The Best Electric Bikes Under £1000 And £500

In the world of electric vehicles, bikes reign supreme. Why? Because they’re a breeze to ride and are just as sleek as your standard bike — if not sleeker; especially those featured in our best electric bikes under £1000 and £500 below. Electric bikes, or e-bikes as commonly known, are very popular right now, slowly becoming the new normal in many cycling-based circles/communities.

The idea that e-bikes are far too expensive depends entirely on the make/functionality of each bike in question. It’s true; some electric bikes cost more than others; we’ve seen some go as high as £8,500! However, it’s not impossible to find an electric bike that works for you and you alone at a much lower rate.

Below you’ll find the best electric bikes under £1000. On a budget? No problem; we’ll be covering the best electric bikes under £500 shortly after! Consider this essential reading for avid electric vehicle enthusiasts and those looking for a better deal on what can only be described as the future of cycling!

The Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

Some of the best electric bikes, period, are those below the £1000 price tag, made by a range of unique companies that span the globe!

Macwheel Cruiser 550 Electric Bike

The first e-bike on our list here is the perfect unisex option! Introducing the Macwheel Cruiser 550 Electric Bike, a unique hybrid that blends the durability of most mountain bikes with the lightweight feel of city bikes. How much is it? Last we checked, it was around the £900 mark.

Visually speaking, the Cruiser 550 lives up to that ‘hybrid style’ in every way, from the front forks to the mudguards. Mechanical disk brakes can be located in the front/back, giving riders total control when out in the open! Gear-changing is streamlined with simplicity in mind on the Cruiser 550, again giving you more control.

Battery/Motor Overview

You’ll find the battery pack tucked away nicely in the down tube. A key is required to unlock the pack, where you can then open it. The battery itself has a large capacity (360Wh), which might not be as impressive as those expensive e-bikes you see. However, you’re still getting up to 50 miles out of each charge, depending on usage.

The battery itself will take around 4 hours to charge completely. Riders will find the 250W hub motor very beneficial on flat roads and straight cycle paths; you can find this in the back wheel. Most e-bikes place the hub motor between the peddles for balance purposes, but those tend to exclusive in bikes above the £1000 price range.

E4TP Says

Macwheel’s Cruiser 550 is a fantastic option for hybrid e-bike fans. A major highlight here is the smart LCD display located on the left side of the handlebars. This screen will record the distance travelled, your current speed and remaining battery life! Info like this is always handy to have.


  • LCD Screen Display
  • 360Wh Capacity Battery
  • Hybrid Style E-Bike


  • Heavy Bike

Laiozyen 26” Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Folding bikes are incredibly robust despite the noticeable size difference. The Laiozyen folding electric mountain bike is one of the very best electric bikes under £1000. Riders can transition from store to ride-ready in a few short minutes!

One of the main selling points of this bike is the built-in high-speed gear shift system fit for climbing power/terrain variation. Understand that this isn’t another one of those forgettable folding bikes; no, the Laiozyen here has the power to rival all of the other e-bikes featured here. Besides, folding mountain bikes are highly underrated; trust us.

Battery/Motor Overview

Max range on the Laiozyen can take you anywhere up to 30 miles at a time, which is above average for a folding e-bike! The large capacity lithium battery works in parallel with 250W high-speed brushless gear motors. You’ll reach max speeds of up to 15mph with every full charge, which should appeal to a wide majority of riders.

There are 3-speed options available on the bike (Low, Mid and High), as shown on the control panel attached to the handlebars. Pressing the “+” button will increase the speed; hit “-“to lower it. Choosing the high-speed option helps generate a quick burst of energy, enough to give you a complete head start at traffic lights no matter the elevation.

E4TP Says

The light aluminium frame of the Laiozyen 26″ Folding Electric Mountain Bike makes it so easy to carry. This is a fantastic choice if you’re conscious of the space you have at home or plan on traversing multiple surfaces with minimal discomfort.


