From Adults To Kids: Your Electric Go Kart Options Explored

What can we say about an electric go kart that you don’t know already?

Quite a lot, actually, given the sudden rise in popularity and the onset changes that come with the addition of electric parts.

That’s right.

Go karting is taking an electric detour, giving drivers a hell of a lot more power as a result. As is the case with the majority of electric vehicles types — ranging from cars to scooters.

We should mention that electric karting isn’t just for kids either. Even though there are some fantastic kids electric go kart options out right now.

Adults can get involved in many different ways. There are various electric karting sites near you at the moment. All it takes is one Google search to find your nearest track.

Another option is to simply buy an electric go kart outright and take it to a track of your choosing (pending approval, of course).

It’s an expensive purchase, but the offer is there if you want to compete in legitimate competitions.

Or, you know, show off in front of your mates.

Should we get into it?

Go Kart Racetrack Electric go karts have made racing all the more enjoyable

The Best Electric Go Kart Options UK

We’ll start on the front foot by taking a look at the best electric go kart options in the UK — or anywhere in the world, really.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled the best electric go karts for kids in with the adult ones. It’s worth noting that some electric karts do apply to both and are actually adjustable.

It goes without saying, but adults get the better end of the deal as far as speed/power is concerned. We’re, of course, talking about those made exclusively for the fully grown.

That’s not to say that an electric go kart for kids isn’t worth looking at; not at all.

All we’re saying is, the karts are significantly bigger and pack a serious punch as far as speed and raw power are concerned.

Especially from a starting position.

You see, electric versions of the classic go kart, you know and love have unbelievable torque thanks to its updated parts (more on that later).

With the below electric go karts, you can live out your wildest FE fantasies and then some!

For Adults: Sodi RSX

Kart Highlights:

  • F1-Style Steering Wheel
  • Wide Build For Better Control
  • Roll Bar And 3 Points Harness

First up, we have the Sodi RSX, an incredible option if you’re after something safe/reliable that is powered by an asynchronous brushless motor.

Sodikart, the mind behind this electric go kart, are a known entity in the karting space.

All of its go karts are made in France and exported around the world, most notably, the RSX. In the US, the Sodi RSX is one of the more popular rental options; no wonder, considering what it has to offer.

The lithium battery allows for extended use and hundreds, if not thousands of charges.

One of the best things about this electric kart is the F1-style steering wheel — one that looks like it’s been ripped straight out of a Ferrari race car.

It doesn’t have any of the complicated buttons, but it does the trick in simulating what it’s like racing in Monaco or South Korea.

This is a one-size-fits-all type in that you can adjust the pedals to make more room if you’re taller than the average person.

Style-wise, you won’t get anything cleaner from a build perspective. Integral floor covering and a streamlined body will make you the talk of the track.

E4TP Says: Multiple versions of the RSX have all led to this current iteration. Is it the best version yet? We personally think so. It’s wider than your average kart, which will no doubt give you better traction come race time.

For Kids: Hawkmoto Kids Buggy

Kart Highlights:

  • Hydraulic Shock Absorber Front Suspension
  • DC Brushless Motor
  • 20mph Max Speed

Suspension is the word of the day thanks to the electric buggy/go kart known as the Hawkmoto Kids Buggy.

The Hawkmoto Kids Buggy comes with a 48V brushless motor with cooling fan. For reference, not a lot of four-wheelers made for go karting come with built-in cooling fans.

You could use the word: rugged to describe this one, given its approach to shock-absorption. Multiple coils can be found near each wheel to give it that extra bounce when riding over bumps and lumps.

Hydraulic disk brakes for maximum performance are also a great touch. Brakes like these give riders better control of the go kart.

Top speed of the Hawkmoto will take kids up to 20mph. This is weighted nicely with multiple safety features that include: a robust roll cage, seat belt and kill switch.

This electric go kart is for kids and is recommended for those aged 13 and up; sorry grown-ups, but you’ll have to sit this one out.

E4TP Says: This ride is part buggy, part electric go kart. It gives kids the chance to explore at their own leisure, hitting speeds of up to 20mph. Excellent features and overall performance; what’s not to love?

For Adults: Storm EFD

Kart Highlights:

  • 48V Electric Motor
  • Multiple Customisable Options
  • Interactive Touch Screens

Innovative is the only way to describe the Storm EFD. It’s easily one of the best all-round electric go karts for numerous reasons.

Just look at it; you probably get that vibe from a visual standpoint alone.

Like the RSX, the Storm EFD is made in Europe (Italy, specifically) and exported to other countries. It’s a popular choice in the US and the UK — you’ll know this already if you’ve spent time at a track near you.

So, what makes the Storm EFD so special?

Simple. It sports a powerful 48V 4kW electric motor with magnetic induction. Power like this allows the cart to travel up to 45mph in just under 5 seconds tops.

