Bike Lock Guide: The Best Electric Bike Locks Explored

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that a bike lock is an essential piece of kit.

Also, bike locks come in all shapes and sizes, and all vary in terms of durability, ease of use, and price.

All of the above you should have a rough idea of already — more so if you own a bike of your own (electric or otherwise). But still, finding the best bike lock is almost as tough as choosing the bike itself, given how many options you have right now.

First time buyers have a habit of buying the first bike lock they see, or falling for someone upselling them on a lock in-store once buying a two-wheeler outright.

Just so we’re clear, we aren’t saying that the locks these bike store employees are selling you are bad, we’re simply stating that there might be better options out there. A lock for your bike is an essential piece of kit, and should be researched thoroughly ahead of time so that you know it can do the job.

Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you, and have found the best bike and chain locks in the market, only we’ve come at it from an electric angle.

And, in all honestly, if a bike lock is sturdy enough to protect an e bike, it can probably handle any other type of bike simply by association.

Now, let’s look at some of the best bike locks around!

Bike locked up at bike rack U-locks are some of the most common electric bike locks you’ll come across

Our Electric Bike Lock Top 7

We’re kicking things off with our list, cutting straight to the chase, but we do have a buyers guide to follow once we get to the end — so be sure to read that if you’re left undecided by our picks.

What we’ve done here is go for somewhat of a mix as we understand that the best chain lock isn’t necessarily what most riders go for. Some prefer u-locks or wheel locks. Chains can be heavy to lug around, despite all but confirming protection from bike thieves.

And we aren’t talking about the bike chains that sit where the pedals are either…

You’re more than likely going to find that there are bike lock types out there that you never knew existed beforehand because of this post.

Wearable bike locks, for example, are totally a thing, and are pretty nifty to transport when they aren’t needed elsewhere.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Bike Chain

At our first spot is the Kryptonite New York’s impressive Fahgettaboudit bike chain, which, un-ironically, tells wannabe bike thieves to forget about ever wanting to mess with you or your bike.

It’s an imposing bike chain, made out of 14mm of 3t hardened manganese steel for maximum strength. Unfortunately, this does make it pretty heavy (15.25lbs), not to mention, expensive. You can buy this lock on Amazon for around £120, which is pretty expensive.

What you get for that price is extensive, and a cut above most. It features double deadbolt locking — it’s also reinforced with an anti-drill/anti-pull protective system for double the protection.

Kryptonite New York is a notable name in the bike lock space, generally. This won’t be the only time they’re included in this list, we’ll say that.

Buy Because:

  • Durability is off the chain
  • Hardened double deadbolt locking
  • Nylon cover to protect the paint job
  • Great length for a chain


  • It’s a heavy bike chain
  • On the expensive side

E4TP Says

‘A New York security guard in bike lock form’ is one of many ways you can describe this one. It is on the heavier side which might turn a few e bike owners away, but there’s no denying its appeal.

OnGuard Pitbull DT Bike Lock & Cable

From one side of the bike lock spectrum to the other.

Introducing the OnGuard Pitbull DT, one of the cheapest bike locks there is, and mans best friend when it comes to protecting your bike when you aren’t around!

Most cheap bike locks are all bark and no bite, and should be approached with caution. If you’re a proud electric bike owner on a budget, then you need to ask yourself: is this lock secure enough (a golden rule that should apply to every lock you look at).

Having tested OnGuard’s Pitbull DT bike lock by hand, we know for a fact that this lock is everything it says it is and then some.

Don’t be fooled by its price point (£42), this lock is more than capable of keeping your bike secure.

As a u-lock, it does require a key to lock and unlock, but it does come with spares incase you lose one on your travels.

Buy Because:

  • ‘Sold Secure’ guarantee
  • Reasonable price point
  • 5 keys total


  • Yellow colour can be off-putting

E4TP Says

This u-lock is as reliable as it is sturdy. The fact that it has that ‘Sold Secure’ sticker and is on the cheaper side should warrant at least a look. You won’t find a better cost effective bike lock for an e bike, trust us.

Trelock Smartlock Frame Lock

Remember when we said there might be bike locks covered here that you might have never heard of? Yeah, this Trelock Smartlock definitely sits in that category.

For those not in the loop, this is something known as a frame lock, meaning it clips onto your bike and onto the wheel without leaving as much room as, say, a u-lock.

However, this isn’t your standard frame lock, this is the Trelock Smartlock, one that you can unlock from the comfort of your smartphone through an app.