  • Lightweight Frame
  • 3 Speed Options
  • Durable Electric Bike


  • Difficult Build

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike

If comfort/style is important to you, then the Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike could be the e-bike you’ve been waiting for and then some! The upright seat and relaxed handlebars are a great touch (literally). Moreover, reviews for this electric bike highlight the “smooth yet sturdy” feel of the grips.

Tektro alloy V-brakes are very powerful on the Pendleton Somerby, as are the 8-speed Shimano Acera gears. Both tyres come with puncture protection for an additional layer of coverage — ideal for riders who cover tough terrain on their adventures!

Battery/Motor Overview

A 317Wh Samsung battery sits in the rear luggage rack, a popular spot on most electric bikes. The battery of the Pendleton Somerby utilises a smart control system to avoid overheating or overcharging, making it one of the most reliable packs around! Moreover, recharge time ranges anywhere between 4 to 5 hours.

The Pendleton Somerby comes with a Bafang 250W electric motor system located in the rear hub. We should mention that a speed sensor will constantly monitor your speed as you go. If you travel any faster than 15.5mph (the legal limit for electric bikes in the UK), then prepare yourself to pedal unassisted.

E4TP Says

The Pendleton Somerby acts like a city bike, but when was the last time you travelled up to 50 miles on one of those? To sum up, this is the perfect example of a bike offering both style and substance. Think of the Pendleton Somerby as a modern classic with an electric twist; worth checking out for sure.


  • 317Wh Samsung Battery
  • Retro Design/Fit
  • Comfortable To Ride


  • Not Very Agile

The Best Electric Bikes Under £500

Your choices are limited when it comes to the best electric bikes under £500, but there are a few standouts you should know about.

TOEU Electric Bike

Small but mighty, the TOEU Electric Bike is an affordable option with tremendous upside despite its shortcomings as a folding e-bike. This urban commuter bike comes with multiple modes for you to choose from. “Electric,” “electric-assisted,” and “pedal mode” are all viable options for riders.

The TOEU electric bike is known as an “urban commuter,” meaning you can’t travel long distances. Still, you can explore an entire city centre without worry. In other words, it’s a nimble bike for local tourism and people who don’t live far from their place of work.

Battery/Motor Overview

The 36V battery works best on pedal-assisted mode, allowing riders to punch it and move just a little faster. Know that the power of the TOEU Electric Bike is limited. However, keep in mind that this bike was made for inner-city travel above all else.

Pedal-assisted mode appears to get the most out of this ion battery. You’ll find information on battery capacity and speed on a handy LED screen. The 350W brushless electric motor can hold up to 120kg like most of the other electric bikes shown. Therefore, showing the overall strength of the bike despite the size it gives up.

E4TP Says

For traversing cities at a decent speed, the TOEU Electric Bike does a standup job. Multiple pedal options really add to the versatility of this bike too. The only actual downside is the size of the bike; taller riders, you might want to give this one a miss.


  • Urban Commuter Bike
  • Easy Foldaway
  • Very Cheap


  • Quite Small

QDOS Black Folding Electric Bike

A slightly better option for long-distance commuting occupies the next space on our list of the best electric bikes under £500. The QDOS Black Folding Electric Bike will take you places — anywhere up to 30 miles, to be precise!

What makes this such a great electric bike are the features. For example, the QDOS comes with a 6km walking mode, allowing you to push the bike a lot easier over hills and steeper ridges. There are 6 Shimano gears on the QDOS in total, making it one of the more flexible folding bikes out right now.

Battery/Motor Overview

Charge times for the QDOS are rather generous, given the mileage potential. Riders only need to charge the 24v 7ah battery for 2-3 hours from flat; talk about impressive! Standard charge times range anywhere between 4-5 hours on average, so shaving off an hour or two could make a world of difference for commuters.

Look to the rear of the bike to see the battery pack itself. Top tip: remember to remove the battery before folding the QDOS to carry. Why? Because the bike is heavy enough as it is without the additional weight on top. Plus, it’s a safety hazard, yet people still forget.

