All-Electric BYD Tang Lands In Norway

Norway is a haven for electric vehicles, which has caught the attention of Chinese automakers like BYD and NIO.

BYD Tang Interior
Inside the BYD Tang electric SUV © Credit to BYD

BYD Tang Launched In Norway

BYD has launched its first batch of passenger cars in Norway, in what the company is calling the start of its ‘European dream.’ The BYD Tang all-electric SUV is first up, with the automaker preparing to deliver 1,500 units to Norway before the end of the year.

The Tang is a robust electric SUV, equipped with BYD’s 86.4kWh Blade Battery. A battery that can charge from 30% to 80% in around 30 minutes as long as you use a DC power output of 110kW.

It goes without saying, but this Blade Battery is quite the USP and will inspire many to take the BYD route.

WLTP range of the Tang is set at 400 km (249 miles), WLTP City range, on the other hand, is even better at 528 km (328 miles).

First BYD Car Handover First BYD Tang customer © Credit to BYD

It’s deceptively strong, in general, capable of going from 0 to 100 in around 4.6 seconds. Top speed of BYD’s Tang is also worth noting (112mph).

This first Tang batch consists of 100 cars. Deliveries of this electric SUV are expected to reach buyers in September.

Price Of The Tang In NOK

So, we know how viable the Tang is as an electric option, but how much is it exactly?

The Tang will be offered at 599,900 NOK (€59,308/$71,816/£52,000). This is slightly higher than the XPeng’s G3 smart electric SUVs that launched earlier in the year (358,000 NOK).

Prise-wise, BYD’s Tang will sit in the evenly priced position compared to the likes of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E and the Skoda Enyaq. Both vehicles top the pile as far as most popular BEV is concerned.

Competition that BYD will need to face head-on if it hopes to break ground in Europe.

“The official launch of the BYD Tang SUV in the Norwegian market and the delivery of the first units to customers is an important step in the European sales strategy,” says Pere Brugal, BYD Europe Passenger Car Director.

Norway First, Where Next?

Norway is arguably an easier sell than, say, the UK, given the number of electric vehicles sold at the moment. The Nordic country has already recorded more electric sales over combustion types, with plug-in sales nearing an 85% share.

First Owner Of BYD Tang Owner of the first Tang, Mr. Per Lian © Credit to BYD

“We will closely monitor market developments, but in the long term our goal is to expand passenger car sales beyond Norway,” said Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, back in May of 2020.

BYD has already launched a range of electric buses across Europe but has yet to be tested in a commercial capacity just yet. The launch of its Tang SUV will be an interesting one to follow. As the success of this electric SUV could influence where it launches next.

Would you like to see the BYD Tang launch in your respective country? And how do you think the Chinese company will fare given the tough competition in Norway? We want your take. Leave a comment below.

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