That’s right, this lock runs in parallel with the technology you have in your pocket, allowing for quick releases.

One of the best things about the Smartlock is that it doesn’t come with a cylinder either, which makes it impossible for picking.

Buy Because:

  • High quality frame lock
  • Smart phone connectivity
  • Impossible to pick at


  • You’re screwed with no charge

E4TP Says

Technology-orientated bike locks like the Trelock Smartlock won’t be for everyone, let’s just say that. Still, it’s well worth including in a list about the best locks for bikes simply because of how durable and how different it is. What do you think?

ABUS Granit XPlus 540 D-Lock

ABUS is another name you’ll see quite often when looking for electric bike locks and chains.

They’re a company who prides themselves on providing security to its customer base, with the ABUS Granit 540 being no exception to this statement.

So, what is so special about this d-lock that makes us think it’s worth purchasing?

Simple: it’s a lock that has passed all the tests. Customers love it, the features are pretty nifty, and the fact that it comes with a Sold Secure gold rating should tell you a lot right off the bat!

The ABUS Granit 540 has a parabolic shackle shape, square section shackle and double bolt lock mechanism — everything you need from a lock that’s sole purpose is to protect a multi-thousand pound personal transporter.

Buy Because:

  • Gold Sold Secure rating
  • Award-winning bike lock
  • Illuminated key included


  • Couldn’t think of any

ZiiLock Smart Folding Bike Lock

Has modern science gone too far? Hell if we know, what we do know is this ZiiLock Smart Folding Bike Lock is something out of a Black Mirror episode, only the vibe isn’t as bleak.

At first glance, you might be wondering why we’ve included a lock that looks super flimsy, and that’s the thing, it isn’t flimsy at all.

It’s actually pretty durable, what’s more it has a fingerprint scanner for fast unlocking!

You can actually unlock this one in three unique ways:

  • Through a fingerprint scanner
  • Via Bluetooth connectivity
  • And through a mechanical key

The benefits of using the ZiiLock lie in how flexible it is. We’ve seen riders bend this compact bike lock into all sorts of positions. You could even use it to tie up e scooters if you really wanted to!

Easily one of the best things about this one is how portable it is. Folding it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and carrying it around is just as simple.

Buy Because:

  • Lock sharing is possible
  • Has three ways to unlock/lock
  • Is very flexible to use


  • The price could be an issue

E4TP Says

There are cheaper compact bike locks out there, but recommending them to you for locking up an electric bike would be crazy. This ZiiLock Smart lock is built different. The fact that it has a fingerprint scanner makes it stand out, just don’t forget about its durability.

Litelok One Wearable Bike Lock

A wearable bike lock is pretty self-explanatory: you wear it around your waist — or over the shoulder and quickly detach it for safe and simple locking when on the move.

The Litelok One Wearable bike lock here is fit for the waist only. It’s also one of the best electric bike locks for commuters who value every minute on the way to work.

What’s great about this one is that you only need the key to unlock the bike — unlocking it from your person is very simple and doesn’t require that much effort, you simply twist, take of and wrap around.

In terms of flexibility, you’ll find that this bike lock can wrap around most objects, such as tree trucks, lamp posts, railings and bike racks.

Multiple colour options are available, so Litelok are aware of how you look when out and about. The green is the most outlandish, which should make you a lot more visible to the outside world.

Buy Because:

  • Light to haul around with
  • Sliding keyhold cover to reduce dust
  • Multiple size options available


  • Could be uncomfortable for riders

E4TP Says

These weight-belt-looking bike locks have a tonne of durability, and come in a range of different sizes fitting various waist sizes. What’s not to love? There’s multiple bike lock brands working on wearable locks at the minute, just none like Litelok.

Kryptonite Evolution Integrated Chain

We said they’d be back and here they are.

Kryptonite are back again with another contender for the best chain lock out at the moment.

The differences between this bike lock and the other featured earlier is this one is slightly smaller in size (10mm) despite being another six-sided chain.

Like the Fahgettaboudit, the Evolution here is made from 3t manganese steel and is very tough to crack — dare we say: impossible.

It comes with multiple stainless steel keys, one fitted with an LED light, which will no doubt come in handy when locking/unlocking this chain at night.

The nylon cover also carries over, sporting the Kryptonite name and forming a protective layer between the chain and the bike.

