A To Z Of Cars: The Electric Version

Everyone needs to know their ABCs, but when it comes to the A to Z of cars, there aren’t many electric options available.

Until now!

Today we’re going to be going over the A to Z of EV, covering every notable brand in the space and then some.

Anything that can be traced back to anything on four wheels with a motor etc. You could call it the A to Z of motors, either works for what we’re about to cover.

You’ve more than likely already played this game in the car (maybe an electric one?), either to yourself or with others around you.

Well, if you get to the end here, you might find some new words to play with — you’re probably going to learn more about EVs as a whole too, including some brands/terms that you haven’t heard before!

It’s the perfect entry point for non-EV heads looking to learn more about the industry before its inevitable takeover.

Let’s not waste anymore time.

Here’s the A to Z of cars (the electric version).


Alcroft Motor

British-owned electric car company Alcraft Motor takes our first spot on this A to Z of electric motors. The tagline ‘Dynamic, Design-Led, High-Tech Motoring’ can be found on its site, which tells you everything you need to know really.


The automaker behind the Aspark Owl, an electric supercar that looks like something sent from the future to take out John Connor. Price-wise, the Aspark Owl sells for roughly $3 million, so you might want to start saving those pennies.

Audi E-Tron Charging The Audi E-Tron is easily one of the most popular electric 4x4s © Credit to Audi


Ah yes, a popular choice for the letter A in any car-related game involving letters of the alphabet. Audi has various EVs in the pipeline and its current lineup, like the Audi E-Tron SUV and the Audi E-Tron Sportback.



German automaker BMW is another entrant in the electric race from the old era of cars (we say old, but you get what we mean). The BMW i3 is its electric opus, with the i4 staking a pretty major claim for that title.


Electric truck startup Bollinger, is crafting very edgy-looking vehicles, those that aren’t nearly as out there as a certain Cybertruck, but are still pretty cool to look at. Its vehicles are on the way, with the Bollinger B1 (SUV) being the most impressive of the bunch.


GM-owned automaker Buick, a company known for various electric vehicles, including the Buick Velite 6 SUV and the Velite 7. These vehicles have made quite the impact in China, where the automaker has picked up a lot of interest.


Byton is a Chinese all-electric transport brand. The brand has had a tough time in getting off the starting grid, but recent funding did put it back in the headlines. Will we ever see the Byton M-Byte? Only time will tell.



Yet another automaker under the General Motors banner, Cadillac is an established manufacturer with plans of electric domination. The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is shaping up to be quite the vehicle — a real disruptor.

Canoo vehicles lined up in a row Canoo is working on all kinds of vehicles, each as different as the other © Credit to Canoo


California-based startup could rival any of the electric automakers in this A to Z of cars list with ease in terms of futuristic visuals. Its currently working on a van, a pickup and a delivery van, with orders already placed from notable companies around the world.


The list of GM companies continue, this time with Chevrolet. These guys are experts when it comes to SUVs, and most other vehicle types if we’re being honest. Case and point: the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado which has already racked up over 110,000 reservations.



DS, a company once associated with Citroen, was later bought by Stellantis and given the green light to craft EVs. The DS 3 Crossback is an excellent alternative to similar vehicles offered by rival companies.


Faraday Future

A known ‘Tesla killer,’ Faraday Future is a company that fits that ‘one to watch’ bill. Named after English scientist Michael Faraday, this Californian startup has big things on the way, with the Faraday Future FF91 expected to drop in 2023.


An OG when it comes to electric mobility, we’re of course referring to Fisker, a company that has been promising EVs for years now — before and after going bankrupt in 2012. The Fisker Ocean is still on the horizon, a vehicle promised to be ‘the world’s most sustainable vehicle.’

Mustang Mach-E driving on a road The Mustang Mach-E in complete control © Credit to Ford


Ford is a name that you can throw into any A to Z motor list, including the electric one we have here. This automaker is betting big on EVs, expecting to invest around $22 billion by 2025. Be sure to check out the unrivalled power of the Ford Mustang Mach-E if you get the chance.



Genesis is a luxury car brand, meaning everything you see from them has an air of sophistication about it in one way or another. We can’t wait to see how the GV60 — Genesis’ first electric-only vehicle — does once it’s released.


