Check Out These Sleek Body Kits For The Porsche Taycan EV

Just when you thought the Porsche Taycan EV couldn’t get any sleeker, Avante Design goes and dials it up to eleven.

Did you ever wish you could customise parts on some of the best electric vehicles out there?

You know, add spoilers, maybe change up the wheels a little bit?

Well, that’s exactly what Avante Design has done with the Porsche Taycan EV, making it slightly sportier to look at, and somehow, more aerodynamic.

Apparently, this body concept took inspiration from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and it shows.

Let’s break down these designs a little:

  • The saloon has a new front bumper, sporting larger intakes in a more defined style.
  • One design comes with fender vents and a bonnet replaced by two vents giving it that Need For Speed vibe.
  • On most of the designs the wheels themselves sit lower over the tyres which only adds to the appeal.

Avante Design has had to play around with the diffuser a little as the standard Taycan has no exhaust pipes as an electric vehicle. Instead, a centre brake light has been installed.

© Credit to Avante Design

Avante Design has a habit of reworking the body kits of popular vehicles. In the past, they’ve tuned up the Toyota Supra, giving it a sleeker feel.

Basically, these changes make the Taycan look track ready. Mean is another word you could use to describe these body kits.

If we had to choose which we liked more between the two, we’d probably have to go with the Taycan EV — it just emits cool.

Taking a notable vehicle and adding to it is the M.O. of Avante Design. Keep an eye out for them, as you never know what car they’ll cover next.

What E.V. would you like to see Avante Design tackle next? We’d love to see them rework an SUV of some kind. Remember, the possibilities are endless.

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