Buy Because:

  • Durable as hell
  • Reinforced oval crossbar lock head
  • Weather resistant (unlike some)


  • Again, is pretty heavy

E4TP Says

Can you see now why Kryptonite is considered one of the best, if not the best bike lock/chain company? There are multiple locks/chains in the Evolution lineup but this one is ideal for e bikes.

Electric Bike Lock Buying Guide

Finding the right electric bike lock can be a lengthy process when you consider how much money has been spent on the bike already.

Electric bikes can sell from £500 all the way up to £2,000 or higher in some cases. One of the most expensive e bikes in the world, the Specialized S-Works Turbo Kenevo SL 2022, sells for a whopping £12,500!

Someone that can afford a scooter like that could probably afford hiring their own private e bike security to stand watch.

Every bike owner should own a bike lock of their own. Electric bike owners, that includes you as we know some of you like dragging your bikes indoors for protection.

In the electric bike lock buying guide we’re going to do what we do best: provide insight and justify our choices a little bit.

Sizing: Always Choose A Lock That Fits

Going straight for an electric bike chain like the Fahgettaboudit just because it looks durable is a sure-fire way of spending way too much money on something that you might stop using quickly.

Yes, wrapping this particular chain around your e bike and locking it up will keep it protected, but you’ll still need to carry around this 12mm chain.

Ideally, your bike chain/lock should fit the type of journey you’re on.

Think about that one, like really think about it.

If you’re commuting to and from work, and then leaving the bike in a pretty secure location, then the likelihood of it being messed with is on the lower side of the scale.

If this is the case, then you might be better suited in going for a u-lock or a 10mm chain like Kryptonite’s Evolution Integrated Chain.

Keep in mind that electric bikes generally have a much larger frame too. Mini bike locks might not fit around the frame, despite being cheaper.

But seriously, who would leave an electric bike chained up with something cheap?

Consider: The Bike Lock Brands Themselves

Not every bike lock company was created equal, and the difference in quality shows.

If you’re going to go off on your own to find an electric bike chain not mentioned in our list, always go with brands like:

  • Kryptonite
  • ABUS
  • HipLok
  • OnGuard

One bad purchase can make the difference between having your e bike one day, and losing it the next, so always ensure that the bike lock brand is up to snuff!

Type: Go With The Lock That Fits Your Style

What do we mean by style? Your style represents what you find easier to use, or more accurately, which bike lock you don’t mind carrying around with you and using.

Every lock works the same in that it keeps your e bike secure, but how they work will differ from lock to lock.

Some require a key to use, others a combination.

Word Of Advice: Combination locks, generally, aren’t a very good option for keeping electric bikes safe. Try to go with a lock that comes with a key or has app connectivity.

By going with what is comfortable to you, riders guarantee quick and secure locking, allowing them to save time and keep them from getting frustrated.

Bike lock frustration is totally a thing too, by the way.

I’ve had it before and the only thing that pulled me out of it was switching locks.

A folding bike lock will take longer to sort out than a u-lock, so if you’re going for pitstop-like locking then you should go for the latter.

Again, it depends on your own personal preferences, so make sure you get it right the first time.

After all, bike locks aren’t cheap.

Budget: Go With What You Can Afford

Experts recommend that you should spend roughly 10% of the costs of your e bike on security, which does leave you with many options depending on the price of your pedal-assisted two wheeler.

That being said, not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on a bike lock, or can afford it, period.

Payment plans through services such as Klarna and Clearpay are options on most of these bike lock websites, but still.

Which brings us to our point: go with what you can afford.

Just because it’s top of the range doesn’t mean it works for you. This goes back to what we were saying about finding a bike lock that fits your style.

Don’t conform for the sake of conforming. Sure, we’ve hyped up the Kryptonite bike locks here, but you might find yourself leaning more towards the Litelok wearable lock.

Woman removing electric bike battery Removing the battery (if applicable) is a must when leaving your bike in the open locked up

Bike Lock Information Guide

Ever wondered how to lock your electric bike up securely? Or how to carry your lock around with you without damaging it?

Yeah, this section will be for you.

We’re trying to be as comprehensive as possible, to give potential e bike newbies everything they need to get up and get out.

Again, the tips/information shared does apply to standard bikes too, so don’t go thinking we’re biased towards electric bikes.

Even though the title of this post literally uses the words electric, bike and locks in that order.

The Types Of Electric Bike Locks Available

Bike locks come in all shapes and sizes — something that you should know already if you’ve been following along up until this point.

When people think of bike locks, they often picture u-locks and d-locks — chain locks too depending on the person in question.

