Blade Looking To Launch Quiet ‘Electric Vertical Aircrafts’ In 2024

Blade, a company known for leasing private jets/helicopters in the US, will add 20 ‘electric vertical aircrafts’ — otherwise known as ‘EVAs,’ to its ranks in 2024.

Electric aircraft manufacturer BETA Technologies will work alongside the New York-based aviation company in a deal that could change the short-distance travel game indefinitely; zero-emission flying could very well be on the horizon.

Rob Wiesenthal, Chief Executive of Blade, told The New York Post, “we have been working on our transition from helicopters to quiet and zero-emission Electric Vertical Aircraft for five years. These new aircraft are near silent in flight and extremely quiet during takeoff and landing.”

The rendering of the aircraft released by BETA Technologies looks incredibly futuristic and on-brand for Blade, a mix between a high-end private jet and the popular luxe helicopters owned/operated by the leasing company.

Cheaper air travel

Electric could equate to cheaper flying according to estimates made by Wiesenthal himself. The price of travelling from Manhattan to surrounding airports costs anywhere between $95 and $195 at the moment. Implementing EVAs are estimated to reduce these prices to $75 and $125.

Helicopter-related noise complaints have skyrocketed in New York as of late. A report conducted by The City highlighted a 130% increase in complaints over 2019. Launching EVAs in the area could prove the difference-maker for Blade, a company that recently went public with backing from private equity firm KSL Capital.

Zero-emission business model

The current business model of Blade is influenced directly by carbon emissions. Blade recently launched efforts to suppress greenhouse gases working alongside one of the largest landfills in New York. The project revolved around capturing methane gas and converting it into clean electric energy.

The sky’s the limit with EVAs, which would explain why governments worldwide are investing heavily in the electric phenomenon. The Biden administration invested a total of $174 billion in EV earlier this month.

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