Bristol Cars Returns With EVs On The Way

Iconic British carmaker Bristol Cars fell into administration a decade ago. Now they’re back, under new management with plans to take the EV market by force.

  • The classic Bristol Buccaneer will receive the EV treatment in 2025.
  • Bristol Cars to release “remastered” versions of marque cars first.
  • The plan is to become the “leading British electric vehicle company” by 2026 in line with Bristol Cars’ 80th anniversary.

It’s true. Bristol Cars are back from the brink, with plans to go all-in on electric in the coming years. The dormant brand had sat on the shelf since 2011 before its rights and IP were bought by one Jason Wharton — a longstanding fan of the brand — earlier this year.

We have a while to wait yet, but the classic Bristol Buccaneer will lead the charge in 2025 as Bristol Cars’ first soiree in the ever-expanding EV space. The release of the green Buccaneer will complete the total revival of the brand. Good timing, too, as the brand will celebrate its 80th anniversary a year later, in 2026.

I see myself as a long-term investor in this iconic British brand, so part of my role is to take it forward and develop it so it can finally become sustainable as a premium automotive business, hence our need to move with the times, and introduce a fully battery electric model.”
— Jason Wharton, Executive Chairman of Bristol Cars

All we know thus far is the electric Buccaneer will be a four-seater, with Wharton telling Autocar it will feature “extensive use of modern technology and materials.”

Bristol Cars will release updated versions of recognisable cars first

Before making the switch, Bristol plans to release “remastered” continuations of historic cars; one last ride in the combustion engine lane. Cars like the 411 Series 8, the Fighter and the Speedster will all receive an update before built, as expected, given the price tag.

A fresh lick of paint and updated parts should add to the name value of these stellar vehicles. Each features a 6.4-litre Chrysler Hemi V8 paired to an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox, not to mention additional tweaks to modernise these rides.

Prices will start from £495,000 before taxes. Customers can expect deliveries of said vehicles in 2022 and 2023. Moreover, Bristol has stated these vehicles will be a swan song of sorts, with the brand making a complete transition to EV shortly after.

Production of the updated vehicles — and EV Buccaneer — is planned to occur in Filton, Bristol; no surprise there. Furthermore, the possibility of a London showroom has also been mentioned — teased even.

Bristol Cars will join fellow Brit Lotus in focusing on a more sustainable future. Lotus recently announced plans to only make EVs after 2028, but not before releasing a V6 sportscar in the Emira.

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