option for commuters and those looking to zip between city locations without even breaking a sweat. It’s practical, and it serves as the perfect alternative to the other electric bikes mentioned.

The price of the Swytch Kit is currently up in the air as they’re currently restocking the kit as we speak. The basic kit did cost £999, but don’t act too surprised if that goes up.

Maybe next Christmas?

electric scooters in public Electric scooters might be illegal, but it hasn’t stopped them from being a must have this year

E Scooter For Christmas? Our Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, cars and bikes, they’re pretty expensive. Especially those electric versions you see making headway in countries around the world. It’s why electric scooters will probably be the electric toy to have this year — we say toy, but they’re totally for adults!

While technically illegal unless part of a government-backed scheme, electric scooters have slowly made a resurgence of sorts, having found initial success so many years ago before falling off the face of the earth.

Well now they’re back, and better than ever — literally in this case given the increased range, battery quality and speed of these two-wheelers.

Unagi Model One: Our Favourite E Scooter

  • Price: £899
  • Range: 15.5mi
  • Max Speed: 15.5mph

You can’t talk about electric Christmas gift ideas without talking about scooters. And you can’t talk e scooters without mentioning the Unagi Model One, easily one of the best in the market, presently.

This folding e scooter is as slick as it is zippy — easily carried too, allowing you to bring it with you just about everywhere.

One thing Unagi does differently is its signature handlebar design. Think of it like a metal swan in design, which is kinda appropriate since Unagi was once known as Swan a few years ago before rebranding. The company itself was founded by one David Hyman, the former CEO of Beats Music and an endless list of other endeavours.

To have one of these electric scooters is to be a part of an exclusive club. We might only be saying that because we have one, but still. Iggy Pop has one, as do a whole host of celebrities and musicians repping the brand.

Buy someone a Unagi Model One, they’ll love it.

EMOVE Cruiser: A Heavy Christmas Gift Indeed

  • Price: £1,250
  • Range: 62mi
  • Max Speed: 30mph

Sometimes Santa has one too many mince pies, which does tend to limit the types of electric scooters he can ride on given the max weight limit. Not to worry Santa, we have something just for you, we have the EMOVE Cruiser, a heavy duty electric scooter capable of carrying up to 160 kg (25 stone)!

One thing we’ll say is that this electric scooter is on the bulky side, which might not work if you’re hoping to get on public transport with this thing.

That being said, you could easily just ride straight to work with the EMOVE Cruiser courtesy of 62 miles of total electric range. You could probably travel a lot further if you really wanted to, in all honesty.

Some of the videos we’ve seen of it in action are hella impressive.

It did hold the record for the longest range electric scooter for a while before it was overthrown by another.

Pure Air Electric Scooter: Cheap And Cheerful

  • Price: £450
  • Range: 18.6mi
  • Max Speed: 15.5mph

Electric scooters aren’t cheap — as you can probably tell by the costs of those shown above. Which is why we’ve decided to switch gears with this Christmas gift suggestion. This e scooter is under £500, which is the most some shoppers are willing to pay this holiday season.

The second generation Pure Air Electric Scooter is everything you could ever want and more from a portable e scooter, it’s nippy, it’s cheaper than most, and it’s waterproof. Not a lot of e scooters are waterproof, by the way, making this electric scooter somewhat of a rare commodity for how much you’re paying.

Just don’t go pouring mulled wine over it, as this will more than likely break it and make it all sticky.

Where this scooter really shines is hills. It loves hills, and with its 500W motor, can easily climb the steepest of terrain.

All you need to do decide now is: which colour works best, grey or black?

Christmas tree on little car Looking for something a little more out there? See the random Christmas gift ideas section

Christmas Gift Ideas: The Random Section

Welcome to the random section, a section where we look at a variety of Christmas gift ideas all with an electric edge. Unlike the other sections, we aren’t going to categorise these potential presents.

We’re simply going to throw them at you, rapid fire style for maximum impact, and to keep you guessing. We just thought we’d separate cars, bikes and scooters as it would be next to impossible for us to only pick one and not change our mind about it soon after — so instead, we decided on three for each one.

Expect only the unexpected from the random section, that’s all we’ll say.

DJI Mini 2: The Perfect Drone For Beginners

  • Price: £419
  • Shoots In: 4K Video
  • Wind Resistance Level 5

With the DJI Mini 2 you are given everything you need to see the world from a completely different angle, and in ultra clear 4K! That’s right, your very own drone, to do with as you please — or give to a loved one to capture memories high in the sky.

We’ve chosen this particular drone as it’s an all-rounder, in it’s light, compact, is easy to manoeuvre, and can take off at a max altitude of 4,000 meters.

You won’t be able to see the curvature of the earth or anything crazy, but you’ll get to see for miles, unrestricted, and free to roam.

This is one of those Christmas gift ideas that you would typically buy for someone else despite you wanting it all for yourself.

Only the best gifts have this effect on people. Go get yourself a DJI Mini 2.

Tesla Cybertruck Toy: For Those That Can’t Afford The Real Deal

  • Price: £29
  • Brand: Hot Wheels

Tesla’s infamous Cybertruck left the world at a standstill when it was first announced.

This futuristic take on transport left a lot of people wondering why, while others began praises the angular machine for the technological marvel that it is.

Well, this gift idea will be for these people. It might not be to scale, but the Tesla Cybertruck toy is still a worthy present to hand someone come December 25th.

The fact that this electric car toy is made by the one and only Hot Wheels will be more than enough to warrant a purchase.

We really want one for our desk, don’t you?

Evolve GTR Bamboo E Skateboard: An E Board For The Holidays

  • Price: £1,549
  • Range: 31mi
  • Weight 10.3kg

We understand that not everyone has the coordination to control and ride an electric skateboard, but we couldn’t help ourselves. It would be very Scrooge-like to ignore the electric longboards considering we gave so much time to bikes and scooters.

The Evolve GTR Bamboo electric skateboard makes the cut because it’s a fantastic option for aspiring riders, made out of bamboo and fibreglass.

It’s very comfortable to ride, which is exactly what you want out of a power-assisted skateboard. You’re getting 31 miles of assisted range, not to mention full Bluetooth Control.

It’s kinda pricy, but you’re paying for quality, and we’re sure whoever you buy it for will have a massive smile on their face when they unwrap it!

Christmas Gift Ideas? Your Electric Options Explored

And there you have it, those were our Christmas gift ideas for fans of all things EV! We hope you found what you were looking for, or now have an idea of what to buy your loved ones this holiday season.

Let’s go down the list of gift ideas one last time. Making your list and checking it twice is important, didn’t you know?

To begin, we got up close with the best cars for Christmas — that Model S continues to be like the Northern Lights for us as we can’t help but just gaze at it.

After that we picked out some of the best electric bikes and e scooters — the latter of which is sure to be up there with all the popular gifts this year.

And finally, we stuck the landing with our random section where we looked at the Tesla Cybertruck toy, a quality drone for beginners, and an e skateboard made out of bamboo.

That should cover it!

Merry Christmas from us here at E4TP!

We hope Santa Musk drops a Model S in your driveway because there’s no way he’s getting that down the chimney.

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