Audi To Phase Out Combustion Engines By 2033

It’s been a fun/memorable ride, but Audi has outlined its plans for the future.

  • The announcement comes from Audi directly, speaking at the Berlin climate conference.
  • Audi will produce combustion engine vehicles up until 2033.
  • New electric vehicles from the high-end automaker will arrive by 2026.

Electric roadmaps from established car companies are an everyday occurrence at this point. Next up: Audi, the German automaker responsible for countless luxury vehicles.

When speaking at the Berlin climate conference, Audi made two big announcements:

  • Audi will launch new all-electric models starting in 2026.
  • The automaker is to phase out combustion engines completely by 2033.

The decision to halt the production of combustion engines is based on predictions led “by customers and legislation.” Audi expects to see continued demand in China around 2033 for combustion engine vehicles.

This will irritate some of you reading this. After all, the electric revolution appears to have come out of nowhere, and change will always come with some level of doubt.

“With this roadmap, we are creating the clarity necessary to make a decisive and powerful transition to the electric age. We’re sending the signal that Audi is ready.”
— Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi

Car-makers across the globe have seen fit to give fans/potential buyers the heads up via similar announcements.

Volvo is going all-electric by 2030, and GM (General Motors) by 2035. Audi would slot perfectly between the two following this news.

There are a few yet to outline future plans — Toyota, for example. Our take? We expect them to say something very soon.

Hypercar companies like Lotus and Rolls-Royce have taken the electric pledge, too.

Will this change have a significant effect on Audi’s sales in the future? And what classic Audi would you like to see receive an electric makeover? We want to hear your opinions.

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