E4TP Says

Versatility is never a bad thing; just look at the QDOS to see that in practice. With this folding electric bike, you can enjoy long rides and fast charges, which is all you could ever ask for in a reliable two-wheeled companion.


  • 6km Walking Mode
  • Fast Charge Time
  • 20” CST Tyres


  • Quite Heavy

How To Find The Best Electric Bike For You

Every electric bike you come across will serve the same purpose; only the difference in quality is a lot more noticeable when the price is involved. You’ll probably find more options in the best electric bikes under £1000 over the cheaper ones. Electric bikes are an investment in many ways, so always make a decision based on your own wants/needs.

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

It goes without saying, but if your electric bike doesn’t have a decent battery, then the chances of you pushing a dead bike home is a matter of when not if. Electric bikes are far heavier than standard bikes. Our advice would be to find an electric bike with at least 36 volts running through the battery. 

Pay close attention to how long it takes to charge said battery too. Some batteries can take up to 5 hours total to charge, others 3 and below. The longer the charge time, the better the battery in our experience. Try to keep that in mind if you’re planning on making long-distance trips. See, fast charges aren’t as beneficial as they sound.  

Display Screens Are Helpful/Informative


Some electric bikes out there come with LED/LCD displays; you know, those little screens attached to the handlebars that tell you everything worth knowing at all times. The information shown here can cover the following: 

  • Current speed
  • Remaining charge
  • Distance travelled

Valuable information like this is essential for long-distance travel. It is one of the main reasons electric mountain bikes offer display screens. 

Folding Capabilities


Ask yourself what type of cyclist are you. If your answer has anything to do with commuting, then you should definitely take a look at some folding electric bikes; we’ve mentioned a few above. Having the ability to fold or not to fold can make your commute easier or harder depending on how far away your workplace is. 

Folding bikes are perfect for holidays as they don’t occupy a lot of space in your luggage; unless you own a bike rack, of course. Understand that it takes minutes, if that, to go from carry-mode to bike-ready, as we’ve already mentioned. See that you check the weight of each bike beforehand, as some folding bikers are drastically heavier than others.

Comfort Is Key


You wouldn’t buy a sofa without sitting on it first, would you? So why would you buy an electric bike before ranking it on some sort of comfort scale ahead of time? A well-padded, upright seat goes well with relaxed handlebars/grips. For example, take a look at the Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike above; now there’s a bike with comfort in spades! 

User reviews for electric bikes are a great way of getting an idea of how comfortable/uncomfortable a faithful road companion truly is. Folding bikes may appear stiff when compared to standard electric bikes, but they aren’t that bad, to be completely honest. Not to mention, some of the best electric bikes under £500 are of the folding variety! 

Your Frequently Asked Electric Bike Questions Answered

Still have a few questions? In this final section, we’ll be breaking down some electric bike-related FAQs. From this point on, you should have a general understanding of electric bikes and everything there is to know from a price standpoint.

Are electric bikes the best type of electric vehicle?

This depends entirely on your stance and the reason you own an electric vehicle. Electric bikes are great for travelling long distances, whereas electric scooters are ideal for city travel. Check out our picks for the best electric scooters under £500 to learn more.

What are the benefits of folding electric bikes?

For commuters, folding bikes serve as the perfect opportunity to pick up and go. For example, some people will need to take a train and then walk great distances just to get to work. Owning a folding electric bike allows you to cycle that last leg, trimming valuable minutes in the process.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike fully?

Charge times on electric bikes will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some take up to 5 hours, others 2. It all depends on the battery/manufacturer behind the bike itself. Expect charge times to only increase as the tech surrounding electric vehicles continues to grow.

Why are electric bikes so expensive?

Electric bikes aren’t the same as your standard non-electric equivalent. After all, the tech found in these bikes make life so much easier when out on the road. Every company you come across will charge different prices based on the battery power, the number of gears and other notable features.