Back To The Electric Future? A Luxury DeLorean Is In The Works

The company that owns the rights to the DeLorean brand has teased an upcoming electric version of the iconic vehicle.

Electric DeLorean parked up
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There have been multiple hints of a possible re-release of the famed DeLorean DMC-12, only they were just that: hints.

In 2019, the DMC-12 went up against the Model X in a promotional video. Today, the company that owns the rights to the DeLorean name has just announced that an electric version is on the way, in 2022.

This preview Tweet, gives us a lot more to look at, hinting at a luxury vehicle:

The original DeLorean Motor Company no longer exists. Stephen Wynne, a former British engineer, bought the rights back in 1995, turning the brand into the world’s largest source for parts and repairs of the primed vehicle.

Plans to roll out an updated version of the DeLoroean can be traced back to 1997, although plans soon came to a halt what with its original engine no longer an option.

Still, this didn’t stop some from theorising what an electric version might look like, or feel like, to drive. Well, we might not have to imagine much longer if this tease is anything to go by.

Not much is known about this electric DeLorean, other than that it’s in the pipeline. We do know its name though: DeLorean EVolved.

There are rumours that Italdesign are collaborating with the DeLorean Motor Company on the upcoming EV. Italdesign is said to be working with Williams Advanced Engineering on “an open-source EV platform for manufacturers of low-volume cars.”

Whether or not that plays into the DeLorean EVolved is another question, one that should be answered soon.

Cybertruck’s and electric DeLorean’s… The future of electric transport is looking incredibly angular. Let us know what you think of this EVolved vehicle, and whether or not you’d drive it down in the comments below.

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