BYD’s Electric Buses Land In South Africa For The First Time

BYD continues to be one of the leading providers of electric buses, this time, planting its flag in South Africa.

BYD has teamed with Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) to launch two of its electric buses.

Buses will run routes in Cape Town, Western Cape province, marking a historic moment as the first electric buses put in operation in South Africa.

GABS has more than 160 years of bus-operating experience and has actually been testing BYD’s electric buses since November 2020.

According to the service provider, the test outcome was a complete success which paved the way for this joint announcement.

BYD’s electric offering will join GABS current fleet, which stands at more than 1,100 buses.

“Introducing electric buses aims to respond to the national and provincial governments’ call for reducing carbon emissions. For the first few months, we tested the buses in a range of circumstances without passengers,” Says Gideon Neethling of GABS.

“The aim was to get to know exactly how these vehicles perform before incorporating them into our operations. Testing these vehicles has been a joy for everyone who is part of the project. Each time we carry out a new test or reach a new milestone, the level of excitement increases further.”

BYD’s electric buses can carry 40 passengers with range of up to 200 miles (320 km). Features such as free WiFi and wheelchair access are all standard additions to these buses.

The power of BYD holds no bounds, it would seem. After all, it has sold buses in more than 300 cities, covering 50 counties total.

Last month, the UK placed its largest order of electric buses to date from BYD.

Have you taken a ride in an electric bus yet? If so, did you notice much of a difference? Do let us know via our social media channels.

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