An EV With An Exhaust? Dodge Reveals Electric Muscle Car Concept

The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept offers a sneak peak at the brand’s electric future with an EV that drives like a Dodge, looks like a Dodge, and even sounds like Dodge (it’s basically a Dodge).

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT “Banshee” Concept
Artificial noise in an EV is something that has been spoken about many times in the past © Credit to Dodge

Ask most car enthusiasts what comes to mind when they of muscle cars, and they’re bound to mention something about the roaring engine sound — a sound that many feared would be removed should these vehicles ever undergo an electric makeover.

Well those fears can be put to rest now because Dodge has just unveiled its Charger Daytona SRT muscle-car concept.

We should mention that not a lot is known at this time, with Dodge being pretty scarce on the details. As it stands, all we know is that the concept is as loud as it is stylish, and will pull power from the vehicle’s 800V electric all-wheel drive propulsion system, named ‘Banshee.’

The concept comes with three headline design features — the kind that is sure to excite many:

  1. R-Wing: Intended to increase aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the Charger’s characteristic bulky front-end.
  2. eRupt transmission: A multi-speed electro-mechanical transmission intended to deliver distinct shift-points, rather than smooth transitions from one gear to the next, giving the same “jerking” feeling of gear shifts in a gas car.
  3. Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust: That’s right, this EV comes with an exhaust!

The exhaust itself is simply there for show, and to artificially generate up to 126dB of sound when active, thus simulating that feeling of driving around in one of the brand’s classic cars.

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis says the electrified charger “exists because performance made us do it,” which is actually a reference to Dodge’s new marketing tagline. –

He later went on to claim that the Banshee-powered electric Dodge Charger will “run a blazing quarter-mile.” That said, he never specified just how fast that quarter-mile would be.

The question now is:

Will this Dodge concept be produced?

We know that the brand is targeting 2024 as the release date for “the world’s first battery-electric muscle car,” but haven’t been given any specifics. Could this be the vehicle they’ve been alluding to?

How do you feel about an electric Dodge Charger that emulates a lot of what made the original vehicles so great? Is it a vehicle you’d happily roam around in? Leave us a comment down below.

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