BYD Delivers First 50 Electric Taxis In Chile

The “My Electric Taxi” program is cleaning up the streets of Santiago, Chile, via these BYD electric taxis.

BYD Chile Taxi
Meet the electric taxis delivered by BYD © Credit to BYD

Green Top Cabs/Electric Taxis

BYD, one of China’s largest privately-owned enterprises, and a major name in the EV batteries/vehicles space, has just delivered the first 50 electric taxis in Santiago, Chile.

In Chile, black and yellow cabs are a thing of the past. Taxis, specifically those supplied by BYD, will now sport green tops to represent the eco-friendly nature of such vehicles.

“Today is a historic day for Chile. The traditional taxis with black and yellow roofs will be replaced by 100% electric cars with green roofs and will become operational. This environmental contribution will be essential to decontaminate our cities, making them quieter and cleaner. This will undoubtedly improve people’s quality of life.”
— Juan Carlos Jobet, Minister of Energy and Mining

First 50 Electric Taxis Delivered

The delivery of BYD taxis is part of Chile’s “My Electric Taxi” program, an initiative that looks to push sustainability across mobility.

Those who took advantage of the program were gifted up to $10,000 in financing to help them switch their own cab for a brand new electric BYD e5.

“I appreciate the help of this co-financing, and I hope that all other fellow drivers can enjoy the zero-emission taxis. Driving an electric car is very comfortable, and for passengers, this will also be a great experience,” said Sergio Rivero, a beneficiary of the program.

With the delivery of 50 BYD cabs, Chile can now claim it runs the largest sustainable taxi fleet in Latin America.

Furthermore, local authorities have announced plans to expand the program to other cities, starting with the replacement of taxis in Valparaíso, Aysén, and Los Ríos.

BYD’s Ever-Growing Fleet Of Electric Buses

BYD’s e5 electric taxis will join other types of transport supplied by the Chinese specialist.

In June of last year, BYD delivered 150 electric buses in Chile, bringing the total number of sustainable buses in the country to 455.

“In line with the commitment that BYD made 4 years ago as the supporter of electric mobility in Chile, today we can say that we have successfully collaborated with zero-emission transportation, not only in bus fleets but also with the inaugural large taxi fleet in Santiago,” said Tamara Berríos, the Country Manager of BYD Chile.

BYD’s influence continues to grow. Right now, the company serves markets in many Latin American countries, including Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

In other BYD news, the company recently delivered its all-electric Tang in Norway. It also launched its electric buses in South Africa for the first time.

BYD is a key player in the sustainable transport game, in case that wasn’t emphasised enough. What do you think of its electric taxi fleet? And what do you think of Chile’s “My Electric Taxi” program? Leave a comment below.

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