Looking for something large and in charge? GMC has just the thing in its Hummer EV truck. That and its SUV have unbelievable horsepower, making them some of the most powerful electric vehicles there is. We should note that these vehicles have yet to come out as of this writing.



If you’re looking for the ideal hybrid car-maker, then look no further than Honda. That being said, the brand has done wonders with the Honda E (an all-electric option for planet-conscious drivers).


You can’t talk about Hyundai and not mention the IONIQ 5, a vehicle built on a ‘cutting-edge new platform.’ This EV can go from 0 to 62mph in around 5.2 seconds, not to mention drive up to 310 miles between charges. What’s more, this vehicle can go from 10% to 80% in around 18 minutes!


Jaguar I-Pace driving Jaguar has taken to electric transport like an Elon to Tweeting © Credit to Jaguar


Jaguar has made the electric pledge, promising all electric by 2025. Multiple EVs are expected to release in the not-so-distant future — six in total, with some running on the British automaker’s bespoke platform. The Jaguar I-Pace is an incredibly EV too, by the way (just putting it out there).


While the brand hasn’t released any electric vehicles yet, it does seem set on offering an electric SUV of some kind by 2025. The first EV from Jeep is expected to launch in 2023, so expect to hear more from them very soon — unless it runs into delays (delays and EVs, name a better duo).



Affordable electric vehicles for all! Kia is for the people, offering a wide range of electric options to money-conscious drivers. The electric Kia Nero is hailed as one of the best electric vehicles in the market, and with good reason!


Land Rover

Land Rover is yet to put out an electric vehicle of its own, although it has announced that a 2022 Range Rover will be offered in a mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid version, depending on which you prefer. You’d have to expect that this is only the beginning considering the connection to Jaguar.

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio An EV concept sent back from the future © Credit to Lamborghini


Ever wondered if aliens were real or what they might look like? Well, cast your eyes at the Terzo Millennio, an electric concept vehicle from Lamborghini that is sure to get your motor running. While the vehicle isn’t confirmed or anything, we just wanted to include them in the list anyway (mostly to show you the concept).


Another master of the hybrid vehicle. Lexus well and truly hit the ground running in 2021 with its Lexus UX300e, launching everywhere except for the US, which is a bit of a bummer. Sorry Americans, but hey, at least you have other options to choose from?


The A to Z of cars (electric version) would be nothing without the likes of Lotus, why that is comes down to the pristine that comes with a brand like that. The UK-based hypercar brand is planning on launching multiple electric vehicles in the future following the Lotus Evija.


Competition to the top EV companies, that’s the best way to describe Lucid, the Arizona-based brand behind the Lucid Air. Estimated speed of this vehicle is set at 217 mph, which is lightning quick. Then again, what else did you really expect from a car-maker that emotes luxury with every action?



Maserati fans will be pleasantly surprised to learn that it will soon be entering the electric market with sustainable versions of the Maserati GranTurismo and Maserati GranCabrio. Fans of the forthcoming Grecale SUV, there’s an electric one in the plans too!


Many are still waiting for Mazda to go all-in on EV, something that it’s yet to do, unlike many of the competition. Still, Mazda is planning on selling its first full electric car in the next few months in the Mazda MX-30. Watch this space, that’s all we’ll say.


Mercedes has one of the most recognisable logos in the world, a logo that you can now find on electric vehicles. The 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC is a standout vehicle, with many more EQ vehicles planned (EQ is how MB tags its electric vehicles).


Affordability and MG go hand-in-hand. MG is a car brand that many forget about for some reason, lucky for you then that we’re covering them here on the A to Z of electric cars!

MINI Electric Is there anything more British than a MINI? We’ll wait © Credit to MINI


Who could forget about MINI? One of the first vehicles on this A to Z list of electric car brands to adopt electrification. This was back in 2009, to give you an idea of how long its been plugging away at it. The electric MINI has already built up a head of steam, considered by many to be the best MINI, period.



Some would say the arch-nemesis of Tesla, Nio is a company you might already have some familairity with if you invest in a lot of EV stocks. Its known throughout China for its innovative battery-swap service. Plans are to expand into parts of Europe, with Norway being the first location on the map.


When looking at the history of electric vehicles there will always be that 2010 era, the era that belonged to the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf was the first mainstream EV to truly break through. Looking forward, the upcoming Nissan Ariya is shaping up to be quite the vehicle.



