Bridgestone R192E Tire for Electric Buses 2022 Review

Bridgestone Americas Inc. has decided to follow the rising trend of electric commercial vehicles by launching its first-ever tire for EV buses—the R192E.

Stakeholders in the commercial EV industry would want to look into this all-new tire’s special specs.

This article will review three main features of the tire while going in-depth to state all the specs that make each of them a possibility. There is also a section relating the tires to Bridgestone’s E8 commitment.

This might just be the choice tire for you as an electric bus fleet manager or owner. Let us get into the main review without further ado.

What Features Is This Tire Designed with?

Bridgestone R192E all-position radial tires are particularly made for electric buses for city transit. They can be put on any bus type, so fleet managers won’t have to worry about the issue of compatibility.

The main features of these tires are their performance-driving design, low rolling resistance, and high load capacity. We are about to discuss the specs that make those three merits achievable.

1. Low Rolling Resistance

The R192E offers extremely low rolling resistance. It has wide grooves, cross-rib sipes, and many gripping edges to make that happen.

Such attributes enable the tires to have a firm grip on paved roads, especially on wet ones. There is the groove fence to help with grip and handling on wet roads as well.

The groove fence also works well for noise reduction. Expect each trip taken on dry paved roads to be smooth all through.

You can be confident in these tires during winter. Trips on snowy roads are well taken care of by the 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake) designation.

2. High Load Capacity

Bridgestone R192E all-position radial tires come with reinforced sidewalls, 21/32-inch tread depth, all-steel casing, and all-steel belts. These specs ensure to minimise tire sidewall damage and a long lifespan.

Your tires will still be looking good after months of daily mileage on paved roads. The bus will likely move better than it was doing before the tire change.

3. Performance-Driving Design

Bridgestone R192E promises to be a real thrill when it comes to the driving experience. Its performance-driving design proves itself with max vehicle operation on every full battery charge and lengthened day-to-day ranges.

Fleet managers will get better retreadability from the tires’ highly-developed base tread compound plus tread gauges that are thick enough for the job.

The operation of your fleet can be enhanced when the tires are paired with Bandag retreads. Such a combo will also boost the fleet’s positive influence on the environment.

Bandag Retreads is an industry leader when it comes to retreads and they have been in operation for six decades (since 1957). This brand believes in safeguarding the environment just like Bridgestone.

We will elaborate on the Bridgestone brand’s commitment in the next section.

You should try retreading to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Tire performance optimisation
  • Extension of casing life
  • Improvement of fuel efficiency

Note: The above advantages can help your fleet save millions of dollars yearly.

How Does this All-New R192E Tire for EV Buses Align with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment?

Bridgestone Americas Inc. is the subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation based in Tennessee, United States.

You should know (in case you don’t) that Bridgestone is the no. 1 tire manufacturer in the world. I believe that is what would make EV bus tire shoppers have confidence in the brand. Rest assured that you are getting your tires from the best providers in the industry.

The R192E tires were launched on May 3, 2022, following the company’s E8 commitment which includes the values below.

  • Empowerment
  • Ease
  • Emotion
  • Economy
  • Extension
  • Efficiency
  • Ecology
  • Energy

The brand is dedicated to working with its employees, partners, customers, and society to achieve a sustainable environment.

Bridgestone R192E’s launch is in line with “Energy” and “Ecology”. The promotion of carbon-neutrality is upholding “Energy”.

“Ecology” is being fulfilled by the introduction of tires that are compatible with eco-friendly vehicles. Bridgestone also seeks to support the goal to get rid of traffic congestion in cities (Ease).

Bridgestone R192E Tire for Electric Buses 2022 Review

The new Bridgestone R192E tires are made to give the best in terms of optimal performance and traction.

Those characteristics come with eco-friendliness for those who care about the environment. Expect to have a great driving experience as long as you stick mostly to urban roads.

Fleet managers who want to order them might be getting the top EV bus tires in the industry for the next few years.

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