Meet the E4TP team and read their posts


Kris Cook

Hey, I’m Kris, a Junior Content Strategist at E4TP. At the moment I live in the world of EVs, keeping up on current trends in the space, and delivering quality content. I’m a creative type both inside and outside of work, in that I write poetry in my spare time, design independent zines, and paint. When I’m not knee deep in any of that, I collect vinyl (my collection has around 150 LPs in it), and enjoy spending time with pals outdoors, mostly on a bike — or in another country.


Tony Hardy

Tony loves branding, and studying emerging brands. On top of that, he's a bit of a nerd when it comes to "boys toys" - Scalectrix, toys, collectables. Aside from running content for E4TP, he also runs a branding agency. When he's not doing that, he's writing, reading, and learning about branding and SEO, spending time with his family, or watching wrestling.

Alex Lockey Headshot

Alex Lockey

Alex likes aircraft a lot. Probably too much. After studying for his degree in Aeronautical Engineering, he started working in people services related to engineering and education. Yet, the allure of the skies keeps pulling him back in. Alex loves to focus on the emerging world of electrified flight, drone tech and the wider EV tech landscape. When he’s not penning a few pieces for E4TP, Alex mostly spends his time either with his young family or in his businesses. One day, he hopes to own his very own aircraft, preferably an electric one.

Matt Penny

Since a young age, Matt has been enthusiastic about technology and the role that electric power will play in the future of transport. In particular, he is passionate about electric motorcycles and electric motorsport and looks forward to seeing those two fields grow in the coming years. When not behind a screen, you can find Matt watching the rugby or lost in a good book.