Ora is an up-and-coming competitor to MINI, with both looking to thrive in the urban mobility market. The Ora Cat — the brands first major EV — is as cute as it is practical.



Supercars shudder in fear at the sound of this automaker’s EVs. Pininfarina is the name behind the Battista, an electric supercar fitted with a giant 120kWH battery boasting 280 miles of range. It’s a premium vehicle from a high-end car maker, so expect to pay a premium (somewhere in the millions).


Like Volvo, Peugeot offers a full range of electric vehicles with the Peugeot e-208 being the most notable, at least from a popularity standpoint. Other vehicles include: the e-Rifter and e-Traveller.


One of the standard-bearers thanks to vehicles like the Polestar 2, there’s not a lot we can say about Polestar that you should know already. Expect the Polestar 3 to be nothing different when it comes to functionality and appeal.

Porsche Taycan on road The Porsche Taycan defies multiple odds in one fell swoop © Credit to Porsche


Did you know that the Porsche Taycan EV has outsold all petrol and diesel cars in Norway (Jan 22)? No? Well, now you know. Porsche is a fine example to give should anyone ask if you know which car brands have transitioned well from ICE to EV.



The Battista faces heavy competition, with one of them coming from Croatian car manufacturer, Rimac. Company founder (Mate Rimac) taught himself electric vehicle engineering from age 19. Fast-forward to today, and his brand is going toe-to-toe with some of the best there is, was, and ever will be.


‘Electric Adventure Vehicle’ specialist Rivian is an interesting one. Why that is comes down to how it carries itself — and the power behind its vehicles — which is probably why companies like Amazon have approached them to craft thousands of vans for them.


Rolls-Royce is a car brand with a very rich heritage. Still, this isn’t stopping them from heading in an electric direction. The brand is looking to release a Spectre in 2023, the first EV from the marque. We expect only big things from this EV given what we’ve seen thus far.



You’ve more than likely come across the Seat Mii Electric before, if you’ve been following Spanish automaker Seat quite closely. The vehicle is coming into its twilight years, but it had a good run. Don’t forget about Seat when going over your A to Z of electric cars.


Reviews for the Škoda Enyaq iQ all point to the same thing: it’s a sure-fire family favourite. The Enyaq iQ will no doubt inspire the Czech company as it rolls out more electric vehicles in future. Sky’s the limit if the same success can be repeated.


Suzuki is a very late adopter of electric technology, and it really shows. The first pure electric vehicle from Suzuki is expected to launch by 2025, which is quite a while to wait if you’re a fan of them. We wouldn’t be surprised if they sought the help of Toyota in this endeavour.


Tesla Model 3 The T on the A to Z of electric cars belongs to Tesla © Credit to Tesla


A household name, and probably the first thing people think of whenever electric vehicles are mentioned out loud. Elon Musk’s company offers some of the best vehicles in the market (Model S, Model 3, Model Y), showing no signs of slowing down with the release of its Cybertruck looming.


Another late bloomer in the electric space, Toyota, spent a lot of time saying nothing, while other brands were announced sustainability roadmaps left, right and centre. The bZ4x (actual name), might sound like a random mash on a keyboard, but it’s actually the brands first EV, expected to drop later this year.



There are multiple EVs in the current Vauxhall lineup, each as distinct as the last. You might think differently, but the Mokka-e is our personal favourite of the lot, followed by the all-electric Corsa, a vehicle sporting impressive range (222 miles per charge).


Popularity tends to be a great measuring stick for companies you need to know and those you don’t. Volkswagen is a very popular name in the current EV landscape, mostly due to vehicles like the ID.3 and ID.4. Choosing a favourite between those two is pretty tough, considering the quality on show.


Swedish manufacturer Volvo is the last entry on our A to Z of cars list. The brand is known, mostly, for its work in the combustion engine lane, but that’s not to say that it hasn’t found electric success. One look at the Volvo XC40 will eliminate any feelings of doubt.

Electric cars parked up in a parking lot A to Z Motors: How many new names have you picked up on thanks to our list above?

A To Z Of Cars: The Electric Version

From Alcraft Motors right down to Tesla, we’ve covered a hell of a lot of electric brands in this A to Z of cars — or A to Z of motors if you’ve taken to calling it that.

Did you learn a new name or two?

If so, tell your friends — or don’t if you’d like to get a leg up on the next time you play.

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