If anyone asks what makes electric karts so unique, just show them this one.

Like the majority of karts, you can customise the Storm EFD to fit your own vision. Build-quality is superb, and a cut above the majority of electric options you have at the moment, we’ll say that.

Interactive touch-screen displays found on the steering wheel only add to the appeal.

On this screen, you can view everything from the battery charge to the speed.

Paddle shifters also add to the experience.

This kart might actually do a better job at simulating what it’s like to perform in the Formula One better than its competition. Which is easily the best compliment anyone can give.

E4TP Says: The Storm EFD is simply that: a storm. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most rented electric go karts in the world. The fact that it can travel 45 mph in little under 5 seconds is telling.

For Kids: Razor Force Drifter Kart

Kart Highlights:

  • Perfect For Drifting
  • Thumb-Trigger Control
  • Max Speed Of 12mph

We’re going off-kilter with our next electric go kart for kids pick; a purposeful choice as we feel it offers something different in all the right ways.

A kids electric go kart like this is a response to the status quo.

Everything about the Razor Force Drifter Kart is reimagining what we thought we knew about go karting from the ground up; emphasis on ground given its low build.

This Drifter Kart from popular personal electric transport company Razor has a 250W electric motor that enables it to reach speeds of up to 12mph.

The kart is paired with two 12V rechargeable batteries, giving drivers around 40 minutes of fun before needing some juice.

We should point out that this isn’t a go kart designed for racing. No, it’s built for drifting (in case the name wasn’t a big enough hint).

Drivers can pull the hand-operated brake to achieve spin in all kinds of directions. The solid-steering system helps keep it under control as it’s about to whirl around, making it 100% safe for kids.

We wouldn’t include it in our list of the UK’s best electric go karts if it wasn’t reliable and or safe.

Seeing is believing; check out the video below to see this drifter in action and make your own mind up!

E4TP Says:With the Razor Force Drifter Kart, your kids can spin to their heart’s content. We wouldn’t recommend they take it out go karting, but for drifting, it currently stands unmatched, in our opinion.

For Both: Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition

Kart Highlights:

  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Drifting-Friendly Tires

We know what you’re thinking.

“This is too good to be true. It’s not real, so why mention it?”

Our answer to such a question would be: well, it is? It’s hella expensive (it is a Lambo, after all), but it does exist.

Segway-Ninebot is one of the major players in the electric go kart space. So it should come as no surprise that it aligned with one of the largest hypercar companies in the world to put out a go kart to rule them all.

We say rule them all, but in reality, this electric stallion is limited compared to the Storm EFD on a technical level.

Looks-wise, it’s easily the best-looking kart we’ve seen — electric or otherwise.

The Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition is very similar to other Segway-Ninebot karts, just with a few tweaks.

For example, this version can travel up to 25mph, courtesy of a detachable self-balancing scooter located in the rear. Tires in the back have also been switched for better drifting; ideal for the race track.

According to the maker, the 432Wh battery has enough power to give this ride up to 62 laps on a 400-meter track (around 15.5 miles total).

Remember, this isn’t a street-legal type, no matter how much you want it to be.

E4TP Says:This Segway-Ninebot kart is as close as some will get to actually driving around in a Lamborghini, which should be enough to sway potential buyers. It’s certainly the most stylish electric kart on the list here, but you knew that already…

For Kids: Renegade 36V GK500 Electric Go Kart

Kart Highlights:

  • Off-Road Optimised
  • Integrated Roll Cage
  • Forward/Reverse Gears

This isn’t what most think of when they think of an electric go kart for kids, but it’s worth mentioning regardless.

Meet the Renegade 36V GK500 Electric Go Kart, the ultimate off-roading companion for little ones.

It features an integrated roll cage and safety belt to ensure that safety is of the utmost importance. This electric kart has 2 speeds, allowing drivers to travel for around 45 minutes each time between charges.

Top speed of the Renegade 36V GK500 is set at 18mph. This is tied to the high-speed mode. Low-speed mode cuts that max speed in half (around 9mph, give or take).

To move, all the driver needs to do is hit the foot pedal in front of them; it’s as easy as that.

This might seem too fast for worried parents, but don’t fret. There are rear disc brakes for slowing down on top of the outlined safety precautions we’ve touched on above.

Off-road tires allow for better grip of varying surfaces, too, thus adding that additional layer of secure-ness.

E4TP Says:Light off-roading has never been more fun! Renegade has, literally, hit the ground running with this one. It’s an electric go kart for kids that subverts expectations in the best way; basically, not all of them are made for racing.

Kids Electric Go Kart Race Electric racing, just like they do in the FIA FE

Electric Go Kart UK Buying Guide

Above is a taste of what’s actually out there, be it through a direct purchase or via renting.

