CES 2023: Camouflaged Volkswagen ID.7 Debuts

Volkswagen Group made quite the splash during its return to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a world premiere of a camouflaged ID.7.

An image of the Volkswagen ID.7 in a dimly lit apartment
What would you call this look? Digital? Camo? Digital camo? © Credit to Volkswagen

Given its history at CES, you just knew that Volkswagen Group was going to do something big at this year’s event. Little did we know they would be sharing a near production-ready version of the ID.7, the upcoming addition to the ID. range.

Volkswagen has said that the ID.7 will have a driving range of around 435 miles (700 kilometres), which tops the chart when compared to other vehicles in the German brand’s signature line.

One of the key elements to achieve long range is aerodynamics, such as the front section and roof. On the front of this sedan are air intakes that guide the air flowing through them down the sides of the vehicle to the rear.

This particular version of the ID.7 is fully camouflaged that utilises something known as “electroluminescence,” a smart lighting effect that actually reacts to the sound system within. In other words, the ID.7’s paint job is very much alive.

“With the new ID.7, we are extending our electric model range into the upper segments,” said Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

“The sedan will offer top-class technology and quality. The ID.7 is one of ten new electric models that we are planning to launch by 2026. Our goal? To deliver suitable products for our customers in every single segment.”

Easily one of the most notable parts of this reveal is the sedan’s interior. Look inside the EV and you’ll see:

  • A brand new display concept with an augmented reality HUD
  • A 15-inch (38-centimetre screen) responsive screen
  • Illuminated touch sliders located around the interior

There’s also the new air conditioning concept that offers a variety of new functions, which are visible at all times on the new large display.

The official rollout of the vehicle is expected to begin during the second quarter of 2023 according to the car brand.

This might sound like decades away but look on the bright side. At least it gives us more chances to marvel at this version in the meantime!

It goes without saying that the potential of this exact ID.7 — the one with the living paint job — won’t make it to market, despite how cool it is. Still, if it was, would you buy one?

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