Best Place In The US To Cycle During The Winter

According to a survey, 85% of people like the winter season & about 23% prefer winter vacation. But the interesting fact is, Winter is attached to all kinds of seasonal mood disturbance due to comparatively shorter hours, less daylight, and more detachment.

In that case, cycling can be the best way to face off these. Because the exercise lets natural antidepressants out in the brain, takes you off, and about to lessen isolation & aids you in staying motivated for fitness. But, the big question is, which are the best places in the US to cycle during the Winter?

Well, there are several places in the US like Mt. Lemmon in Arizona, Mt. Graham, Kitt Peak & more where you can do cycling, especially in Winter. In this write-up, we have conferred some other places’ names as well.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Cycling In The Winter There are things to know if you’re cycling in cold conditions

Difficulties Of Cycling In Winter

If Cycling in the Winter were so comfortable & wonderful, then a significant number of people would be doing it. Cycling at the time of Winter has its own difficulties, which you must be aware of before you kick off to ride; otherwise, you could go through some significant problems.

Initially, it is vital to own a bike that can combat your winter weather. Before having a bike, you have to keep some questions on your mind, like do you have lots of snow or rain? Do you have more wind? Are the roads significantly rocky, rough, or lumpy? Bikes get hit more in cold weather than warm weather & that’s why it is always crucial to select a bike that is substantial & durable.

If you are supposed to go cycling with your kids, make sure that you have purchased Electric Bikes that are energy efficient. Besides, ensure Electric Bike for Kids have single speed & fixed gears that are contemplated the best for Winter as there are some moving parts to get broken by the cold & they can resist changing temperature.

Apart from that, during cycling in the winter, never forget to wear suitable gloves & scarves that lead to frozen fingers and chins. It is also essential to make sure you keep your bike well-maintained & clean because several things like the salt road can defile your bike.

Best Place In The US To Cycle During The Winter

In the above segment, we have demonstrated which difficulties you may confront, what things you should consider to cycle during the winter. Here, we’ll mention some of the best places in the US to cycle, especially in the Winter. So, let’s have a look.

Mt. Lemmon, Arizona, USA

If you are looking for both the longest & challenging bike climb, we recommend going to Mt. Lemmon, Arizona. It is one of the largest bike climbs after Mount Graham. Cycling up the Lemmon in Tucson is a magnificent ride and will approach some prominent climbs across the country.

The road of Mount Lemmon is in good shape with a broad shoulder most of the ride. It is unnecessary to ride on the shoulder on the way down because you’ll be keeping pace with traffic. In short, if you are one of them who loves climbing & descent, this is the perfect ride for you.

Possible Hazards

There are no potential hazards other than peppered-up descending the mountain. Sometimes, there can be toppled rocks in the road from the rain. If you hit them while descending the hill, they can be the reason for a severe crash.

Start Location & Parking

You can kick off from anywhere in Tucson. Besides, there are several parking places & many people park in the Safeway shopping centre at the intersection of Tanque road & Catalina Highway. Another popular place is the Le Buzz parking lot, 4.5 miles from climb start, where you can park too.


The pathway is indeed through a rural zone to a dead end, but there is secure and safe moving traffic throughout the climb.

Food & Drink

  • Safeway Shopping Centre
  • Le Buzz Cafe that is so popular among locals
  • Sawmill Run Restaurant at Summer Haven
  • There is Mount Lemmon Cookie Cabin located in Sumer Haven
  • Ski Valley’s Iron Door

Mount Graham, Arizona, USA

It is one of the most challenging climbs in the US, about 2 & a half hours east of Tucson on I-10 south of Safford, Arizona. Here, you can climb only 5, 981 feet or 1.13 miles in 20 minutes. Here are the complete details about Mount Graham Hill Climb.

Roadway & Traffic

The road of Mount Graham is 100% rideable, but a vast number of roads are not in the ideal condition that is needed. Sometimes you may get the road closed in Winter. That’s why we suggest checking 366 road conditions at ADOT. Now, come to its traffic control. Mount Graham’s traffic is minimal and won’t create any problem at all.

Parking Place

You don’t need to worry about the parking place of Mount Graham as you’ll find abundant parking beside the start of the climb on the road’s side and everywhere nearby. Check the Google Map to get a clear concept regarding the parking issues.

Food & Drink

It is better to carry your own food & drink as there are no places along the climb to have them. You’ll find Jo-Bi Convenience Market to get the closest food & drinks situated in Safford [3.6 Miles North].

Kitt Peak, Arizona, US

It is another most popular bike climb for the winter, the world’s 3rd most difficult and long climb. Kitt Peak is located in the Sonoran Desert that is in the west part of Tucson. It is considered one of the most inaccessible and picturesque climbs among the others.

The road starts from the opposite of the mountain towards’ side with amazing views of the peripheral desert. However, we have given a table below that will help you get more ideas regarding Kitt Peak.


Honestly, it is an excellent roadway where you’ll surely enjoy your cycling. Kitt Peak’s road was closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic, so you can visit its official site to check whether it has been opened or not. As far as we know, it is still closed.

Traffic & Parking

The traffic is minimal there, so you don’t need to get frustrated about it all. In addition, it has a considerable amount of parking at the beginning of the climb that you’ll rarely get on the other climbs.

Food & Drink

You don’t need to bring food or drinks there while cycling because you’ll find snacks & beverages as there is a picnic area at the visitor centre of Kitt Peak at the topmost of the climb.

Cycling In The Snow Making sure you have the right gear will be essential

Gear To Bring For Bicycling In Winter

Bicycling during the Winter is a bit difficult; that’s why you have to bring some critical gear along with you to ensure comfortable cycling.

  1. You must bear cycling Headwear like Cap or Skullcap that will include an extra amount of warmth.
  2. Consider a Face-Mask or Strong Helmet that will cover more of your head.
  3. Try your best to use Goggles to protect your eyes.
    Get a pair of gloves that are entirely waterproof & keep your hand dry & warm in Winter.
  4. Ensure a pair of Bike Footwears that will fit for paddling efficiency.
  5. Hand Warmers and foot warmers should be considered as well while cycling in Winter.

Final Thought

There are many places you’ll find in the USA to cycle, but to cycle during the winter, the number of places is minimal. In the write-up, we discussed 3 most prominent, challenging, & long climbs that are a perfect way to cycle during cold weather.

However, before cycling on the roads that we mentioned, never forget to visit their official website to inspect whether they are open or closed. Because, sometimes, due to extreme weather conditions, they get closed for a certain period.

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