This mostly applies to adult electric go karts, but renting is a lot cheaper, as you can imagine. The cost of a sustainable kart made for go carting competitions can set you back up to £25,000, depending on what you’re looking at.

Take a look at the Storm EFD if you’re looking for the ideal real-world example of what’s out there to rent. Rental karts are intended for indoor/outdoor facilities only and are limited by their ability to run outdoors.

Not to mention, it would be pretty illegal if you ever wanted to take it out for a spin.

On the other hand, the majority of motorised rides that fit the ‘electric go kart for kids’ category are those you can take outside, given how smaller they are in comparison.

It sucks to be an adult in this case. Still, if you’re a fan of the F1 — or competitive go karting to begin with — you’ll more than likely prefer life on the track vs life outside anyway.

Performance Differs From One Electric Go Kart To The Other

Not every electric go kart was created equal, as proven by how diverse the list above is.

Some are faster than others. Speed is dependent on the choice of motor, battery and controller used. The better the kit, the faster it goes, although some tend to go for range over speed.

But for those that target indoor go karting above all else, speed is paramount.

Acceleration is all but confirmed no matter what electric go kart you choose. The difference between a non-electric and electric kart is very noticeable in the performance department.

Fewer moving parts under the hood allows for quick acceleration as the kart doesn’t need to switch gears to travel.

It’s the same principle used in electric cars and is the reason why companies like Tesla have a reputation for having the best performance-heavy rides full stop.

We’d recommend you ask yourself why you’re buying an electric go kart in the UK first. If you’re entering competitions, then you’ll want the fastest you can afford. If you’re casually racing amongst friends, then you’re probably better off just renting.

Features Can Make Or Break The Electric Go Karting Experience

Make no mistake about it. Features are important, if not as important as how fast the kart can go.

For example, a speedy go kart with electric parts often comes with air-cooling to ensure it doesn’t overheat. This is but one additional feature that is beneficial to the longevity of your kart.

Rental go karts tend to be quite limited when talking features. Visiting a kart track for yourself will tell you that; everyone plays from an equal playing field there. Which means features come secondary to just having the kart run as standard.

Be sure to look out for the following features when choosing the right electric kart for you:

  • Speed Boost Systems
  • LED Lights
  • Fast Charging Systems
  • Customisable Decals
  • Adjustable Parts
  • F1-Style Steering Wheels

You’ll find you need to pay more to take advantage of the high-performance features (.i.e. speed boost systems). The difference in price can range from hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Size Matters With Electric Go Karting

We’ve established that the parts under the hood are important, but so too is the body/frame that encases it all.

Think about it.

Not every electric kart is the same size-wise. Some can be driven by kids and adults. This does limit the size of the kart drastically — more so if you’re over 6-foot in height.

It’s vital that you find a kart that fits you and your size. If it’s uncomfortable/squashed once you’ve sat down, then there’s no point in riding it out. This is dangerous for obvious reasons.

Finding the right kart that fits you is ideal — in the literal sense.

This doesn’t really limit your options either, as most electric go karts out these days in the UK — and world at large — have adjustable seats/steering columns.

Size matters whether you’re short or tall.

If you’re under 5 feet 6, then you might want to look at a kids electric go kart — or youth kart as they’re also known.

There’s no shame in that either, by the way.

The only one you’re fooling is yourself if you aren’t prioritising your own needs.

Indoor Go Karting Who wins in the end? Electric go karts, clearly

From Adults To Kids: Your Electric Go Kart Options Explored

Escape rooms are cool and all as a group-wide pastime, but there’s just something about go karting that we just can’t shake.

More-so if you choose to buy your own or build your own via an electric kart conversion kit.

There’s no real difference between choosing an adult or kids electric go kart; the only real difference is size and power for the most part.

An electric go kart for kids is 100% worthwhile, dare we say, more worthwhile than those intended for grown-ups?

We say that because they’re a lot cheaper, and they tend to play around with some pretty unique designs; take a look at the Razor Force Drifter Kart for the perfect reference point.

Sure, gas-powered karts brought the pastime to the dance, but electric-powered go karts are what will take them into the far off future.

Anyone who’s visited a go karting track will tell you that first hand.

Electric Go Kart UK FAQs

Do electric go karts make noise at all?

No, they don’t. The electric go kart is near noiseless because it has very few moving parts under the hood. Some actually pump in artificial noise so that the driver gains a sense of satisfaction when behind the wheel.

What is the best kids electric go kart?

In our opinion, the best go kart for kids is the Renegade 36V GK500 Electric Go Kart. Why is it the best? Simple. It gives your little ones the chance to explore the great outdoors. Moreover, this electric go kart is very safe.

How fast can an electric go kart go exactly?

Some electric go karts can travel up to 60mph if you can believe that. Those that travel faster than 30mph tend to be those you have to drive on a track outside for safety reasons. This, of course, depends on the rules of the track you’re at.

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