Bike Lock Fact: The terms ‘u-lock’ and ‘d-lock’ are used in an interchangeable fashion. Manufacturers often choose which type ahead of time.

Knowing your electric bike lock types will help determine which is which. Every rider should know the difference between a frame lock and a chain lock.

It’s part of the fundamentals, if anything — like knowing you need bike lights, or wear high-visibility clothing when riding around in the dark.

Here’s a rundown of the various types of bike locks available:

  • U-Locks: U-locks are solid metal shackles with a removable crossbar. You unlock them via a key
  • Mini Locks: Mini locks vary in styles, but are usually smaller and lighter compared to others
  • Folding Locks: Folding locks are incredibly flexible and can bend into all types of shapes around your bike
  • Combination Locks: Combination locks are notoriously smaller than most, requiring a numerical code to unlock
  • Frame Locks: Frame locks hug your bike a lot tighter, sitting over your wheel whole connecting to the main frame
  • Chain Locks: Chain locks loop around your bike and connect either through a padlock or through a miniature u-lock
  • Wearable Locks: A wearable lock wraps around the waist of the rider. It’s very simple to remove and wrap around a bike for safe keeping

Locking Your Electric Bike Up Correctly

Here’s an interesting factoid: not everyone knows how to saddle their electric bike up the right way — the same people who complain when they get their bike pinched.

So, how do you lock your e bike up the correct way then?

There are multiple ways to answer such a question, although one of the most common ways involve looping your bike lock or chain around the main triangle of the frame to the object of your choosing.

We aren’t acting crazy when we say: you might want to use more than one lock for an electric type.

One lock around the frame and one around the back or front wheel should cover it.

It goes without saying, but if your electric bike has a removable battery, then you might want to consider removing it if you’re leaving the bike out in the open.

An E4Tip: Remember to remove every detacheable item from your electric bike when you leave it somewhere, that way you don’t run into the risk of someone stealing just those items.

However, if you leave your electric bike in an office or at home, this shouldn’t be an issue, which brings us to an important point:

If you can saddle your electric bike up at home or somewhere within the office, do so.

In an ideal world you could totally leave your e bike out in the open and people would just leave it alone.

Unfortunately, this world is a pappy pipe-dream.

There will always be someone out there wanting to take something that looks expensive, and is there anything more regal than an e bike?

If you do chain/lock your electric bike up outdoors, try to make it as difficult as possible to take. Wrap your steed around something difficult to get around.

Carrying Your Lock/Chain Properly

Riders think first about how durable a bike lock is and how they’re going to carry it second.

Try not to do that if you can help it.

When it comes to transporting your bike chain/lock, you have a few options:

  • Wrap it around your bike
  • Carry it yourself by hand
  • Loop it around your person
  • Put it in your backpack

Some of these options are next to impossible with certain bike locks. For example, good luck trying to wrap a u-lock around your person.

It’s a bit of a cop out answer, but you should do what you’re comfortable with.

That being said, if you have a heavy chain lock, then you might want to consider carrying it via a backpack or over your shoulder as they are pretty heavy.

Bike locked up on railing Sometimes you just need to double lock it for extra safety

Bike Lock Guide: The Best Electric Bike Locks Explored

What’s one thing that all bikes have in common outside of having two wheels, handlebars, and all the rest?

They all require a study bike lock that ensures they aren’t stolen when you go off to do other things.

You should want a lock that guarantees security, and we believe the seven featured are optimised for just that. All are reliable and should keep you your bike out of danger from thieves, or anyone that would dare take what isn’t theres.

We know we shouldn’t go picking favourites, and yet, we can’t help but circle back to the Litelok One Wearable Bike Lock.

It’s one of the best locks there is from an accessibility standpoint — plus, the concept just seems so out there to the point where we’re questioning how real this bike lock really is!

Leave us a comment below detailing your favourite of the bunch.

Bike Lock FAQs

Why is a combination lock a bad choice for an e bike?

Thieves using bolt-cutters, and other cutting tools, can steal your electric bike so easily due to how thin most combination locks are. Ideally, you should want something a bit more durable.

What should I lock my electric bike to?

Anything that is firmly rooted to the ground should keep your bike safe and secure. Bike racks are typically a good shout too, depending on where this rack is located. Remember: where you leave your bike matters.

How often are bikes stolen in the UK?

We’ve seen the stats for ourselves, and one bike is stolen every six minutes in the UK — 10 every hour and 240 in a single day. Got a bike lock yet?

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