An All-Electric MINI Convertible Is In The Works

MINI has confirmed a successor to their popular convertible model — an all-electric model — expected to launch in 2025.

  • The style of the all-electric MINI will retain the brands signature style.
  • MINI previously revealed plans to launch its final combustion engine model in 2025.
  • The EV convertible is one of many sustainable vehicles in MINI’s low emission plans.

Let’s face it, the MINI Convertible is one of the most popular vehicles occupying roads in countries like the UK, US and Germany. An electric version was bound to happen eventually, only now we have a date, and some minor details on what to expect.

Mark your calendars and set a reminder on your phone. In 2025 MINI launches the sixth-generation Convertible, powered by an electric powertrain. It will arrive two years after the outlined MINI Hatch — another electric car looking to cause a shockwave amongst buyers.

Their current Mini Electric is the only MINI EV on sale at the moment, hailed for its agile drive and quality performance.

Anyway, back to the Convertible.

We don’t know a lot about the Convertible from a spec perspective. We assume it will follow a standard four-door archetype with a few electric tweaks. In fact, we know it’s a four-seater, as confirmed by MINI Head Bernd Körber.

Expect MINI’s signature style to carry over to these EVs also.

“The MINI Convertible has a large and particularly loyal fan base. This is also shown by the great demand for the latest, freshly updated model. We are therefore firmly convinced of the success of this vehicle concept for the future.”
— Bernd Körber, Head of MINI

When released, it will be one of only a handful of all-electric vehicles in the same class. The only true rival we can think of right now is the new Fiat 500c, another convertible with a reasonable price point.

One last ride in the combustion engine lane set for 2025

The release of the all-electric MINI Convertible falls at an important time for the BMW-owned automaker. For those that don’t know, MINI will release its final combustion model in the same year as the launch of the proposed Convertible.

BMW believes MINI will be an integral part of the switch to their electric programme. The writing was on the wall last year, with MINI saying they wanted to “enable customers all over the world to have emission-free driving with a completely electrified model family.”

What will the last model be? The next-generation MINI hatch will mark the end of an era. Where will MINI make these EVs moving forward? China, at a facility in Zhangjiagang, to be specific. It’s where they’ll run production of the MINI Hatch; it makes sense that the Convertible would follow.

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